Fitz of Depression ‎– Pissbutt / Red Shoes

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Blatant Records (2) ‎– BLAT 005
Vinyl, 7"
Hardcore, Punk


A Pissbutt
B Red Shoes
Written-By – E. Costello*

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I can only get to the post office on Saturdays because my wife uses our car for work during the week.

Yes, I ship the records outside of the jackets. Yes, I put the records inside paper sleeves, even if the record wasn't released with one. Yes, I tape down 7"s and 10"s when they are combined with LPs so that they don't get shaken around in shipping. I TYPICALLY use new boxes (though if I've ordered something and the box is still in good shape, I'll recycle, with padding). I get them from I have way more boxes than my wife is happy with. The more orders you place, the happier she is. BUY MY RECORDS!

Simply put, I'm just a dude selling records, not a store, but I'm also not an effing moron. I want my record to get to you in the best shape possible.

I'm human and I promise I'll make a mistake every now and then, but I'll do my best to make it right. I'm downsizing, not prospecting and I want you to enjoy my records as much as I have. If something is wrong when you get your records, reach out.


Frequently Asked Questions:


Will you work out a deal with me on shipping?
No, shipping rates are calculated based on the weight of the records and packaging, and the rates of the USPS. As you add multiple items to your cart you'll notice that Discogs will update your shipping charges accordingly. For instance, if you live in the US, your first 7" would be $4 shipping, but adding a second 7" would most likely (depending on the weight of the new 7") keep the shipping charges at $4 since it doesn't cost any extra to put a second 7" in the box. The post office won't give me a discount, so I can't give you a discount?

Can I get a deal since I'm ordering multiple records?
I've set my prices where I'm comfortable parting with these records. I'm not a store, I am selling my personal collection. As such, the price listed is what I expect you to pay. Where you'll save in buying multiple records is that the shipping is combined for a single package.

How long will it take to get my records?
I have a job and a family, so it's tough to get to the post office multiple times a week. I go every Saturday morning. If I have marked your order as "Payment Received" it'll go out on my next trip.

Can I get pictures of this release?
Sorry, but the answer is no. I get a lot of requests for pictures, and if I took the time to take and send all the pictures then I wouldn't have anytime to actually send out orders. I've done my best to mention any imperfections, such as corner bends, creases, rough edges, scuffs on the record, etc. in the notes of each listing, but if you have any specific questions on condition, I'm happy to take a quick look and send more detail. Typing out an email is much quicker than getting photos taken.

Is your grading accurate?
Honestly? I've had a couple people (out of over 500 orders) question my ratings after they received the record, but for my part, I feel they are pretty accurate. All records are from my personal collection and have typically been played no more than a couple times (I digitize all my vinyl on the first play), though I have bought my fair share of used records. I've done my best to grade honestly and accurately, but if you can tell the difference between M- and NM+ then you probably care about the gradings a lot more than I have in my lifetime. NOTE: I do not play grade every record before listing it. I'd not have time for anything else. If you want a play graded record, order from someone else. Vinyl grading is done by sight and known history.

What condition is the CD Jewel Case in?
RE: CDs and Cassettes - I don't grade the jewel cases. They are plastic and relatively easy to replace. None of my listed items have terrible jewel cases, but just an FYI.

Can I pay you this weekend when I get paid?
All of my orders automatically cancel if I don't get payment from you in 1 week. It's a Discogs setting that I've kept enabled. If you forget about an order and it gets cancelled, but are ready to pay for it, you can put the order through again and pay. I'll delete the auto-posted negative feedback from the cancelled order since I know life happens.

Why are you selling your collection?
I get asked this most often. The truth is simple… I don't listen to it anymore. As I explained above, I listen to records once to digitize them (with digital downloads, sometimes not even once) and then they sit on my shelf. My listening habits have moved away from physical media over the past decade, and it's better for other people to enjoy these records that will get far more use out of them. I'm a music fan, not a museum curator.

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$3.00 + $4.00 shipping