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Vinyl-on-demand ‎– VOD115
12 × Vinyl, LP
2 × Vinyl, 7", 33 ⅓ RPM
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition, Numbered
Jun 2013
Minimal, Synth-pop, Experimental, New Wave, Synthwave, Ambient


Kevin Lazar - Mutant Generation
A1 Kevin Lazar Living On Another Planet 6:25
A2 Kevin Lazar Mutant Generation 6:38
A3 Kevin Lazar Transmutation 13:31
A4 Kevin Lazar Insane O Tronic III 3:24
B1 Kevin Lazar Dark Heart Cabaret 6:59
B2 Kevin Lazar Ooh Ooh Bar Baby 3:37
B3 Kevin Lazar Key To The Night Club 3:08
B4 Kevin Lazar Chatolic She Zombies Of Chicago 3:43
B5 Kevin Lazar Insane Outsane I 3:35
B6 Kevin Lazar Insane O Tronic IV 3:45
B7 Kevin Lazar Insane O Tronic I 3:12
Los Paranos - Living On A Red Line 83 – 86
C1 Los Paranos Evidence 3:37
C2 Los Paranos Living On A Red Line 1:49
C3 Los Paranos Black Is Best 7:07
C4 Los Paranos Touch 1:50
C5 Los Paranos Kindness 4:39
C6 Los Paranos La Petite Chapelle 3:29
C7 Los Paranos Obsession (Edit) 3:02
C8 Los Paranos Song 2:13
D1 Los Paranos The Cave 1:43
D2 Los Paranos Together We Rest 5:49
D3 Los Paranos Slowgulls 3:27
D4 Los Paranos Merci Maman 1:57
D5 Los Paranos 22 Heures 30 2:07
D6 Los Paranos Mother Talk To Me 3:17
D7 Los Paranos 25 Years 2:55
D8 Los Paranos Born To Die 4:42
D9 Los Paranos Inside 1:28
Peter Becker - Ambivalent Scale Tape Recordings 1979 - 1981
E1 Peter Becker Drum Avant 7 2:00
E2 Peter Becker Music For Playgrounds
Stylophone – Martyn BatesWritten-By – Eyeless In Gaza, Martyn Bates, Peter Becker
E3 Peter Becker Faces In The Dark 1:28
E4 Peter Becker Eyes Blink (Disco Mix) 2:33
E5 Peter Becker Music For The Italian Tourist Board 1:57
E6 Peter Becker Forch Funk 3:18
E7 Peter Becker Veil (PB Version)
Written-By – Eyeless In Gaza, Martyn Bates, Peter Becker
E8 Peter Becker Eyes Blink (Version) 2:16
E9 Peter Becker Spider Noise / Ant Noise 2:28
E10 Peter Becker By Train To The Coast 1:28
E11 Peter Becker Arabesque 1:03
F1 Peter Becker Ukrainian Stained Glass 1:23
F2 Peter Becker Voyage Across
Vocals, Guitar – Martyn BatesWritten-By – Eyeless In Gaza, Martyn Bates, Peter Becker
F3 Peter Becker We Can’t Break The Spell
Vocals [Sdrawkcab Vocals] – Steve Parker*
F4 Peter Becker Aborigine Spirit Dance 2:29
F5 Peter Becker Loneliness Disco 2:28
F6 Peter Becker Ukrainian Church
Guitar, Vocals [Vocal] – Martyn BatesWritten-By – Eyeless In Gaza, Martyn Bates, Peter Becker
F7 Peter Becker Winter Glide
Keyboards – Steve Parker*
F8 Peter Becker Transatlantic Flight 4:17
F9 Peter Becker Distance
Written-By, Piano, Vocals [Vocal] – Steve Parker*
Experimental Products - Oxide
G1 Experimental Products Feeling Left Out (Demo)
Engineer – Rick Baker (6)Vocals, Synth [Korg MS-20, Korg Pre-Set], Snare [Snare Drum] – Michael Gross (3)
G2 Experimental Products Work The Beat (Re-Work)
Vocals, Sequenced By [QX-1], Drum Machine [Drumtracks], Synth [Roland MKS-50, PolySix], Sampler [Mirage] – Michael Gross (3)
G3 Experimental Products Re-Entry
Sequenced By [Yamaha QX-1], Drum Machine [Sequential Circuits Drumtraks], Synth [Roland MKS-50, Yamaha TX216, Korg PolySix], Sampler [Ensoniq Mirage] – Michael Gross (3)
G4 Experimental Products Baghdad Sortie
Programmed By [Cakewalk], Drum Machine [Alesis SR-16], Synth [MKS-50, Roland SH-101, TX216, PolySix] – Michael Gross (3)
G5 Experimental Products Burning Flames (Demo)
Engineer – Chip DishSynth [SH-101] – Michael Gross (3)Vocals, Drum Machine [Roland CR-8000], Synth [Pro One, PolySix] – Mark Wilde
G6 Experimental Products Hippie Shit (Demo)
Programmed By [Cakewalk], Drum Machine [Alesis SR-16], Synth [Roland MKS-50, PolySix], Sampler [Ensoniq Mirage] – Michael Gross (3)
H1 Experimental Products No Answers (Live)
Lead Vocals, Synth [Pro One] – Mark WildeSynth [PolySix, SH-101, Moog Source] – Michael Gross (3)Vocals, Drum Machine [Drumtraks], Synth [Korg Poly 61] – Michael Simmons (4)
H2 Experimental Products Kip Jones (Demo)
Drum Machine [Drumtraks], Synth [Pro One] – Mark WildeSynth [SH-101, PolySix] – Michael Gross (3)
H3 Experimental Products Experiment (Demo)
Sequenced By [QX-1], Drum Machine [Drumtraks], Synth [TX216, SH-101], Sampler [Mirage] – Michael Gross (3)Vocals – Mark Wilde
H4 Experimental Products WXPN Jam
Drum Machine [CR-8000], Synth [Pro One] – Mark WildeSynth [SH-101, PolySix] – Michael Gross (3)
H5 Experimental Products The Crystal (Demo)
Sequenced By [QX-1], Drum Machine [Drumtraks], Synth [MKS-50, PolySix], Sampler [Mirage] – Michael Gross (3)
H6 Experimental Products WXDR Jam
Drum Machine [Roland CR-8000], Synth [Pro One] – Mark WildeSynth [SH-101, PolySix] – Michael Gross (3)
The Dadacomputer By 5ive Ximes Of Dust
I1 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Missile Logic T 5:53
I2 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Automation 3:45
I3 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Fear Of Programming 1:10
I4 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Girl With A VDU 6:00
I5 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Multinational 4:02
I6 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Computer Bank 5:07
J1 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Construct Z/45 1:50
J2 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Module 2:41
J3 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Punchcard Sex 6:07
J4 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Production Line (No Human) 5:13
J5 5ive Ximes Of Dust* The Dadacomputer 7:03
J6 5ive Ximes Of Dust* Computer Violence 2:53
Unreleased Solo-Tracks By Robert Lawrence (Quickstab) 1981-83 Plus Previously Unreleased 5XOD Material
K1 Rob Solo* Electric Technology 1:20
K2 Rob Solo* Bassmatix 30 3:32
K3 Rob Solo* Sunshine Dance 3:03
K4 Rob Solo* Going To X5 Colony 2:53
K5 Rob Solo* The Box Of Unlimited Happyness 1:41
K6 Rob Solo* Broken Pipes Exposed 6 2:21
K7 Rob Solo* Japanese Brain Warning 1:42
K8 Rob Solo* If I Didn't Know Better
Featuring – Dean Poole (2)
K9 5XOD* Shanghai Music 4:29
K10 5XOD* Thermal Punch 5:14
Solo-Tracks By Mark Phillips Alias MAP (MAP-Tapes) Taken From The Tapes ”Beyond The Spectacle” & "MAP7" (1981/82) Plus Previously Unreleased 5XOD Material
L1 Mark Solo* Ladytron 3:30
L2 Mark Solo* Lover Man 4:15
L3 Mark Solo* Concrete Girl 4:25
L4 Mark Solo* The Small Assasin 3:53
L5 Mark Solo* Industry 1:30
L6 Mark Solo* Psychic Operations 3:20
L7 Mark Solo* Even Programs Fall In Love 2:12
L8 5XOD* Black Passion 4:33
Machines At Last
M1 Machines At Last The Colony
Guitar [Synthesized Guitar] – Ian Pincombe*
M2 Machines At Last Car In Car Mirror
Synthesizer [Casio VL Tone], Drum Machine, Synth, Voice, Siren [Double Speed Super Bicycle Siren Alarm] – Stephen Page
M3 Machines At Last Class Three 4:09
N1 Machines At Last Computers At Last 4:34
N2 Machines At Last Artificial Heart 5:13
Symboter - Tape Works 80-82
O1 Symboter Nachrichten 3:39
O2 Symboter Digimba 3:14
O3 Symboter Schlangenkönig 4:01
O4 Symboter Walking Duck 4:51
O5 Symboter Kraftkern-Stop 1:25
O6 Symboter Silent Storm 2:56
O7 Symboter System 7:35
P1 Symboter Electronic City 5:46
P2 Symboter Blauer Planet Blauer 6:10
P3 Symboter Die Transzendenz 5:58
P4 Symboter Step By Step 5:01
P5 Symboter Elektronenstimme 4:30
Emily Faryna - Tape Works 1984-1990
I've Got A Steelbar In My Head
Q1 Emily Faryna Doomed To Fail 4:01
Q2 Emily Faryna My Wife She Loved The Butcher 5:51
Q3 Emily Faryna Nothing Near 5:00
Q4 Emily Faryna I've Got A Steel Bar In My Head 4:12
Q5 Emily Faryna Oh What A Garden 3:50
Q6 Emily Faryna My Wife 2:35
Q7 Emily Faryna State Of The Union 2:00
R1 Emily Faryna Cows In The Field 4:10
R2 Emily Faryna Moments Of Glory 3:10
R3 Emily Faryna Walls Are Pages 5:50
R4 Emily Faryna Call My Name 6:40
R5 Emily Faryna Bridge 4:39
Neat And Tidy In Your Mind
S1 Emily Faryna Who Cares 5:10
S2 Emily Faryna Space 4:45
S3 Emily Faryna Sunday In Lebanon
Written-By – Philip McCrum*
S4 Emily Faryna Dit 1:50
S5 Emily Faryna Compromise 3:15
S6 Emily Faryna Fuck The Dog 3:55
S7 Emily Faryna Propaganda 3:25
S8 Emily Faryna Neat And Tidy 2:16
Return Of The Repressed
T1 Emily Faryna Din-A-Ling 4:22
T2 Emily Faryna Slow Moving Chaos 4:12
T3 Emily Faryna Lonely Sunday 4:06
T4 Emily Faryna I Gotta Big Gun 3:55
T5 Emily Faryna Return Of The Repressed 5:10
T6 Emily Faryna Forced Coerced 2:18
T7 Emily Faryna Bored 1:35
Paul Nagle - The Soft Room 1980–85
U1 Paul Nagle Wheels Of Fortune 3:36
U2 Paul Nagle The Mesomeric Effect 3:05
U3 Paul Nagle Only Me 5:40
U4 Paul Nagle Jacurutu 1 3:23
U5 Paul Nagle Sequor 2 5:43
U6 Paul Nagle Universal Indicator 3:30
U7 Paul Nagle There And Back Again 2:49
V1 Paul Nagle Ghynna 5:16
V2 Paul Nagle J’osui C’rein Reyr 3:46
V3 Paul Nagle Le Lay 7:14
V4 Paul Nagle Chamber Of Dark Sound 8:12
V5 Paul Nagle Lost City 5:33
Tree And Leaf
1 Paul Nagle Empathy 6:16
2 Paul Nagle Journey 4:59
3 Paul Nagle Work 4:45
4 Paul Nagle Rest 7:21
5 Paul Nagle Second Voice 5:01
6 Paul Nagle Gentle Treatment 5:43
7 Paul Nagle Parish 4:56
8 Paul Nagle Epitaph 7:00
9 Paul Nagle Tree 5:11
10 Paul Nagle Going On 6:15
Mystery Plane - Curse Of The Bodysnatchers - Tape Recordings 1980-86
W1 Mystery Plane Fractured 4:04
W2 Mystery Plane Curse Of The Body Snatcher 4:37
W3 Mystery Plane Snakebite 3:00
W4 Mystery Plane That Will Be The Day 2:46
W5 Mystery Plane Crying Again 3:35
W6 Mystery Plane Vampire 2:21
W7 Mystery Plane Death Rattle 3:52
W8 Mystery Plane Weird Science 2:25
X1 Mystery Plane All These Cities 10:10
X2 Mystery Plane Evil Eye 4:14
X3 Mystery Plane Find Some Body 6:48
X4 Mystery Plane Zero Curse Missile 4:50
X5 Mystery Plane The Curse 1:53
Y1 Mystery Plane Tightrope 3:36
Y2 Mystery Plane Nosedive 4:49
Z1 Mystery Plane This Is Your Life 2:32
Z2 Mystery Plane Something To Prove 3:20
Z3 Mystery Plane Death Sentence 2:54
Plus Instruments - Exile In Paradise
AA1 Plus Instruments Paradise 3:25
AA2 Plus Instruments Bodies 6:30
AA3 Plus Instruments Don't Forget Me 5:27
AA4 Plus Instruments Horrible 4:16
AA5 Plus Instruments Irgendwo 4:04
AA6 Plus Instruments 13 Sailors 3:23
AB1 Plus Instruments Obsessed 4:25
AB2 Plus Instruments Illusions 3:02
AB3 Plus Instruments Things 3:10
AB4 Plus Instruments Kalt
Written-By – Steven Barth, Trudy Koby, Truus de Groot
AB5 Plus Instruments New York New York 2:22
AB6 Plus Instruments Das Ist Gut So
Lyrics By – Bertolt Brecht
AB7 Plus Instruments He's Dead 1:45
AB8 Plus Instruments Hoboken Runaround 2:42

Companies, etc.


  • Artwork [Artwork 2013 (Emily Faryna - Tape Works 1984-1990)], Design [Design 2013 (Emily Faryna - Tape Works 1984-1990)]Sandro Schleier
  • Artwork [Artwork 2013 (Paul Nagle - The Soft Room 1980-85)], Design [Design 2013 (Paul Nagle - The Soft Room 1980-85)]Sandro Schleier
  • Artwork [Artwork 2013 (Paul Nagle - Tree And Leaf)], Design [Design 2013 (Paul Nagle - Tree And Leaf)]Sandro Schleier
  • Artwork [Artwork 2013 (Plus Instruments - Exile In Paradise)], Layout [Layout 2013 (Plus Instruments - Exile In Paradise)]Sandro Schleier
  • Artwork [Artwork 2013 (Symboter - Tape Works 80-82)], Layout [Layout 2013 (Symboter - Tape Works 80-82)]Sandro Schleier
  • Artwork [Cover Art (Los Paranos - Living On A Red Line 83 – 86)]Krabs
  • Artwork [Mystery Plane - Curse Of The Bodysnatchers - Tape Recordings 1980-86], Design [Mystery Plane - Curse Of The Bodysnatchers - Tape Recordings 1980-86], Photography By [Cover Photo (Mystery Plane - Curse Of The Bodysnatchers - Tape Recordings 1980-86)]Sandro Schleier
  • Composed By [Composed 1980-82]Olaf Schirm (tracks: O1 to P5)
  • Composed By [Songs Composed 1980-81]Paul Nagle (tracks: 1 to 10)
  • Composed By [Songs Composed 1980-85]Paul Nagle (tracks: U1 to V5)
  • Composed By [Songs Composed 1984-90]Emily Faryna (tracks: Q1 to T7)
  • Illustration [Cover Illustration 2013 (Emily Faryna - Tape Works 1984-1990)]Susanne Zaspel
  • Illustration [The Red Dancing Man Was Drawn By (The Dadacomputer By 5ive Ximes Of Dust)]Paul Shorthouse
  • Liner Notes [Mystery Plane - Curse Of The Bodysnatchers - Tape Recordings 1980-86]Mark Harvey*
  • Liner Notes [Paul Nagle - The Soft Room 1980 – 85]Paul Nagle
  • Liner Notes [Plus Instruments - Exile In Paradise]Truus de Groot
  • Mastered By [Audio Mastering & Restoration]Anders Peterson (tracks: G1 to X5, 1 to 10, AA1 to AB8), Markus Aschenbrenner (tracks: A1 to F9)
  • Photography By [Cover Photo 1982]Monique Voorhout
  • Photography By [Photo 1979 (Symboter - Tape Works 80-82)]Olaf Schirm
  • Written-ByTruus de Groot (tracks: AA1 to AB8)
  • Written-By [Songs Written 1983-1986]Mystery Plane (tracks: W1 to X5)


Limited edition of 500 copies includes a numbered official certificate.
This is the edition for VOD members with two additional 7"s and a CD as bonus.

VOD115.1: [tracks A1 to B7]
A1-A3 written and recorded in winter of 1981/1982.
Released as <a href="">MUTANT 111</a> cassette in spring 1982.
B1-B4 written over the summer/fall/winter of 1982.
Final recording in spring of 1983. Supposed for release as Dark Heart Cabaret 7"
A4 and B5-B7 recorded 04-17-1982
A4 and B1-B7 previously unreleased
℗ & © A Kevin Lazar VEKZAR product 1982 / 1983 - 2013

VOD115.2: [tracks C1 to D9]

VOD115.3: [tracks E1 to F9]
An Ambivalent Scale Recording
℗ & © Peter Becker 2013
ASR 047

VOD115.4: [tracks G1 to H6]
G1: Demo from 1982. Early 1st LP "Prototype" recording sessions at Hidden Sound Studio, Newark Delaware
G2: Rearranged midi driven version from 1989 recorded direct to 2-track
G3: Midi driven track from 1990 recorded direct to 2-track
G4: Midi driven track from 1994 recorded direct to 2-track
G5: The 1985 8-track demo mix recorded in M.Gross' spare bedroom studio in Newark, Delaware
G6: Midi driven track from 1994 recorded direct to 2-track
H1: Track from the 1985 live radio performance on WXPN University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia
H2: A tune stumbled upon during a 1985 practice-jam session
H3: The 1986 8-track demo mix recorded at the Philadelphia 3rd and Brown practice studio
H4: Section of a 1985 radio performance on WXPN University of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia
H5:Midi driven track from 1990 recorded direct to 2-track
H6: Section of a 1983 radio performance on WXDR at the University of Delaware

VOD115.5/6: [tracks I1 to L8]
I1-J6: originally released in 1981 as <a href="">Quick Stab 13</a> and <a href="">MAP 8</a> marking the first release of <a href="">5XOD</a>
K4 & K6: 1981
K1, K5, K7 & K8: 1982
K2 & K3: 1983
K1-K10 previously unreleased
L1-L3 from "MAP7"
L4-L6 from "Beyond the Spectacle"
L8 unreleased

VOD115.5/6 B: [tracks M1 to N2]
M1-N2: Tracks from Machines At Last released as <a href="">Qick Stab 17</a> in 1982

VOD115.7: [tracks O1 to P5]
O1-O3 from phon-ethik \ <a href="">Syntape</a>, SYN017, released 1983
O4-P2 from <a href="">SYNCHROTRON</a> \ <a href="">Syntape</a>, SYN006, released 1982
P3-P5 from MATRIX \ <a href="">Syntape</a>, SYN005, released 1982
Published 2013 by VOD-Records
contains a 12" x 12" insert

VOD115.08 + VOD115.09: [tracks Q1 to T7]
Q1-Q7: <a href="">[Mo-Da-Mu 10]</a> [C-40] [CND] [1984]
R1-R5: [SELF-RELEASED] <a href="">[Mo-Da-Mu 10]</a> [C-60] [CND] [1984]
Q1 & R1: also on <a href="">[Undergrowth Vancouver Tape]</a>
S1-S8: <a href="">[Mo-Da-Mu 15]</a> [CND-30] [1985]
S5 & S7: also on <a href="">'Femirama'</a> (<a href="">Auxilio de Cientos</a>-Spain) [AUX-05]
T1-T7: <a href="">[SPIRAL REC.]</a> [1990]
Published 2013 by VOD-Records

VOD115.10: [tracks U1 to V5]
U1-U3: [from The Soft Room (Compilation) - Soft Room - YHR18, 1981]
U4-U6: [from <a href="">Alcove</a> - <a href="">Soft Room</a> - ART 007, 1981]
U7: [from There and Back Again - <a href="">Soft Room</a> - SR 10, 1981]
V1: [from <a href="">The Citadel</a> - <a href="">Flowmotion</a> - none C60, 1982]
V2: [from <a href="">The Eternal Champion</a> - <a href="">Soft Room</a> - SR016, 1983]
V3: [from The Path - <a href="">Soft Room</a> - SR 17, 1984]
V4: [from <a href="">Music Inspired By Duncton Wood</a> - <a href="">Soft Room</a> - SR 18, 1985]
V5: [from Modulus - <a href="">Soft Room</a> - ART 008, 1981]
contains a 12" x 12" insert

VOD115.10CD: [tracks 1 to 10]
1-10: Originally recorded April 1981 at The Soft Room and released on <a href="">York House Recordings</a> (YHR 021) 1981
Music inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's "Leaf by Niggle"
Published 2013 by VOD-Records

VOD115.11: [tracks W1 to X5]
W1, W2 & W6: [from: <a href="">Fractured</a>]
W3: [from: <a href="">Snakebite</a>]
W4, W8, X2, X4 & X5: [from: <a href="">The Dead Presley Tapes</a>]
W5, X1: [from: Roadmovie]
W7 & X3: [from: <a href="">Hellhouse</a>]
Published 2013 by Vinyl On Demand
contains a 12" x 12" insert

VOD115.11LTD7: [tracks Y1 to Z3]
Y1: [from: Early Years Vol. 1]
Y2: [from: <a href="">The Dead Presley Tapes</a>]
Z1 & Z2: [from: Early Years Vol. 2]
Z3: [from: <a href="">Punishment Block</a>]

VOD115.12: [tracks AA1 to AB8]
All songs written by Truus de Groot (Geertruda De Groot, Dewclaw Ditties, BMI)
AB4: Lyrics from Lied des Kaufmanns
Recorded in The Netherlands, Ballad Sound Studios, Plaza Sound NYC and Hoboken, NJ, USA (home recordings)
contains a 12" x 12" insert

Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Other (Catalog# LP 1): VOD115.1
  • Other (Catalog# LP 2): VOD115.2
  • Other (Catalog# LP 3): VOD115.3
  • Other (Catalog# LP 4): VOD115.4
  • Other (Catalog# LP 5): VOD115.5
  • Other (Catalog# LP 6): VOD115.6
  • Other (Catalog# 7" 1): VOD115.5/6 B
  • Other (Catalog# LP 7): VOD115.7
  • Other (Catalog# LP 8): VOD115.08
  • Other (Catalog# LP 9): VOD115.09
  • Other (Catalog# LP 10): VOD115.10
  • Other (Catalog# CD): VOD115.10CD
  • Other (Catalog# LP 11): VOD115.11
  • Other (Catalog# 7" 2): VOD115.11LTD7
  • Other (Catalog# LP 12): VOD115.12

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