Various ‎– Eccentric Soul: Omnibus, Vol. 1

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Numero Group ‎– NUM045
Eccentric Soul – NUM045
Box Set, Limited Edition
45 × Vinyl, 7", 45 RPM, Compilation
31 Oct 2012
Funk / Soul
Soul, Funk


NUM045.01-A The 13th Amendment Hard To Be In Love 4:18
NUM045.01-B The 13th Amendment The Stretch 3:29
NUM045.02-A Aggregation (2) A Child Is Born 2:51
NUM045.02-B Aggregation (2) Can You Feel It 3:13
NUM045.03-A Black Fur When We Get Together Soon 3:37
NUM045.03-B Black Fur Feel The Shock 3:28
NUM045.04-A Black Soul Express Party Time 2:37
NUM045.04-B Black Soul Express When I Left You 4:53
NUM045.05-A Crystal's Image* A Friend 4:47
NUM045.05-B Crystal's Image* Crystal's Image (Cold Crush Theme) 4:45
NUM045.06-A Darker Shades Ltd. Trackin' Down Jody Part I 3:11
NUM045.06-B Darker Shades Ltd. Trackin' Down Jody Part II 2:58
NUM045.07-A Deep Heat Do It Again 3:21
NUM045.07-B Deep Heat She's A Junkie (Who's The Blame) 2:39
NUM045.08-A Directory (2) Feel It In Your Bones 3:07
NUM045.08-B Directory (2) World And Creation 4:49
NUM045.09-A Duralcha Jody Is Gone 2:57
NUM045.09-B Duralcha Ghet-to Funk 3:05
NUM045.10-A Elements Of Peace Together - Part I 2:18
NUM045.10-B Elements Of Peace Together - Part II 3:26
NUM045.11-A The Energettics* You Make Me Nothing 2:38
NUM045.11-B The Energettics* Rainy Days And Mondays 2:59
NUM045.12-A Everyday People (9) (Loose Booty) Is A Real Thing 4:06
NUM045.12-B Everyday People (9) Get Next To You 2:33
NUM045.13-A Family Connection This Time 2:51
NUM045.13-B Family Connection Lost Her Love 2:10
NUM045.14-A Flack And Company Disco - TNT 2:58
NUM045.14-B Flack And Company Been Loving You So Long (Don't Want To Stop) 2:56
NUM045.15-A The Free Mind Just Jammin' 2:23
NUM045.15-B The Free Mind After We're Gone (The World Keeps Turnin') 2:53
NUM045.16-A Hifidelics Hifidelics Groove 3:30
NUM045.16-B Hifidelics Quiptown 3:28
NUM045.17-A Hot Snow Four Times The Love 2:56
NUM045.17-B Hot Snow Me & You 2:03
NUM045.18-A Inbassador Everybody's Doing It 3:45
NUM045.18-B Inbassador Everyday 3:30
NUM045.19-A The Intentions (2) Dig It (Shovel) 3:06
NUM045.19-B The Intentions (2) Blowing With The Wind 4:00
NUM045.20-A The Curtis Liggins Indications Funky Monkey Right On 3:31
NUM045.20-B The Curtis Liggins Indications What It Is? 2:58
NUM045.21-A Majjestee's* Take Back All Those Things 2:01
NUM045.21-B Majjestee's* Let Her Go 3:20
NUM045.22-A The Mixed Breed (2) Gotta Get Home 3:17
NUM045.22-B The Mixed Breed (2) Wise 3:02
NUM045.23-A Morning After* Hey Girl 5:12
NUM045.23-B Morning After* Disco - Tick 3:54
NUM045.24-A Now (16) Land Of Now 4:51
NUM045.24-B Now (16) Lovin' You Is Easy 2:31
NUM045.25-A The Procedures Magic Mirror 3:51
NUM045.25-B The Procedures Give Me One More Chance 4:58
NUM045.26-A The Prophets Of Peace The Max 4:08
NUM045.26-B The Prophets Of Peace You Can Be 3:33
NUM045.27-A Rokk Patience 4:22
NUM045.27-B Rokk Don't Be No Fool 3:40
NUM045.28-A Sag War Fare Don't Be So Jive 3:26
NUM045.28-B Sag War Fare Girl! You Better Change 3:01
NUM045.29-A Sky's The Limit (3) Don't Be Afraid 3:48
NUM045.29-B Sky's The Limit (3) Don't Be Afraid (Inst.) 3:41
NUM045.30-A Soul-Walkers Can I Say It Again 3:12
NUM045.30-B Soul-Walkers Stay Ahead 4:12
NUM045.31-A Pat Stallworth Questions (Part I) 3:38
NUM045.31-B Pat Stallworth Questions (Part II) 2:48
NUM045.32-A Stone Creations The "It" Song 3:25
NUM045.32-B Stone Creations Hands On A Golden Key 3:51
NUM045.33-A The Super Soul Movement Bad - Bad - Bad (Part One) 3:08
NUM045.33-B The Super Soul Movement Bad - Bad - Bad (Part Two) 3:04
NUM045.34-A Suspicious Can Openers Fever In Your Hot Pants 2:38
NUM045.34-B Suspicious Can Openers Tuesday In The Rain 2:16
NUM045.35-A The Techniques (3) Get Technified 4:01
NUM045.35-B The Techniques (3) When You're Away 3:14
NUM045.36-A Third Generation (4) Mother Nature 3:43
NUM045.36-B Third Generation (4) Love Is Gonna Rain Down On Me 3:27
NUM045.37-A Three Days Ahead Face It Man 2:20
NUM045.37-B Three Days Ahead Rolling Love Part 2 3:48
NUM045.38-A Tickled Pink Reach Out (And Give Me Your Hand) 3:02
NUM045.38-B Tickled Pink Never Can Say Goodbye 2:49
NUM045.39-A The Trinikas Black Is Beautiful 2:48
NUM045.39-B The Trinikas Remember Me 2:28
NUM045.40-A Trust (21) Funk Power 3:40
NUM045.40-B Trust (21) Explosion 3:01
NUM045.41-A Two Plus Two I'm Sure 3:03
NUM045.41-B Two Plus Two Look Around 2:58
NUM045.42-A Union (2) Strike 2:28
NUM045.42-B Union (2) Come To My House For Lunch 2:16
NUM045.43-A The Volumes (3) I've Never Been So In Love 2:18
NUM045.43-B The Volumes (3) I'm Gonna Miss You 2:49
NUM045.44-A Walter & The Admerations* Man Oh Man (What Have I Done) 2:31
NUM045.44-B Walter & The Admerations* Life Of Tears 2:41
NUM045.45-A Clifton White And His Royal Knights* The Grade A 2:31
NUM045.45-B Clifton White And His Royal Knights* Ain't No Love 3:09


Limited to 1500 copies

Housed in a custom 45-box vinyl-wrapped carry case that comes in one of 19 color combinations, the collection includes 45 7” records all with replica labels and a 108-page cloth-bound hardcover book complete with liner notes, rare photographs, various indexes that allow a search by artist, club, label or studio and a digital download.

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