Jolanda Craniotome Divortula Featuring Sospiro Maglianense Orchestra ‎– Oura Murara

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Cassette, Album, C60
Electronic, Non-Music
Noise, Experimental, Field Recording


Deeply touched by Autistic Cougar Millenarian Dysentery, the Pitiful Mother of All, joined by SO.M.O., aborted a brand new "FULLY AUDIBLE" casualty, near to the mythical CRANIOTOME EQUALITY compilation tape, presenting some of the latter J.C.D. incarnations (FIGLIA VILLANA / FERNANDA CRANIOTOME DIVORTULA / MAGIA DER CALLARO / JEANS LIFE ACCUMULATOR / MONARCH / FAMILY AND THE SBORA / HEAD TUMULATA / ATLAS OF MENTAL RETARDATION / SPINABIFIDA / ONANIERTE RAKETE / COUSIN, NOT MAGISTRAETE) in a frenzied journey in the realm of Ultra Homely Extreme Stuff. Absolutely not for the squeamish !!!

Ltd. to 5 unique copies + 1 special tutorial edition.
All include astounding hand-made art-remnants, blood relics, great booklets of flyers, medical-art objects; only the tutorial special ed. includes large wooden palette of apprenticeship for the BUTCHERS GUILD!

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¥48,000 + shipping
(about $448.68)