Perez Prado And His Orchestra ‎– The Mambo King

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BMG Media Japan ‎– BVCP - 5043-52
Box Set
11 × CD, Compilation
Jazz, Latin
Easy Listening, Latin Jazz, Big Band, Afro-Cuban, Mambo


Damaso Perez Prado In His Early Days
1-1 Agony
1-2 Kon - Toma
1-3 Rica
1-4 Memoria A Chano
1-5 No Me Queras Tanto
1-6 ?Que Es Amor?
1-7 Timba / Timba
1-8 Kuba Mambo
1-9 Jose
1-10 Macomé
1-11 Pachuca
1-12 El Manicero
1-13 Tacuba
1-14 Que Rico El Mambo
1-15 Mambo No.5
1-16 Babarabatiri
1-17 Batiri RCA
1-18 La Mucura
1-19 Rabo Y Oreha
1-20 Latino
1-21 Al Compas Del Mambo
Perez Prado And His Orchestra With Beny More
2- 1 Ana Maria
2-2 Anabacoa
2-3 La Cocareca
2-4 Dolor Karabali
2-5 DeJa Que Suba La Marea
2-6 Guajiro
2-7 Locas Por Mambo
2-8 Mamboletas
2-9 Las Mangoleles
2-10 Maria Christina
2-11 Mambo Ete
2-12 Pachito E'Che
2-13 Que Te Pasa Jose
2-14 Que Te Parece Cholito
2-15 A Rompe El Coco
2-16 El Suave
2-17 Sera La Negra
2-18 Tocineta
2-19 Tu Sold Tu
2-20 Viejo Canengo
The Mambo King In Spotlight
3-1 Mambo No. 8
3-2 Pianoro
3-3 Mambo Del Papelero
3-4 Mambo Del Ruletero
3-5 El Si Mambo
3-6 Manhattan Mambo
3-7 Ole Mambo
3-8 Cuban Mambo
3-9 lupita
3-10 Mi Callo
3-11 Paso Baklan
3-12 Caballo Negro
3-13 Coldoba
3-14 O! Caballo
3-15 Malagueña
3-16 Martinica
3-17 Ni hablar
3-18 la Chula Linda
3-19 Mona Lisa
3-20 Mambo a la Kenton
3-21 Mambo de Chattanooga
3-22 Mambo en sax
3-23 A la Billy May
3-24 Rompiendo Piano
The Suby Era
4-1 Mambo de la Telephonista
4-2 Mambo with telephone exchange El Suby
4-3 En Las Calles de la Havana
4-4 El Rey Del Suby
4-5 Mambo de Las Normalistas
4-6 El Bombero
4-7 El Primer Suby
4-8 Las Mananitas
4-9 Mama y Tata
4-10 Muchachita
4-11 Enamorado
4-12 Alekum -Salem
4-13 Polytecnico
4-14 Jing A Ling, Jing A Ling
4-15 La Nina Popof
4-16 Bombokolea
4-17 Ballin' the Jack
4-18 Tomcat Mambo
4-19 The High And The Mighty
4-20 Marilyn Monroe Mambo
4-21 St.louis Blues Mambo
4-22 Skokian
4-23 Cerezo Rosa
Vodoo Suite - Exotic Suite Of The Americas
5-1 Voodoo Suite
5-2 St. James Infirmary
5-3 In the Mood
5-4 I Can't Get Started
5-5 Jumping At The Woodside
5-6 Stomp At The Savoy
5-7 Music Makers
5-8 Exotic Suite Of The Americas (Medley)
1 Theme Of Two Worlds
2 Amoa
3 Criollo
4 Theme Of Two Worlds
5 uamanna Africana
6 Blues In C Major's
7 Theme Of Two Worlds
5-9 Silvana Mangano
5-10 April in Portugal
5-11 In A Little Spanish Town
5-12 Mambo de Paris
5-13 Mambo No. 65
Habana 3 A.M. - The Cuban Carnival
6-1 La Comparsa
6-2 Desconfianza
6-3 La Faraona
6-4 Besame Mucho
6-5 The Freeway Mambo
6-6 Granada
6-7 Almendra
6-8 Bacoa
6-9 Peanut Vender
6-10 Baia
6-11 Historia de Un Amor
6-12 Mosaico Cubano
6-13 Ay Ay Ay
6-14 Uno
6-15 Cucara Cha Cha
6-16 Hawaiian Cha Cha Cha
6-17 Rum And Coca-Cola
6-18 Petticoats Of Portugal
6-19 Sabor A Mi
6-20 Crazy · Crazy
6-21 Hawaiian War Chant
6-22 Mambo Japanese
6-23 Sakura Sakura
6-24 la Macarena
Latin Satin - "Perez" Prado
7-1 Perfedia
7-2 Lamento Gitano
7-3 Quizas Quizas Quizas
7-4 Green Eyes
7-5 Sway
7-6 Acercate Mas
7-7 Frenesi
7-8 Solamente Una Vez
7-9 Estrellita
7-10 Tabu
7-11 Always in my heart
7-12 Adios
7-13 Maria Bonita
7-14 Cu-cu-rru-cu-cu Paloma
7-15 La Borrachita
7-16 Machaca
7-17 Come Back To Sorrento
7-18 Fireworks
7-19 Adios Mi Chaparrita
7-20 Marta
7-21 Lullaby Of Birdland
7-22 Flight Of The Bumblebee
7-23 Leo's Special
Dilo (Ugh!) - Rockambo
8-1 rock' ambo No. 1
8-2 Patricia
8-3 A Lo Loco
8-4 Cuban Rock
8-5 Lonely
8-6 Leyenda Mexicana
8-7 Pampa
8-8 Bandido
8-9 Cose Cose Cosé
8-10 Monitor Mambo
8-11 Pretty Doll
8-12 Back Bay Shuffle
8-13 Guadalajara
8-14 Rokcambo A La Prado
8-15 Julie Is Her Name
8-16 San Remo
8-17 El Rikitiki
8-18 Envidias
8-19 Rokcambo Baby
8-20 Rokcambo No. 4
8-21 Oh, Oh, Rosie
8-22 Maria
8-23 Rokcambo Bop
8-24 Samia
8-25 Guarare
8-26 Canto Siboney
8-27 Pachito E'che
8-28 Alma Llanera
Latin For Lovers - A Touch Of Tabasco
9-1 Manhattan
9-2 Ciribiribin
9-3 Three Little Words
9-4 Carolina In The Morning
9-5 Yes Sir, That's My Baby
9-6 You'Re Driving Me Crazy
9-7 Isle Of Capri
9-8 Ida ,sweet As Apple Cider
9-9 If You Knew Susi
9-10 Paper Doll
9-11 Taking A Chance On Love
9-12 Heigh - Ho
9-13 Corazon De Melon
9-14 Like A Woman
9-15 I Only Have Eyes For You
9-16 Magic Is The Moonlight
9-17 In A Little Spanish Town
9-18 Sway
9-19 Mack The Knife
9-20 Bali Ha'i
9-21 You De Something To Me
9-22 Cu-Cu-Rru-Cu-Cu Paloma
9-23 I Got Plenty O' Nuttin'
9-24 Adios
9-25 Midnight In Jamaica
9-26 Mama Yo Cuiero
9-27 Sun Of A Gun
9-28 Jacqueline & Caroline
9-29 El Relicario
9-30 I Could Have Danced All Night
La Chunga - Twist Goes Latin - Bongoson
10-1 Rhythm De Chunga
10-2 El Escrupuloso
10-3 La Chunga
10-4 Chunga -La Chunga- La
10-5 Rica Chunga
10-6 La Toalla
10-7 Teresita La Chunga
10-8 El Saco Y La Camisa
10-9 Chunga Es
10-10 Bailando La Chunga
10-11 La Viuda De Saragoza
10-12 El Burro
10-13 Cerezo Rosa (Twist)
10-14 Anna (Twist)
10-15 Patricia (Twist)
10-16 Sway (Twist) Cachita
10-17 The Twist Of Hava Nageela
10-18 Ti-Pi-Tin
10-19 Saigon Twist
10-20 La Raspa
10-21 Venezuela Twist
10-22 St. Louis Blues
10-23 Sabra
10-24 Cachita
10-25 Estrellita Del Sur
10-26 Campanitas De Cristal
10-27 Guadalajara
10-28 Tico Tico No Fuba
10-29 Compadore Pedro Juan
Bonus Cd: Prado In Japan (PDTD - 1057)
11-1 Greeting Of Prado
11-2 Cerezo Rosa
11-3 Sakura Sakura
11-4 Hama-Chidori
11-5 Historia De Un Amor
11-6 La Virgen De La Macarena
11-7 Mambo Japone
11-8 Tequila
11-9 Mambo No. 5
11-10 Mambo No. 8
11-11 Princess Suga
11-12 Lullaby Of Birdland


Perez Prado from 1947 to 1960\ Included 112 pgs booklet

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  • Barcode: 4988017075524

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