Various ‎– Themes Like Old Times - 90 Of The Most Famous Original Radio Themes Volume 2

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Viva (3) ‎– V 36020
Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Stereo
Non-Music, Stage & Screen
Radioplay, Score, Spoken Word, Theme


A1 Inner Sanctum Mysteries. (Beyond That Creaking Door)
A2 The Lifeboy Program. (Starring Al Jolson, Fighting B.O.)
A3 The Adventures Of Sam Spade, Detective. (Hello Sweetheart)
A4 Dr. I. Q. (The Mental Banker, With That Lady In The Balcony)
A5 The Vaughn De Leath Show. (The Inventor Of "Crooning")
A6 The New Adventures Of The Thin Man. (Tales Of Nick And Nora Charles)
A7 The Fat Man. (Weight... 237 Pounds, Fortune... Danger!)
A8 The Canary Pet Show. (Starring The Master Radio Canaries)
A9 The March Of Time. (Narrated By "The Voice Of Doom")
A10 Just Plain Bill. (Barber Of Hartville)
A11 Buck Rogers In The Twenty Fith Century. (Held In Suspended Animation For 500 Years)
A12 Escape. (Designed To Free You From The Four Walls Of Today)
A13 The Goldbergs. (Yoo Hoo... Is Anybody?)
A14 Young Widder Brown. (Ellen Brown Vs. Dr. Anthony Loring)
A15 Brave Tomorrow. (The Story Of Love And Courage)
A16 John's Other Wife. (In Reality, His Secretary)
A17 Manhattan Merry-Go-Round. (Sung So Cleary You Can Understand Every Word)
A18 Dick Tracy. (The Crimestoppers On The Air)
A19 The Adventures Of Ozzie & Harriet. (America's Favourite Young Couple)
A20 Life With Luigi. (Played By Irishman, J. Carroll Naish)
A21 The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes. (Basil Rathbone & Nigel Bruce)
A22 The Shadow Of Fu Manchu. (Still Eluding Sir Nayland Smith)
A23 Believe It Or Not. (Probably Not)
A24 Whispering Jack Smith. (And His Whispering Strings)
A25 Hoofbeats, Starring Buck Jones. (Buck Always Eats Grape Nuts Flakes)
A26 The Romance Of Helen Trent. (Romance At 35... And Beyond)
A27 Bold Venture. (With Bogart And Bacall)
A28 Counterspy. (David Harding Vs. All Japs And Nazis)
A29 The Chamber Music Society Of Lower Basin Street. (Music Of The 3 B's)
A30 My Friend Irma. (The Dumbest Blonde)
A31 The Adventures Of The Saint. (The Robin Hood Of Modern Crime)
A32 The Spike Jones Show. (With The City Slickers)
A33 The Mercury Theatre On The Air. (Most Famous Single Broadcast Of All Time)
A34 This Life Is Mine. (A Family With 2 Points Of View)
A35 Bobby Benson And The B-Bar-B Riders. (The Cowboy Kid Himself)
A36 Hal Kemp On The Air For Griffin. (A Date With An Angel)
A37 Tennesse Jed. (The He Goes Tennesse)
A38 Campana Serenade. (Dick Powell Serenading)
A39 The Molle Mystery Theatre. (Tales Of Terror And Suspense)
A40 Coast To Coast On A Bus. (Aboard The White Rabitt Line)
A41 This Is Nora Drake. (A Modern Story Through A Woman's Heart)
A42 The Raleigh And Kool Cigarette Program. (With Tommy Dorsey)
B1 Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon. (And His Wonder Dog King)
B2 The Jergen's Journal. (Walter Winchell, The 1-Man Newspaper)
B3 The Strange Romance Of Evelyn Winters. (A Playwright And His Young Ward)
B4 Jimmy Fiddler In Hollywood. (Latest Lowdown On The Big Names)
B5 Chick Carter, Boy Detective. (Mutual To Y...O...U)
B6 Front Page Farrell. (A Newspaper Man And His Wife)
B7 Gabriel Heatter's News Of The World. (Good News Tonight)
B8 The Adventures Of Archie Andrews. (With Pal Jughead)
B9 Kaltenborn Edits The News. (H. V. Himself, Dean Of Commentators)
B10 The Hermit's Cave. (Ghost Stories On A Chill Night)
B11 David Harum. (Kindly Little Country Philosopher)
B12 The Buster Brown Gang. (With Smilin' Ed, Froggy And The Gang)
B13 Songs By Sinatra. (A Skinny Band Singer, Then)
B14 Stagedoor Canteen. (Wartime Varieties)
B15 The Norge Kitchen Committee. (Sanderson And Crummit)
B16 The Magic Detective. (Starring Blackstone, The Greatest Living Magician)
B17 Mandrake The Magician. (And Faithful Lothar)
B18 Official Detective. (Guardians Of Safety And Home)
B19 Blondie. (Dagwood, Daisy And The Pups)
B20 Lassie. (She Never Forgot Her Lines)
B21 Wild Bill Elliot. (Adventures On The Flaming Frontier)
B22 Fitch Bandwagon. (Use Your Head, Save Your Hair)
B23 Information Please. (At The Sign Of The Flying Red Horse)
B24 The Adventures Of Jungle Jim. (Battling Evil Bhutan)
B25 The Air Adventures Of Jimmy Allen. (All Is Speed)
B26 Linda's First Love. (A Shopgirl Loving A Society Man)
B27 The Carters Of Elm Street. (A 2nd Wife's Fight For Happiness)
B28 The Second Mrs. Burton. (Daughter-In-Law Of The First Mrs. Burton)
B29 The Brighter Day. (Our Years Are As The Falling Leaf)
B30 Dr. Christian (The Vaseline Program). (Write The Script Yourself)
B31 The Adventures Of Frank Merriwell. (An Echo Of The Past)
B32 The Armour Star Jester. (Phil Baker Clowns)
B33 The Black Hood. (I Vow To Erase Crime From Earth)
B34 The Black Castle. (Every Voice On The Show Done By One Man)
B35 Ted Lewis, The High-Hatted Tragedian Of Song. (Is Everybody Happy?)
B36 The Woody Herman Show. (America's Band Number One)
B37 Scattergood Baines. (Country Bumpkin Triumphant Over City Slickers)
B38 Kay Fairchild, Stepmother. (Can A Stepmother Raise Another Woman's Children?)
B39 Crime Does Not Pay. (Especially Not On Radio)
B40 The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe. (Crime's Most Deadly Enemy)
B41 Murder At Midnight. (Graves Gaping Open)
B42 The Abbott & Costello Show. (Heyyyy, Abbott)
B43 When A Girl Marries. (Dedicated To Everyone Who Has Never Been In Love)
B44 The Road Of Life. (Dr. Brent... Call Surgery)
B45 The Great Glidersleeve. (The Lovers Of The Water Commissioner)
B46 The Red Skeleton Program. (And That Mean Liddle Kid)
B47 Troman Harper, Rumor Detective. (Did Churchill Really Own I.G. Farben?)
B48 Straight Arrow. (And His Golden Palomino Fury)


Barcode and Other Identifiers

  • Matrix / Runout (Side A): LVP 20,000
  • Matrix / Runout (Side B): LVP 20,001

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