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Vinyl, LP, Picture Disc
19 Sep 2015
Punk, Hardcore, Crust, Grindcore


Limited edition of 1000 copies.

800 copies regular picture vinyl (this).
200 copies with extra silkscreened cover.

Every copy comes with a Band and Record Label Insert on 250g board and an exclusive DinA3 poster.
First 200 copies come with a special cover by Gravelord Artwork and screenprinted by Rozbrat Squat DIY Crew.
There are also few testpresses in existance and available for sale - distributed only by WOOAAARGH / Germany.

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): WRG043 cats rule - fuck banana ty
  • Barcode (Side B): WRG043 FREEGANISM FOR LIFE!

Seller Terms


CDs/7"s/TAPES:£1.50 for first, 50p each one thereafter in UK.

LPs: £3.50 for first, £1 each thereafter in UK

CDs/7"s/TAPES:£3.50 for first,£1 each one thereafter Europe *

LPs £7 for first, £2.50 each thereafter Europe *

CDs/7"s/TAPES:£5 for first, £1.50 each one thereafter rest of world

LPs: £9 for first, £3 each thereafter rest of world

*Russia, Italy, Israel, South/Central America, Asia (except Japan), Africa MUST PAY FOR INSURED SHIPPING. Details below. Don't order then send me a message saying "your postage costs are mistaken, I'm not paying that".

Double LPs, box sets and other non-standard items are calculated at COST and I'll send an invoice directly. 10"s are same as 12"s/LPs.

I currently work five days a week and I am not able to get out at lunch to the Post Office, so post goes out on a Saturday. If you buy a record late on Friday night if I have a chance to get it packaged up it will go out first thing on Saturday. If you order on Saturday, the likelihood is you'll have to wait for a week til it goes out. I know people like their stuff to be with them about 12 hours after they buy it these days, but I'm afraid I'm not Amazon. I'm just a guy who works a real job and has little free time, so deal with it!

Shipping prices: Sometimes an LP is heavy and costs more to ship and I lose out. Sometimes a CD comes in a slipcase and you lose out. Often I spend ALL DAY packaging up CDs and records and my time to do this must be factored in as well. I pack vinyl better and with more care than 90% of the clowns who sell records from the UK and don't charge any more for my extra time and expense (I use Rhodes mailers...Google them. A million times better than sandwiched between two thin pieces of paper like every other UK seller, and 5 times the price by the way!). If you do not agree or are not willing to pay these prices DO NOT buy from me. It's as simple as that. It's funny how I never get threatened with negative feedback when someone is undercharged by 3 quid on shipping to the US. Overall I lose money on shipping....check your postal stamp, I don't add the £1 for the price of each mailer or include the 8% for the Discogs fees. Please take that into consideration in your feedback, or before your about to complain about something inconsequential.

Your address: I send to the address on your PAYPAL invoice. If you have two different addresses on Discogs and Paypal and have not updated that is not my problem....make sure your postal address is on PAYPAL. If something goes missing in the mail any claim I have is invalid if I cannot show both the proof of postage AND proof of receipt from Paypal of payment to the address sent. If your PayPal address and Discogs address are to different countries I will cancel your order entirely as this sets my alarm bells ringing immediately!

Returns: if there is something materially wrong with a record that I have neglected to mention, then I will always refund if it's returned. I've had a couple of people in the recent past complain about the quality of pressing and demand half their money back. Here's the deal: the internet exists, the onus is on YOU to find out if a reissue is a good pressing or not. There's tons of information out there! Essentially this is tantamount to saying you don't like the record so want a refund. Beat it! I'm not Amazon and most of this stuff is being sold incredibly cheaply and I'm not making any cash on it, believe me. So be fair, be reasonable. You are not the centre of the entire universe. You are of course always welcome to return it and a full refund will be given assuming it's in the same condition it was in when I sent it to you.

Insured postage: for postage to the following regions I INSIST on insured postage. If you do not want to pay for this do not buy from me, it's as simple as that: Russia, Italy, Israel, South/Central America, Asia (except Japan), Africa. If a single item is worth more than £25, regardless of location, again insured postage is required. I used to recommend this, the buyer would refuse, and the records go missing and I'd get hit with a Paypal dispute, which the buyer would win. Is this fair? No! So if you live in any of these countries as extra £5 will be added to postage for postal insurance. This will give you a tracking number and peace of mind your parcel will arrive. It will also give me the peace of mind that you're not gonna whinge that it hasn't arrived after being too stingy to pay for insurance. Tracking: the Royal Mail does not give a tracking number as standard. If you require tracking information you must pay extra for it to be sent via Airsure or International Signed For, or Special Delivery in the UK.

IF YOU HAVEN'T PAID FOR INSURED SHIPPING I CANNOT TRACK YOUR PARCEL. The best way to find out where your parcel is, is not to send me a message saying "where's my parcel, why's it not arrived yet", it's to PAY FOR TRACKING. I'll be straight here: sometimes stuff does go missing. Not very often, but sometimes it does. See if it does go missing and you haven't paid for insurance, sure you can just demand a refund and I'll be obliged to give you it. But you know what? That would be an absolute snide thing to do, wouldn't it? Cos then I'd lose a record and the money for it, because of 1) the postal service's negligence and 2) the fact that you're too stingy to pay an extra quid for recorded delivery. So have a wee think about it before you order or demand your money back like I'm some kind of multi-national conglomerate who can afford to deal out dosh all over the place.

Sealed records: sealed records are unsealed to post. If you keep them in the shrink the chances are they'll cut the sleeve (and almost certainly at least cut the inner). You're paying for a new record and getting something wrecked. Presumably you're going to listen to it so why would you want it sealed anyway? So.....if you want it sealed because you buy records to just look at or even worse, sell on at a later date like a scumbag shark, then tell me and I'll keep it sealed for you.

Colour of sealed records: A lot of records I have for sale are sealed and therefore the colour of the cannot be determined. Sometimes I can make an educated guess as to what colour the contents are (ie if most of the other listings are in one colour), but distributors and labels often just assign colours randomly. In such cases I will write "item sealed, cannot tell the colour as a result". Consider this a warning and that you are entering into the lottery of coloured vinyl. I don't have x-ray vision so cannot tell you for sure what colour is inside. "Why don't you open it?" I hear you cry! Cos as soon as you open it people who want their stuff sealed (presumably cos they'll never listen to them) will complain. The main issue here is of course: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE IF A RECORD IS ON COLOURED VINYL ANYWAY? Don't be such a virgin and just listen to your records!

Cheaper postage on CDs: If you want to save on postage CDs can be sent without jewel cases for a fraction of the cost, around 3-4 CDs can be sent without cases for the same price as one with case. Again, please let me know on checkout.

CDs in jewel cases: if your case comes to you with a crack in it I am happy to give you 20p to buy a new one. Negative or neutral feedback because some easily-replaceable plastic has been damaged whilst being flown halfway round the world is absolutely stupid and this warning is here to safeguard against such behaviour. Please, have some common sense. If you're going to whinge about that I suggest your request CDs be sent in large reinforced metal boxes. The shipping cost of this will be £60 worldwide.

Details on items: please DO NOT buy an item THEN ask me tons of questions about it. Ask the questions first, THEN buy the item. I sometimes find the details I write in here to be so utterly obvious that maybe I'm being patronising, but jesus christ selling to some people wears me out.

Negative feedback: I have a block on buyers who have more than a couple of negative feedbacks. I figure you could buy something once and then run into some financial difficulty and be unable to pay, or you could get a nasty buyer who gives you negative for no real reason a couple of times, but if you're the kind of person who constantly buys things on Discogs then changes your mind or doesn't pay up for them, then I do not want to sell to you. You kinda had your chance and you blew it. You can't go into a car showroom, say you'll definitely buy a car, take the "for sale" sign off, write your name on the car so nobody else can get it, then run away and hide in the toilets. That would be stupid. So, before you click "buy", please take five seconds to think to yourself "DO I ACTUALLY WANT TO BUY THIS?".

IMPORTANT: If your stuff hasn't turned up, or you have some kind of complaint, PLEASE get in touch with me first. Check my feedback. I have a couple of negatives and neutrals on there. In EVERY SINGLE CASE it was due to a buyer not getting in touch with me at all, and then just leaving bad feedback and making a claim. In most cases, if they'd just read this then there wouldn't have been a problem. In all cases, if they'd got in touch with me and been reasonable there wouldn't have been a problem..



£5.00 + £8.50 shipping
(about $16.46 total)