Debbie Gibson ‎– We Could Be Together

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Edsel Records ‎– DGBOOK01
Box Set
10 × CD, Compilation
3 × DVD
03 Nov 2017
Electronic, Latin, Pop, Stage & Screen
Dance-pop, House, Freestyle, Ballad, J-pop


Out Of The Blue
CD1-01 Out Of The Blue 3:53
CD1-02 Staying Together 4:03
CD1-03 Only In My Dreams 3:52
CD1-04 Foolish Beat 4:22
CD1-05 Red Hot 3:52
CD1-06 Wake Up To Love 3:41
CD1-07 Shake Your Love 3:42
CD1-08 Fallen Angel 3:43
CD1-09 Play The Field 4:36
CD1-10 Between The Lines 4:40
Out Of The Blue - Bonus Tracks
CD1-11 Only In My Dreams (Extended Club Mix)
Mixed By – 'Little' Louie Vega*
CD1-12 Shake Your Love (Club Mix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Scott Blackwell
CD1-13 Out Of The Blue (Club Mix)
Remix – 'Little' Louie Vega*
CD1-14 Staying Together (Remix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Robert Clivilles & David Cole*
CD1-15 Foolish Beat (Extended Mix)
Remix – Bassy Bob Brockmann, Scott Blackwell
CD1-16 Medley (Debbie Gibson Mega Mix)
Edited By – Roger PaulettaMixed By – Bassy Bob BrockmannMixed By, Edited By – Scott Blackwell
Electric Youth
CD2-01 Who Loves Ya Baby? 3:57
CD2-02 Lost In Your Eyes 3:31
CD2-03 Love In Disguise 4:17
CD2-04 Helplessly In Love 4:09
CD2-05 Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) 3:36
CD2-06 Should’ve Been The One 5:08
CD2-07 Electric Youth 4:54
CD2-08 No More Rhyme 4:13
CD2-09 Over The Wall 3:56
CD2-10 We Could Be Together 5:32
CD2-11 Shades Of The Past 4:53
Electric Youth - Bonus Tracks
CD2-12 Lost In Your Eyes (Piano & Vocal Mix) 3:31
CD2-13 Silence Speaks (A Thousand Words) (Acoustic Mix) 3:37
CD2-14 No More Rhyme (Acoustic Mix) 4:11
CD2-15 We Could Be Together (Campfire Mix) 5:32
CD2-16 Electric Youth (Latin Edit)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Shep Pettibone
CD2-17 Over The Wall (Dub Version) 4:24
CD2-18 We Could Be Together (Remix)
Mixed By – Bob Rose (2)
Anything Is Possible - NRG
CD3-01 Another Brick Falls 3:54
CD3-02 Anything Is Possible 3:42
CD3-03 Reverse Psychology 4:24
CD3-04 One Step Ahead 4:50
CD3-05 Stand Your Ground 3:47
CD3-06 Deep Down 4:50
CD3-07 It Must’ve Been My Boy 4:18
CD3-08 Lead Them Home My Dreams 5:31
Anything Is Possible - Mood Swings
CD3-09 One Hand, One Heart 4:35
CD3-10 Sure 4:15
CD3-11 Negative Energy 3:39
CD3-12 Try 3:52
CD3-13 Mood Swings 4:05
CD3-14 In His Mind 3:32
CD3-15 Where Have You Been? 6:06
CD3-16 This So-Called Miracle 7:27
Anything Is Possible - Bonus Tracks
CD3-17 So Close To Forever 3:00
CD3-18 The Most Beautiful Love Song 3:12
Body Mind Soul
CD4-01 Love Or Money 4:04
CD4-02 Do You Have It In Your Heart? 4:45
CD4-03 Free Me 4:24
CD4-04 Shock Your Mama 4:03
CD4-05 Losin’ Myself 5:14
CD4-06 How Can This Be? 3:55
CD4-07 When I Say No 3:53
CD4-08 Little Birdie 4:00
CD4-09 Kisses 4 One 3:47
CD4-10 Tear Down These Walls 4:16
CD4-11 Goodbye 4:46
Body Mind Soul - Bonus Tracks
CD4-12 Eyes Of The Child 2:18
CD4-13 Love Or Lust 3:56
CD4-14 Kisses 4 One (Percappella) 3:49
CD4-15 Losin’ Myself (T-Ray’s Acoustic Mix)
Remix – T-Ray
CD4-16 Free Me (Extended Mix) 7:21
Think With Your Heart
CD5-01 For Better Or Worse 3:22
CD5-02 Didn’t Have The Heart 4:43
CD5-03 Will You Love Me Tomorrow? 3:23
CD5-04 Dancin’ In My Mind 3:29
CD5-05 Dontcha Want Me Now? 4:17
CD5-06 Can’t Do It Alone 4:24
CD5-07 Think With Your Heart 3:21
CD5-08 Too Fancy 2:09
CD5-09 You Don’t Have To See 3:47
CD5-10 Two Young Kids 3:14
CD5-11 Interlude / Tony’s Rehearsal 0:39
CD5-12 Let’s Run Away 5:22
Think With Your Heart - Bonus Tracks
CD5-13 Call Yourself A Lover 3:08
CD5-14 You Know Me 3:48
CD6-01 Prelude 0:17
CD6-02 Ode To A Would-Be Lover 4:08
CD6-03 Moonchild 4:37
CD6-04 Only Words 3:21
CD6-05 Naturally 3:53
CD6-06 Nobody’s You 3:43
CD6-07 Cry Tonight
Featuring [With] – Anna-Jane Casey
CD6-08 Where I Wanna Be 4:51
CD6-09 Butterflies Are Free 3:38
CD6-10 Give Me Your Love 4:09
CD6-11 Just Wasn’t Love 4:04
CD6-12 I Can’t 4:11
CD6-13 People 3:01
CD6-14 Don’t Rain On My Parade 2:55
CD6-15 I Will Let You Go 3:13
Deborah - Bonus Tracks
CD6-16 My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend (Maxi-Pop) 4:00
CD6-17 You Belong To Me 2:44
CD6-18 Only In My Dreams 1997 (Dance Edit) 4:36
CD6-19 Only Words (Dance Edit)
Mixed By – Junior Vasquez
CD6-20 My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend (Unplugged) 4:07
CD7-01 M.Y.O.B. 3:58
CD7-02 Your Secret 4:07
CD7-03 What You Want 3:40
CD7-04 Down That Road 4:47
CD7-05 The One 4:12
CD7-06 Wishing You Were Here 3:34
CD7-07 What Part Of No 5:14
CD7-08 In Blue 6:04
CD7-09 Jaded 4:10
CD7-10 Knock Three Times
Featuring [With] – Tony Orlando
M.Y.O.B. - Bonus Tracks
CD7-11 The Last Word 4:52
CD7-12 Light The World
Featuring [With] – Peabo BrysonMixed By – Thom 'TK' Kidd*
CD7-13 Comes Right Back (Campfire Mix) 2:51
CD7-14 M.Y.O.B. (Dance Mix)
Mixed By – Michael Golub
CD7-15 Your Secret (Hot Vocal Radio Mix) 3:04
Ms. Vocalist
CD8-01 Tsunami 5:10
CD8-02 Say Yes 4:40
CD8-03 I Love You 4:16
CD8-04 Roman Hikō 4:48
CD8-05 Suddenly – Love Story Wa Totsuzen Ni 4:46
CD8-06 True Love 3:34
CD8-07 Hitomi o Tojite 5:18
CD8-08 Sakurazaka 4:48
CD8-09 However 5:21
CD8-10 Robinson 4:44
Ms. Vocalist - Bonus Tracks
CD8-11 Lost In Your Eyes 2010 (English Version) 3:45
CD8-12 Sekaiju No Dareyori Kitto
Featuring [With] – Eric Martin (2)
CD8-13 Lost In Your Eyes 2010 (Japanese Version) 3:45
The Remixes
CD9-01 Shake Your Love (Luke Mornay Remix)
Remix – Luke Mornay
CD9-02 Electric Youth (Deep House Mix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Shep Pettibone
CD9-03 We Could Be Together (House Mix)
Remix – Steve "Silk" Hurley
CD9-04 Anything Is Possible (12" Remix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – Phil Harding & Ian Curnow
CD9-05 One Step Ahead (Club Mix)
Remix, Producer [Additional] – 'Little' Louie Vega*
CD9-06 Losin' Myself (12" Masters At Work)
Remix – Masters At Work
CD9-07 Free Me (Smoove Free Club Mix)
Remix – E-Smoove
CD9-08 Only Words [Arena Club Vocal Mix]
Remix, Producer [Post] – Junior Vasquez
CD9-09 Only In My Dreams 1998 (Club Mix) 7:30
CD9-10 Your Secret (Secret Party Mix)
Remix – Mike Rizzo
CD9-11 Electric Youth (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Remix – 7th Heaven
Stage, Screen & Beyond
CD10-01 In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember) 3:52
CD10-02 Come Home (Wonder Years) 2:00
CD10-03 Without You 4:17
CD10-04 Someday
Featuring [With] – Chris Cuevas
CD10-05 Hopelessly Devoted To You 2:53
CD10-06 You're The One That I Want
Featuring [With] – Craig McLachlan
CD10-07 With All My Heart 3:17
CD10-08 Someone You Love
Featuring [With] – The O'Neill Brothers
CD10-09 Sounds Like Love 3:03
CD10-10 Say Goodbye
Featuring [With] – Jordan Knight
CD10-11 Naked 4:11
CD10-12 Already Gone 3:25
CD10-13 Rise 3:33
CD10-14 Promises 3:15
CD10-15 Wonderland (Cutting Room Floor Mix) 2:13
CD10-116 Snake Charmer 3:39
CD10-17 Famous 3:34
CD10-18 RCVR
Featuring [With] – Big Black Delta
CD10-19 Rise (Revolution Mix) 3:17
CD10-20 Dance Dance 3:52
CD10-21 Cougar 3:38
CD10-22 Pop Circus 3:14
CD10-23 Only in My Dreams 2016 (Acoustic Version) 2:54
The Videos
DVD1-01 Only In My Dreams
DVD1-02 Shake Your Love
DVD1-03 Out Of The Blue
DVD1-04 Foolish Beat
DVD1-05 Staying Together
DVD1-06 Lost In Your Eyes
DVD1-07 Electric Youth
DVD1-08 No More Rhyme
DVD1-09 We Could Be Together
DVD1-10 Anything Is Possible
DVD1-11 This So-Called Miracle
DVD1-12 One Hand, One Heart
DVD1-13 Someday
Featuring [With] – Chris Cuevas
DVD1-14 Losin' Myself
DVD1-15 Shock Your Mama
DVD1-16 You're The One That I Want
Featuring [With] – Craig McLachlan
DVD1-17 For Better Or Worse
DVD1-18 Didn't Have The Heart
DVD1-19 Only Words
DVD1-20 What You Want
DVD1-21 Already Gone
DVD1-22 I Love You
The Videos - Bonus Footage
DVD1-23 Shake Your Love (12" Version)
DVD1-24 Out Of The Blue (12" Version)
DVD1-25 Electric Youth (Long Version])
DVD1-26 We Could Be Together (Long Version)
DVD1-27 Anything Is Possible (UK Version)
DVD1-28 Only Words (Dance Mix)
DVD1-29 Electric Youth Reloaded
Featuring [With] – Jace Hall
Live In Pittsburgh: The Out Of The Blue Tour, 1988
DVD2-01 Staying Together
DVD2-02 Foolish Beat
DVD2-03 Shake Your Love
DVD2-04 In The Still Of The Night (I'll Remember)
DVD2-05 Lost In Your Eyes
DVD2-06 Should've Been The One
DVD2-07 Out Of The Blue
DVD2-08 Only In My Dreams
DVD2-09 We Could Be Together
DVD2-10 Crocodile Rock
Live In Atlanta: The Electric Youth World Tour, 1989
DVD2-11 Who Loves Ya Baby?
DVD2-12 Over The Wall
DVD2-13 Lost In Your Eyes
DVD2-14 Don't Flirt With Me
DVD2-15 Dance To The Music
DVD2-16 Love Under My Pillow
DVD2-17 Should've Been The One
DVD2-18 We Could Be Together
DVD2-19 No More Rhyme
DVD2-20 Electric Youth
Live In Tokyo: The Possibilities World Tour, 1991
DVD3-01 One Step Ahead
DVD3-02 Another Brick Falls
DVD3-03 Shake Your Love / Out Of The Blue
DVD3-04 Electric Youth
DVD3-05 Only In My Dreams
DVD3-06 One Hand, One Heart
DVD3-07 Without You
DVD3-08 Stand Your Ground
DVD3-09 Reverse Psychology
DVD3-10 Foolish Beat
DVD3-11 Motown Medley
DVD3-12 It Must've Been My Boy
DVD3-13 Anything Is Possible
DVD3-14 We Could Be Together
DVD3-15 Lost In Your Eyes
DVD3-16 This So-Called Miracle
Live In Nashville: Tin Pan South, 1995
DVD3-17 For Better Or Worse
DVD3-18 Didn't Have The Heart
DVD3-19 Your Love Amazes Me
DVD3-20 Too Fancy
DVD3-21 Lost In Your Eyes
DVD3-22 Let's Run Away
DVD3-23 Will You Love Me Tomorrow?

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