Various ‎– In Their Own Voices: A Century Of Recorded Poetry

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Rhino Records (2) ‎– R4 72408
4 × Cassette, Compilation, SR, Dolby HX Pro, B NR
Box Set
Poetry, Spoken Word


Volume One
A1 Walt Whitman America
A2 William Butler Yeats The Lake Isle Of Innisfree
A3 William Butler Yeats The Song Of The Old Mother
A4 Robert Frost The Road Not Taken
A5 Robert Frost Birches
A6 Robert Frost The Gift Outright
A7 Gertrude Stein If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait Of Picasso
A8 Wallace Stevens So & So Reclining On Her Couch
A9 William Carlos Williams The Red Wheelbarrow
A10 William Carlos Williams To Elsie
A11 Ezra Pound Hugh Selwyn Mauberley (Excerpt)
A12 Marianne Moore Bird-Witted
B1 Edna St. Vincent Millay Recuerdo
B2 Edna St. Vincent Millay Love Is Not All
B3 E. E. Cummings Next To Of Course God America
B4 E. E. Cummings Anyone Lived In A Pretty How Town
B5 Robert Graves To Juan At The Winter Solstice
B6 Steven Vincent Benet* The Opening Of The Battle Of Gettysburg
B7 Langston Hughes The Negro Speaks Of Rivers
B8 Langston Hughes Ballad Of The Gypsy
B9 Langston Hughes Mulatto
B10 Ogden Nash Portrait Of The Artist As A Prematurely Old Man
B11 Robert Penn Warren Love Recognized
B12 Stanley Kunitz King Of The River (Previously Unreleased)
B13 Wystan Hugh Auden* In Memory Of W.B. Yeats (Part 1)
Volume Two
C1 Theodore Roethke I Knew A Woman
C2 Theodore Roethke Elegy For Jane
C3 Stephen Spender Rough (My Parents Kept Me...)
C4 Stephen Spender Thoughts During An Air Raid
C5 May Sarton My Sisters, O My Sisters
C6 Muriel Rukeyser In Our Time
C7 Muriel Rukeyser Despisals
C8 Muriel Rukeyser The Ballad Of Orange And Grape
C9 David Ignatow The World Is So Difficult To Give Up... (Previously Unreleased)
C10 David Ignatow This Is The Solution, To Be Happy With Slaughter... (Previously Unreleased)
C11 David Ignatow Here I Am With Mike In Hand, Shooting Down The Rapids... (Previously Unreleased)
C12 David Ignatow I Killed A Fly... (Previously Unreleased)
C13 David Ignatow What About Dying?... (Previously Unreleased)
C14 William Stafford Scars (Previously Unreleased)
C15 William Stafford It Is (Previously Unreleased)
C16 Dylan Thomas Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
C17 Dylan Thomas If I Were Tickled By The Rub Of Love
C18 John Ciardi Happiness
C19 Robert Lowell The Old Flame
C20 Robert Lowell Skunk Hour
C21 Robert Lowell Epilogue
C22 William Meredith Crossing Over (Previously Unreleased)
C23 Lawrence Ferlinghetti See It Was Like This When...
C24 Lawrence Ferlinghetti Underwear
D1 Charles Bukowski The Secret Of My Endurance
D2 Howard Nemerov Thanksgrieving (Previously Unreleased)
D3 Mona Vanduyn Sonnet For Minimalists (Previously Unreleased)
D4 Richard Wilbur Shame
D5 Richard Wilbur Apology
D6 Richard Wilbur Love Calls Us To The Things Of This World
D7 Jack Kerouac American Haikus (Excerpt)
D8 Lisel Mueller Monet Refuses The Operation (Previously Unreleased)
D9 Allen Ginsberg America
D10 John Ashbery Song
D11 Galway Kinnell After Making Love We Hear Footsteps (Previously Unreleased)
D12 Galway Kinnell Last Gods (Previously Unreleased)
Volume Three
E1 W.S. Merwin* The River Bees
E2 James Wright (3) A Blessing
E3 Anne Sexton The Truth The Dead Know
E4 Anne Sexton All My Pretty Ones
E5 Maya Angelou Phenomenal Woman
E6 Richard Howard (7) Even In Paris (Previously Unreleased, Excerpt)
E7 Adrienne Rich Diving Into The Wreck
E8 Derek Walcott Omeros (Previously Unreleased, Excerpt)
E9 Gary Snyder The Song Of The Taste
E10 Gary Snyder How Poetry Comes To Me
E11 Gary Snyder Why I Take Good Care Of My MacIntosh Computer
E12 Sylvia Plath Daddy
E13 Sylvia Plath Ariel
F1 David Ray (6) The Greatest Poem In The World (Previously Unreleased)
F2 John Updike An Oddly Lovely Day Alone
F3 Dan Jaffe Learning About Easter And Passover
F4 Amiri Baraka Bang, Bang Outishly (Previously Unreleased)
F5 Amiri Baraka Rhythim Blues
F6 Amiri Baraka Shazam Doowah (Previously Unreleased)
F7 Leonard Cohen The Story Of Issa
F8 Audre Lorde Dahomey (Previously Unreleased)
F9 Marge Piercy Putting The Good Things Away (Previously Unreleased)
F10 Marge Piercy Right To Life (Previously Unreleased)
F11 Mark Strand Keeping Things Whole
F12 Mark Strand The Way It Is
F13 Mark Strand The Poem
F14 Paul Zimmer (3) Zimmer Imagines Heaven (Previously Unreleased)
F15 Lucille Clifton Yes Lord, He Was Born... (Previously Unreleased)
F16 Lucille Clifton Cruelty (Previously Unreleased)
Volume Four
G1 Diane Wakoski I Have Had To Learn To Live With My Face (Previously Unreleased)
G2 Michael S Harper* Dear John, Dear Coltrane (Previously Unreleased)
G3 Charles Simic We Were So Poor... (Previously Unreleased)
G4 Charles Simic I Was Stolen By The Gypsies... (Previously Unreleased)
G5 Charles Simic Everybody Knows The Story... (Previously Unreleased)
G6 Al Young (2) Lester Leaps In (Previously Unreleased)
G7 Al Young (2) For Poets (Previously Unreleased)
G8 Al Young (2) A Dance For Militant Diletantes (Previously Unreleased)
G9 Joseph Brodsky Odysseus To Telemachus
G10 Erica Jong Ode Yo My Shoes
G11 Joseph Bruchac Prayer (Previously Unreleased)
G12 Joseph Bruchac Translator's Son (Previously Unreleased)
G13 Sharon Olds Wonder (Previously Unreleased)
G14 James Tate (2) The Lost Pilot (Previously Unreleased)
G15 Tess Gallagher One Kiss (Previously Unreleased)
G16 James Ragan The Tent People Of Beverly Hills (Previously Unreleased)
G17 Anne Waldman Uh Oh Plutonium
G18 Adrian Louis The Fine Printing On The Label Of A Bottle Of Non-Alcohol Beer (Previously Unreleased)
G19 Adrian Louis The Sweat Lodge (Previously Unreleased)
H1 Juan Felipe Herrera Logan Heights & The World (Previously Unreleased)
H2 Carolyn Forche* The Colonel
H3 Edward Hirsch Wild Gratitude (Previously Unreleased)
H4 Joy Harjo Justice For Anna Mae Pictou Aquash (Previously Unreleased)
H5 Carmen Tafolla Tia Sophia (Previously Unreleased)
H6 Jimmy Santiago Baca This Is Number 26 (Previously Unreleased)
H7 Jimmy Santiago Baca I Am Offering You This Poem (Previously Unreleased)
H8 Rita Dove Parsley (Previously Unreleased)
H9 Luci Tapahonso Raisin Eyes
H10 Donald Revell The Children's Undercroft (Previously Unreleased)
H11 Dr. Luis Rodriguez* The Concrete River (Previously Unreleased)
H12 Dr. Luis Rodriguez* Tia Chucha (Previously Unreleased)
H13 Li-Young Lee My Father, In Heaven, Is Reading Out Loud (Previously Unreleased)

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