The Abbey Tavern Singers ‎– The Rafters Ring At The Abbey Tavern

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Pye Records ‎– NPL 18127
Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono
Folk, World, & Country


A1-1 Joe O'Leary, Bill Power (3), P. J. Dowries, Seamus Gallagher The Lark In The Morning
Banjo, Mandolin – P. J. DowriesFiddle – Bill Power (3), Joe O'LearySpoons – Seamus Gallagher
A1-2 Joe O'Leary, Bill Power (3), P. J. Dowries, Seamus Gallagher The Knights Of St. Patrick
Banjo, Mandolin – P. J. DowriesFiddle – Bill Power (3), Joe O'LearySpoons – Seamus Gallagher
A2 Jesse Owens And Anne Byrne Buachaill O'n Eirne
Vocals – Anne Byrne, Jesse Owens
A3 The Ludlow Trio Ballinure Ballad
Guitar – Sean LoughranGuitar, Banjo – Paddy RocheVocals – Margaret O'Brien
A4 The Ludlow Trio The Croppy Boy
Guitar – Sean LoughranGuitar, Banjo – Paddy RocheVocals – Margaret O'Brien
A5 Jesse Owens And Anne Byrne The Connemara Cradle Song
Vocals – Anne Byrne, Jesse Owens
A6 Joe O'Leary, Bill Power (3) Slieve Na mBan
Fiddle – Bill Power (3), Joe O'Leary
A7 Jesse Owens And Anne Byrne The Beggar Man
Vocals – Anne Byrne, Jesse Owens
B1 The Ludlow Trio The Singing Bird
Guitar – Sean LoughranGuitar, Banjo – Paddy RocheVocals – Margaret O'Brien
B2 Jesse Owens General Munroe
Vocals – Jesse Owens
B3 Joe O'Leary, Bill Power (3), P. J. Downes The Donegal Reel And Sligo Maid
Banjo, Mandolin – P. J. DownesFiddle – Bill Power (3), Joe O'Leary
B4 Jesse Owens And Anne Byrne Gra Mo Chroi
Vocals – Anne Byrne, Jesse Owens
B5 Al O'Donnell The Verdent Braes Of Screen
Vocals – Al O'Donnell
B6 Jesse Owens And Anne Byrne Buachaillin Dhoun
Vocals – Anne Byrne, Jesse Owens
B7 Louis Mooney And The Islanders The Men Of The West
Banjo – Owen O'SullivanGuitar – Louis Mooney, Richard SeaverTin Whistle – Charlie Murray

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Label design differs from entry The Abbey Tavern Singers - The Rafters Ring At The Abbey Tavern.

A Checker Recording.

Like a giant blue whale, the great promontory of Howth Head basks at the entrance to Dublin Bay. In the curl of its tail, just a few miles from Dublin, there nestles a little fishing village, watched by the island called Ireland's Eye. This is the village of Howth. Beside the ancient ruins of its abbey stands the Abbey Tavern. Inside-an Irish welcome as warm as a friendly handshake, a tasty supper… a sup to drink…and music and singing with the fragrance of peat about it and the taste of truth in it.

If you know the Irish, the warmth of the welcome, the fine food and drink, are probably just as you expected. The singing may surprise you. In a simple setting a handful of singers make the rafters ring with ballads grave and ballads gay, verses sly and verses simple, songs quiet and songs stirring. It makes a memorable evening.

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€2.99 + shipping
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