Larva (2) ‎– Where The Butterflies Go To Die

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Advoxya ‎– ad-hun-82-1-cd, Advoxya ‎– ad-hun-82-2-ep
CD, Album
24 Jun 2013
Electro, Industrial, EBM


Where The Butterflies Go To Die 69:44
1-01 Solo Pido Que Me Recuerdes Durante Un Instante 8:26
1-02 Fuck The Poor 4:17
1-03 Buried Alive 4:04
1-04 Cuando Nací Ya Estaba Muerto 5:35
1-05 Carne Magullada 4:02
1-06 Breathing Violence 5:39
1-07 Inner Fear 4:10
1-08 My Own Hell 6:13
1-09 Hay Un Loco Dentro De Mi Que Aun Se Retuerce 5:19
1-10 I'm A Joke 6:19
1-11 Where The Butterflies Go To Die 6:53
1-12 Tale Of New York 4:00
1-13 Pictures Without Meaning 4:48
Where The Remixes Go To Die 65:41
2-01 Yo, Sociopata 5:23
2-02 El Vacio Llena Tu Vida 5:47
2-03 So Tired 5:42
2-04 Rotten Disease (Remix By Coronel Enfermo) 3:43
2-05 Buried Alive (Remix By Jacques Terrier) 4:40
2-06 Come With Me (Remix By Porcelain Puppets)
Remix – Porcelain Puppets
2-07 Breathing Violence (Remix By Proyecto Crisis) 5:01
2-08 Buried Alive (Remix By Chemical Sweet Kid) 4:06
2-09 You Are Alone (Remix By Jacques Terrier) 6:27
2-10 Breathing Violence (Not Breathing By Inscissors Vs. Hydra Division V) 7:15
2-11 Palabras Vacias (Live In Orizaba - Mexico 2012) 6:59
2-12 Soledad (Live In Xalapa - Mexico 2012) 4:51


Sometimes the place where we live, sometimes the place in our nightmares, always the place where you would not want to be. This is 'Where the butterflies go to die'; the new album by Larva. Thirteen new songs, full of new nuances, atmospheres, odours and flavours.

Enter to the Larva's world; let yourself be enveloped by darkness and dementia, by calm and hate; by his malignant sound.

From the slow and film soundtrack kind of 'Pictures without meaning' to the speed and crazyness of 'Fuck the poor'; traversing the special prism of Larva's eyes. Twisted rythms, manic sequences; only suitable for sick minds.

If you are into some kind of different 'dark-electro' sound, you will be plenty satisfied.

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€12.99 + €11.00 shipping
(about $27.90 total)