Catatonic Existence ‎– Elect Me God, And I`ll Kill You All!

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Epic Recordings ‎– Epic.2
CD, Compilation, Limited Edition
21 Oct 2015
Electronic, Rock
Experimental, Electro, Death Metal, Industrial


1 Guy Told Me To 5:19
2 The Last Temptation 5:12
3 Alter Of Reality 1:40
4 I Had A Dream 4:43
5 A Pile Of Little Arms 0:49
6 Blank (Delerium-Edit-Dub-Mix) 4:57
7 M.W.D. (Mafia-Hit-Dub-Mix) 7:04
8 M.W.D. 5:13
9 Click 5:00
10 M.W.D. (Mafia-Hit-Mix) 5:37



All music and lyrics by Guy Mulidor, 1994-1996
Tracks 1-7 from “Give Hate A Chance/Elect Me God And I`ll Kill You All” CD w/ Meatshits
Tracks 8-9 from “I‘ll Kill You All!” 7“ EP
Track 10 from “Rape Bait/Hopes And Dreams?” 7“ EP w/ Meatshits
Compiled, *digitalized and *mastered by The Epicurean, 2015

CD comes in a jewel case with a 12-page booklet with reproductions of all original artwork and designs. Limited edition of 300 copies.

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€12.00 + €5.00 shipping
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