Glenn Miller ‎– The Unforgettable Glenn Miller, 70 Of His Greatest Original Recordings

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Reader's Digest ‎– RDA 64-A, RCA Custom ‎– RDA 64-A
6 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Compilation, Mono
Box Set
Jazz, Pop
Big Band


A1 Moonlight Serenade
Soloist [Clarinet] – Willie Schwartz*Written-By – Miller*, Parish*
A2 Make Believe Ballroom Time
Soloist [Trumpet] – Johnny Best*Vocals – The ModernairesWritten-By – Green*, Block*, Stoner*
A3 Stardust
Soloist [Piano] – J. "Chummy" Chalmers MacGregor*Soloist [Trumpet] – Johnny Best*Written-By – Carmichael*, Parish*
A4 Little Brown Jug
Arranged By – Bill FineganWritten-By – Traditional
A5 Stairway To The Stars
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Signorelli*, Malneck*, Parish*
A6 Anvil Chorus
Arranged By – Jerry GraySoloist [Clarinet] – Ernie CaceresSoloist [Drums] – Moe Purtill*Soloist [Saxophone] – Tex BenekeSoloist [Trumpet] – Billy MayWritten-By – Verdi*
B1 A Handful Of Stars
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Lawrence*, Shapiro*
B2 Tuxedo Junction
Written-By – Feyne*, Hawkins*, Dash*, Johnson*
B3.1 I Cried For You
Written-By – Lyman*, Freed*, Arnheim*
B3.2 The Changing World
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Suesse*, Adamson*
B3.3 Marie
Vocals – The Glenn Miller Band*Written-By – Berlin*
B3.4 Blue Skies
Written-By – Berlin*
B4 Five O'Clock Whistle
Soloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Tex BenekeVocals – Marion HuttonWritten-By – Irwin*, Myrow*, Gannon*
B5 Yours Is My Heart Alone
Written-By – Lehár*, Lohner*, Herzer*
C1 Slumber Song
Vocals – The ModernairesWritten-By – MacGregor*, Tepper*
C2 Ida! Sweet As Apple Cider
Vocals – Tex BenekeWritten-By – Leonard*, Munson*
C3 Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Mercer*, Bloom*
C4 St. Louis Blues March
Arranged By – Jerry GrayBacking Band – Army Air Force Band*Written-By – Handy*
C5 Our Love Affair
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Freed*, Edens*
C6 My Blue Heaven
Written-By – Whiting*, Donaldson*
D1 A String Of Pearls
Saxophone [Tenor] – Al Klink, Babe RussinSoloist [Alto Saxophone] – Ernie Caceres, Tex BenekeSoloist [Cornet] – Bobby HackettWritten-By – Gray*
D2 Alice Blue Gown
Written-By – Tierney*, McCarthy*
D3 You Stepped Out Of A Dream
Vocals – Ray Eberle, The ModernairesWritten-By – Kahn*, Brown*
D4 Song Of The Volga Boatman
Arranged By – Bill FineganSaxophone [Tenor] – Tex BenekeTrumpet – Billy May
D5 Londonderry Air
Arranged By – Chummy MacGregor*, Glenn Miller
D6 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
Vocals – Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke, The ModernairesWritten-By – Conway*, Finegan*, Dickinson*
E1 Frenesi
Written-By – Dominguez*
E2 The Story Of A Starry Night
Written-By – Hoffmann*, Livingston*, Curtis*
E3 Rug Cutter's Swing
Soloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Tex BenekeSoloist [Trumpet] – Clyde Hurley, Johnny Best*Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By, Arranged By – Henderson*
E4 Falling Leaves
Written-By – Carle*, David*
E5 Who's Sorry Now
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Kamar*, Ruby*, Snyder*
E6 Boulder Buff
Soloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Al KlinkSoloist [Trumpet] – Billy MayWritten-By – Novello*, Norman*
F1 Along The Santa Fe Trail
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Dubin*, Coolidge*, Grosz*
F2 The Spirit Is Willing
Trumpet – Billy May, Johnny Best*Written-By – Gray*
F3 Elmer's Tune
Vocals – Ray Eberle, The ModernairesWritten-By – Jurgens*, Albrecht*, Gallop*
F4 The Angels Came Thur
Clarinet – Willie Schwartz*Saxophone [Tenor] – Tex BenekeVocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Dubin*, Lecuona*
F5.1 Goodnight Sweetheart
Written-By – Campbell*, Noble*, Connelly*
F5.2 I'm Stepping Out With A Memory
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Wrubel*, Magidson*
F5.3 When My Baby Smiles At Me
Written-By – Sterling*, Munro*, Von Tilzer*, Lewis*
F5.4 A Blues Serenade
Written-By – Signorelli*, Lytell*, Grande*
Music From The Original Sound Track Of "Sun Valley Serenade"
G1 It Happened In Sun Valley
Chorus – Male Chorus*Vocals – The ModernairesWritten-By – Warren*, Gordon*
G2 In The Mood
Written-By – Garland*
G3 At Last
Trumpet – Johnny Best*Vocals – Pat Friday, Ray EberleWritten-By – Warren*, Gordon*
G4 Sun Valley Jump
Clarinet – Ernie CaceresTrumpet – Billy MayWritten-By – Gray*
G5 I Know Why (And So Do You)
Vocals – Pat Friday, The ModernairesWritten-By – Warren*, Gordon*
G6 Chattanooga Choo Choo
Vocals – Paula Kelly, Tex Beneke, The ModernairesWritten-By – Warren*, Gordon*
Music From The Original Sound Track Of "Orchestra Wives"
H1 Serenade In Blue
Vocals – Pat Friday, Ray Eberle, The ModernairesWritten-By – Warren*, Gordon*
H2 American Patrol
Soloist [Trumpet] – Billy MayWritten-By – Meacham*
H3 Moonlight Sonata
Arranged By – Bill FineganComposed By – Beethoven*
H4 I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo
Saxophone – Tex BenekeTrumpet – Billy MayVocals – Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke, The ModernairesWritten-By – Warren*, Gordon*
H5 People Lke You And Me
Soloist [Piano] – Chummy McGregorTrumpet – Billy MayVocals – Marion Hutton, Ray Eberle, Tex Beneke, The ModernairesWritten-By – Warren*, Gordon*
H6 Bugle Call Rag
Drums – Moe Purtill*Soloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Tex BenekeSoloist [Tromebone] – Glenn MillerWritten-By – Meyers*, Schoebel*, Pettis*
I1 Rhapsody In Blue
Saxophone [Tenor] – Tex BenekeWritten-By – Gershwin*
I2 Sweeter Than The Sweetest
Soloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Al KlinkVocals – Paula Kelly, The ModernairesWritten-By – Lawrence*, Smith*
I3 Pavanne
Soloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Tex BenekeTrombone – Glenn MillerWritten-By – Gould*
I4 Moon Love
Soloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Beneke*Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Kostelanetz*, David*, Davis*
I5 Adios
Soloist [Trombone] – Glenn Miller, Miller*Soloist [Trumpet] – Mickey McMickleWritten-By – Woods*, Madriguera*
I6 Glen Island Special
Soloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Tex BenekeTrumpet – Clyde HurleyWritten-By – Durham*
J1 Sunrise Serenade
Saxophone [Tenor] – Tex BenekeWritten-By – Carle*
J2 Shake Down The Stars
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – De Lange*, Van Heusen*
J3 Baby Me
Soloist [Saxophone] – Tex BenekeSoloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Tex BenekeSoloist [Trumpet] – Clyde Hurley, Clyde HurleyVocals – Kay StarrWritten-By – Gottler*, Harris*, Handman*
J4 The Lamplighter's Serenade
Vocals – Ray Eberle, The ModernairesWritten-By – Carmichael*, Webster*
J5 Slow Freight
Trumpet – Clyde HurleyWritten-By – Ram*, Mills*, Fien*
J6 Dreamsville, Ohio
Cornet – Bobby HackettSoloist [Cornet] – Bobby HackettSoloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Tex BenekeSoloist [Trumpet] – Johnny Best*Vocals – Ray Eberle, The ModernairesWritten-By – Rinker*, Lee*, Freeland*
K1 Caribbean Clipper
Soloist [Saxophone] – Tex BenekeSoloist [Trumpet] – Johnny Best*Written-By – Gray*
K2 Oh! You Crazy Moon
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Burke-Van Heusen*
K3 Booglie Wooglie Piggy
Vocals – Paula Kelly, Tex Beneke, The ModernairesWritten-By – Jacobs*
K4 Deep Purple
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Parish*, DeRose*
K5 Yes, My Darling Daughter
Chorus – Chorus*Saxophone – Hal McIntyreSaxophone [Tenor] – Al KlinkVocals – Marion HuttonWritten-By – Lawerence*
K6 The Nearness Of You
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Carmichael*, Washington*
L1 Pennsylvania 6-5000
Written-By – Sigman*, Gray*
L2 I Got Rhythm
Soloist [Alto Saxophone] – Ernie CaceresSoloist [Tenor Saxophone] – Al KlinkWritten-By – Gershwin*
L3 Polka Dots And Moonbeams
Vocals – Ray EberleWritten-By – Burke-Van Heusen*
L4 Crosstown
Saxophone – Hal McIntyreVocals – Jack LathropWritten-By – Cavanaugh*, Redmon*, Simon*
L5 My Devotion
Vocals – Skip Nelson, The ModernairesWritten-By – Napton*, Hillman*
L6 Limehouse
Soloist [Saxophone] – Al Klink, Beneke*Written-By – Furber*, Braham*

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