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Earache ‎– MOSH404CD
Box Set, Compilation
3 × CD
Thrash, Grindcore, Death Metal, Heavy Metal


1 Festival Faves
CD1-1 At The Gates Slaughter Of The Soul (Live) 3:12
CD1-2 Carcass Buried Dreams 3:59
CD1-3 Napalm Death Scum 2:37
CD1-4 Morbid Angel Brainstorm 2:36
CD1-5 Entombed Morbid Devourment 5:23
CD1-6 Decapitated Day 69 3:12
CD1-7 Bolt Thrower When Glory Beckons 4:00
CD1-8 Deicide The Stench Of Redemption 4:10
CD1-9 Terrorizer Fear Of Napalm 3:01
CD1-10 Cathedral Grim Luxuria 4:47
CD1-11 Clutch (3) Pile Driver 2:27
CD1-12 Sleep The Druid 4:54
CD1-13 Akercocke Son Of The Morning 5:33
CD1-14 The Haunted Trespass 3:30
CD1-15 Brutal Truth Anti-Homophobe 3:11
CD1-16 Hate Eternal Powers That Be 4:32
CD1-17 Godflesh Mothra 4:32
CD1-18 Massacre Cryptic Remains 4:52
CD1-19 Severe Torture Decree Of Darkness 3:48
CD1-20 Blood Red Throne The Light, The Hate 4:21
2 Future Classics
CD2-1 White Wizzard Over The Top 5:06
CD2-2 Annihilator (2) The Trend 7:05
CD2-3 Evile Time No More 4:00
CD2-4 Enforcer (6) Midnight Vice 3:17
CD2-5 Bonded By Blood Prototype: Death Machine 5:52
CD2-6 Oceano Quarantine 3:24
CD2-7 And Hell Followed With Venomspitter 2:26
CD2-8 Ignominious Incarceration Deeds Of Days Long Gone 3:30
CD2-9 Gama Bomb New Eliminators Of Atlantis B.C. 3:06
CD2-10 Municipal Waste Acid Sentence 3:01
CD2-11 Order Of Ennead The Scriptures Of Purification 4:02
CD2-12 Cauldron Chained Up In Chains 5:10
CD2-13 Violator (5) Destined To Die 4:42
CD2-14 SSS Trash With A Small Moustache 2:07
CD2-15 Insect Warfare Manipulator 1:51
CD2-16 Wormrot Born Stupid 1:21
CD2-17 The Boy Will Drown Suis La Luna 4:29
CD2-18 Cult Of Luna Eternal Kingdom 6:43
3 Under The Radar
CD3-1 Usurper (2) Return Of The Werewolf 4:13
CD3-2 Anata Complete Demise 4:28
CD3-3 Corporation 187 Ghosts Of Confusion 2:36
CD3-4 Gandalf (4) Dark Memories 3:47
CD3-5 The Chasm (2) Conjuring The Apocalypse 5:51
CD3-6 Cadaver Inc* Killtech 3:40
CD3-7 Lost Soul (3) Death Crowns All 3:56
CD3-8 Insision The Imminent Vision 3:19
CD3-9 Deathwitch Blood Sucking Fuck 2:49
CD3-10 Nox (7) Blind Mad God 4:50
CD3-11 December Wolves Completely Dehuminized 2:55
CD3-12 Rabies Caste Prove Me 3:53
CD3-13 Fudge Tunnel Gut Rot 3:56
CD3-14 Ephel Duath The Passage 4:12
CD3-15 Wolverine (2) Sarah 4:33
CD3-16 Misery Loves Co* Prove Me Wrong 4:19
CD3-17 Lawnmower Deth Seventh Church Of The Apocalyptic Lawnmower 2:26
CD3-18 Pulkas Loaded 3:58
CD3-19 Beecher I Won't Miss Or Be Missed 4:08
CD3-20 Narcosis (3) One Way Ticket To The Cape Of Get Fucked 0:23
CD3-21 Narcosis (3) An Accident Waiting To Happen 1:02
CD3-22 Iron Monkey (3) 2 Golden Rules 4:34
DVD Visual Aggression
DVD-1 Evile Infected Nation
DVD-2 Municipal Waste Sadistic Magician
DVD-3 White Wizzard Over The Top
DVD-4 Oceano District Of Misery
DVD-5 Bonded By Blood Prototype: Death Machine
DVD-6 Decapitated Day 69
DVD-7 At The Gates Slaughter Of The Soul (Live)
DVD-8 Akercocke Axiom
DVD-9 Cult Of Luna Back To Chapel Town
DVD-10 Cauldron Chained Up In Chains
DVD-11 Hate Eternal Victorious Reign
DVD-12 Evile Trasher
DVD-13 Municipal Waste Wrong Answer
DVD-14 Oceano A Mandatory Sacrifice
DVD-15 White Wizzard High Speed GTO
DVD-16 Ignominious Incarceration Deeds Of Days Long Gone
DVD-17 SSS The Beast
DVD-18 Order Of Ennead The Concept Of Our Extinction
DVD-19 Municipal Waste Headbanger Face Rip
DVD-20 Deicide Desecration
DVD-21 Napalm Death You Suffer
DVD-22 Napalm Death The Kill


Complete set: 1 box, 3 cd's in cardboard sleeve, 1 dvd in cardboard sleeve, earplugs in holder, sticker sheet, keychain and patch.

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