Globe ‎– Globe Decade -Complete Box 1995-2004-

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Avex Globe ‎– AVCG-70023~61/B~J
29 × CD, Single
9 × CD, Album
9 × DVD, DVD-Video
Box Set, Compilation, Limited Edition
16 Feb 2005
Electronic, Pop
J-pop, Synth-pop, Trance


S01: Feel Like Dance
1-1 Feel Like Dance (Original Mix) 5:57
1-2 Feel Like Dance (Club Mix) 6:40
1-3 Feel Like Dance (TV Mix) 5:53
S02: Joy To The Love (Globe)
2-1 Joy To The Love (Globe) (Original Mix) 4:17
2-2 Joy To The Love (Globe) (Jungle Mix) 6:53
2-3 Joy To The Love (Globe) (TV Mix) 4:15
S03: Sweet Pain
3-1 Sweet Pain (Original Mix) 5:11
3-2 Sweet Pain (Extended Mix) 5:58
3-3 Sweet Pain (Space Groove Mix) 7:10
S04: Departures
4-1 Departures (Radio Edit) 5:15
4-2 Departures (Extended Mix) 6:48
4-3 Departures (Instrumental) 5:15
S05: Freedom
5-1 Freedom (Radio Edit) 4:45
5-2 Freedom (Extended Mix) 6:51
5-3 Freedom (TV Mix) 4:43
S06: Is This Love
6-1 Is This Love (Straight Run) 5:35
6-2 Is This Love (Club Bourbon Mix) 7:19
6-3 Is This Love (Instrumental) 5:31
S07: Can't Stop Fallin' In Love
7-1 Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Straight Run) 5:51
7-2 Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Extended Mix) 7:29
7-3 Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (Instrumental) 5:47
S08: Face
8-1 Face (Straight Run) 6:15
8-2 Face (Tristesse De L'amour Mix) 6:35
8-3 Face (Instrumental) 6:15
S09: Faces Places
9-1 Faces Places (Straight Run) 6:27
9-2 Faces Places (Dr. Distorto's Mix) 5:44
9-3 Faces Places (Instrumental) 6:27
S10: Anytime Smokin' Cigarette
10-1 Anytime Smokin' Cigarette (Straight Run) 7:40
10-2 Anytime Smokin' Cigarette (Black Lung Mix) 6:54
10-3 Anytime Smokin' Cigarette (Instrumental) 7:39
S11: Wanderin' Destiny
11-1 Wanderin' Destiny (Straight Run) 6:17
11-2 Wanderin' Destiny (Boom The Bass Mix) 5:29
11-3 Wanderin' Destiny (Instrumental) 6:16
S12: Love Again
12-1 Love Again (Straight Run) 4:47
12-2 Love Again (Xa Mix) 6:08
12-3 Love Again (Instrumental) 4:45
S13: Wanna Be A Dreammaker
13-1 Wanna Be A Dreammaker (Straight Run) 5:34
13-2 Wanna Be A Dreammaker (Sigmund Freud Mix) 7:12
13-3 Wanna Be A Dreammaker (Instrumental) 5:34
S14: Sa Yo Na Ra
14-1 Sa Yo Na Ra (Straight Run) 5:17
14-2 Sa Yo Na Ra (Buzz Mix) 7:47
14-3 Sa Yo Na Ra (TV Mix) 5:15
S15: Sweet Heart
15-1 Sweet Heart (Straight Run) 4:50
15-2 Sweet Heart (LA Intensive Remix) 6:42
15-3 Sweet Heart (Instrumental) 4:50
S16: Perfume Of Love
16-1 Perfume Of Love (Straight Run) 6:26
16-2 Perfume Of Love (Aromatic Mix) 7:28
16-3 Perfume Of Love (TV Mix) 6:26
S17: Miss Your Body
17-1 Miss Your Body (Studio Tracks) 5:19
17-2 Miss Your Body (Live Tracks) 5:02
17-3 Miss Your Body (Radio Edit) 3:46
S18: Still Growin' Up
18-1 Still Growin' Up (Single Edit) 4:42
18-2 Miss Your Body (Tan Line Mix) 5:02
18-3 Still Growin' Up (Just Backtracks) 4:39
S19: Biting Her Nails
19-1 Biting Her Nails 4:12
19-2 Shock Inside My Brain (Ten Pound Mix) 5:40
19-3 Biting Her Nails (Down To The Bone Mix) 5:16
19-4 Biting Her Nails (Instrumental) 4:11
S20: とにかく無性に...
20-1 とにかく無性に... (Straight Run) 5:31
20-2 とにかく無性に... (TK Remix) 6:44
20-3 とにかく無性に... (Web Addict Remix) 4:46
20-4 とにかく無性に... (Accapella) 9:18
S21: Don't Look Back / Like A Prayer
21-1 Don't Look Back (TK Original Mix) 8:43
21-2 Like A Prayer (TK Original Mix) 4:52
21-3 Like A Prayer (77 Days Mix) 4:52
21-4 Don't Look Back (Instrumental) 8:42
21-5 Don't Look Back (Accappella) 8:18
S22: Garden
22-1 Garden 6:16
22-2 Outernet (Instrumental) 7:43
22-3 Garden (Instrumental) 8:49
22-4 Angel's Song (Instrumental) 7:19
S23: Try This Shoot
23-1 Try This Shoot (Original Mix) 6:01
23-2 Try This Shoot (TK Remix) 12:09
23-3 Try This Shoot (TV Mix) 6:00
S24: Stop! In The Name Of Love
24-1 Stop! In The Name Of Love (Original Mix) 6:46
24-2 Stop! In The Name Of Love (Tatsumaki Club Mix) 6:58
24-3 Stop! In The Name Of Love (Tatsumaki Remix) 8:17
24-4 Stop! In The Name Of Love (TV Mix) 6:47
S25: Genesis Of Next
25-1 Genesis Of Next (Original Mix) 9:48
25-2 Genesis Of Next (Tatsumaki Mix) 7:53
25-3 What's The Justice (Original Mix) 8:00
25-4 Genesis Of Next (Ver. 0,8) 9:51
25-5 What's The Justice (Instrumental) 8:00
S26: Many Classic Moments
26-1 Many Classic Moments (Original Mix) 6:10
26-2 Many Classic Moments (Breakdown Mix) 6:54
26-3 Many Classic Moments (Instrumental) 6:08
S27: Over The Rainbow / Inspired From Red & Blue
27-1 Over The Rainbow (Original Mix) 6:20
27-2 Inspired From Red & Blue (Original Mix) 5:34
27-3 Over The Rainbow (Instrumental) 6:20
27-4 Inspired From Red & Blue (Instrumental) 5:32
S28: Seize The Light
28-1 Seize The Light 6:30
28-2 Compass 5:32
28-3 Seize The Light (Instrumental) 6:28
28-4 Compass (Instrumental) 5:28
S29: Get It On Now Feat. Keiko
29-1 Get It On Now Feat. Keiko 5:29
29-2 Out Of (C) Control 8:07
29-3 Get It On Now Feat. Keiko (Instrumental) 5:31
29-4 Out Of (C) Control (Instrumental) 10:43
A01: Globe
30-1 Give You 1:13
30-2 Feel Like Dance 5:54
30-3 Gonna Be Alright 5:04
30-4 Departures (Album Version) 5:24
30-5 Regret Of The Day 5:18
30-6 Joy To The Love 4:15
30-7 Sweet Pain (New Version) 5:09
30-8 Always Together 5:15
30-9 Precious Memories 6:15
30-10 Freedom (No Edited) 5:13
30-11 Music Takes Me Higher 4:21
30-12 Lights Out 3:36
A02: Faces Places
31-1 Overdose 2:32
31-2 Degenarate 4:48
31-3 Faces Places 6:26
31-4 Is This Love (New Arrangement) 5:32
31-5 So Far Away From Home (Beautiful Journey) 5:29
31-6 A Temporary Girl 7:14
31-7 Because I Love The Night 3:48
31-8 Anytime Smokin' Cigarette 7:39
31-9 Watch The Movie? 5:03
31-10 A Picture On My Mind 5:45
31-11 Face (New Arrangement) 6:20
31-12 Can't Stop Fallin' In Love (New Arrangement) 5:03
31-13 Can't Stop Piano Solo 1:03
31-14 Faces Places (Remix) 5:46
A03: Love Again
32-1 Before Dark 1:43
32-2 Under Your Sky 4:25
32-3 Love Again 4:44
32-4 You Are The One (Globe Version) 5:24
32-5 Nothing Ever Makes Me Happy 5:36
32-6 Two Keys 4:23
32-7 I'm Bad 6:25
32-8 Watching Everything 3:39
32-9 I'm Still Alone 5:41
32-10 Open Wide 5:11
32-11 Wanderin' Destiny (Album Version) 6:13
32-12 Creatures 3:48
32-13 End Of 3rd Element 4:05
A04: Relation
33-1 Letting Out A Deep Breath 5:33
33-2 Across The Street, Cross The Waters 6:26
33-3 Wanna Be A Dreammaker 6:32
33-4 Creamy Day 4:43
33-5 Sa Yo Na Ra 5:21
33-6 Sweet Heart 6:44
33-7 Like A Snowy Kiss 4:41
33-8 Calls From The Public 4:32
33-9 Relation 4:42
33-10 Perfume Of Love 6:26
33-11 Illusion 5:40
A05: Cruise Record 1995-2000 (Disc 1)
34-1 Overseas Call 2:12
34-2 Miss Your Body (Tan Line Mix) 4:58
34-3 Biting Her Nails 4:12
34-4 Still Growin' Up 5:23
34-5 Sweet Heart 4:51
34-6 Departures 5:24
34-7 Anytime Smokin' Cigarette 7:41
34-8 Sweet Pain 5:14
34-9 Love Again 4:45
34-10 Freedom 4:42
34-11 Time Without Tears 4:13
34-12 Wanderin' Destiny 6:15
34-13 Sa Yo Na Ra 5:17
34-14 Perfume Of Love 6:26
A06: Cruise Record 1995-2000 (Disc 2)
35-1 "2" 1:22
35-2 Can't Stop Fallin' In Love 5:50
35-3 Run Away From The Night 5:06
35-4 Piano Solo 3:52
35-5 Faces Places 6:26
35-6 Joy To The Love 4:15
35-7 Millennium Waves 6:23
35-8 Wanna Be A Dreammaker 5:34
35-9 Face 6:16
35-10 Interlude 1:26
35-11 Shock Inside My Brain 6:00
35-12 You Are The One 5:20
35-13 Is This Love 5:32
35-14 Feel Like Dance 5:55
35-15 To Be Continued 2000 3:15
A07: Outernet
36-1 Outernet 7:48
36-2 Garden 8:50
36-3 Angel's Song 7:18
36-4 Throwin' Down In The Double 0 6:07
36-5 Like A Prayer 6:00
36-6 とにかく無性に... 5:30
36-7 The Main Lord 5:07
36-8 Don't Look Back 8:41
36-9 楽園の嘘 4:48
36-10 Another Sad Song 5:11
36-11 Soft Parade 4:02
36-12 On The Way To You 5:37
A08: Lights
37-1 Many Classic Moments 6:52
37-2 Merry Go Round 6:52
37-3 What's The Justice? 8:03
37-4 Genesis Of Next 9:28
37-5 Come Into Existence 5:33
37-6 女神 3:56
37-7 Try This Shoot 5:59
37-8 Stop! In The Name Of Love 6:33
37-9 Lights Brought The Future 7:51
37-10 Fade In2 2:52
A09: Lights2
38-1 Fade In2 (Part 2) 1:24
38-2 Transcontinental Way 8:46
38-3 Over The Rainbow 7:25
38-4 Knockin' On The Door Of My Heart 6:24
38-5 Starting From Here 8:15
38-6 ひとりごと 7:23
38-7 Edge Of Darkness 5:35
38-8 Inspired From R&B 5:32
38-9 Us 5:24
38-10 Liquid Panorama 5:02
38-11 Many Classic Moments (Epilogue) 4:28
A10: Level 4
39-1 Out Of (c) Control 10:42
39-2 Get It On Now Feat. Keiko 5:27
39-3 Weather Report 9:13
39-4 The Box 5:36
39-5 This Is The Last Night 5:59
39-6 Inside Feat. Marc 12:21
39-7 Seize The Light 6:43
39-8 Blow 3:10
39-9 Compass 5:52
D01: Preview
DVD1-1 Sweet Pain
DVD1-2 Feel Like Dance
DVD1-3 Joy To The Love
DVD1-4 Departures
DVD1-5 Regret Of The Day
DVD1-6 Music Takes Me Higher
DVD1-7 Precious Memories
DVD1-8 Creatures
DVD1-9 Gonna Be Alright
DVD1-10 Freedom
DVD1-11 Is This Love (End Roll)
DVD1-12 TVCM "Preview"
D02: Globe@4_Domes
DVD2-1 Faces Places
DVD2-2 Departures
DVD2-3 Because I Love The Night
DVD2-4 A Temporary Girl
DVD2-5 So Far Away From Home (Beautiful Journey)
DVD2-6 TK Piano Solo
DVD2-7 Can't Stop Fallin' In Love
DVD2-8 A Picture On My Mind
DVD2-9 Freedom
DVD2-10 Sweet Pain
DVD2-11 Music Takes Me Higher
DVD2-12 Face
DVD2-13 Feel Like Dance
DVD2-14 Anytime Smokin' Cigarette
DVD2-15 Is This Love
D03: Globe Tour 1998 Love Again
DVD3-1 Feel Like Dance
DVD3-2 Freedom
DVD3-3 I'm Bad
DVD3-4 Under Your Sky
DVD3-5 Face
DVD3-6 TK Piano Solo
DVD3-7 Departures
DVD3-8 Precious Memories
DVD3-9 I'm Still Alone
DVD3-10 Anytime Smokin' Cigarette
DVD3-11 TK Hammond Solo
DVD3-12 Sweet Pain
DVD3-13 Joy To The Love (Globe)
DVD3-14 Music Takes Me Higher
DVD3-15 Love Again
DVD3-16 Faces Places
DVD3-17 You Are The One
DVD3-18 Is This Love
D04: Globe Tour 1999 Relation
DVD4-1 Relation
DVD4-2 Departures
DVD4-3 Sweet Pain
DVD4-4 Letting Out A Deep Breath
DVD4-5 Across The Street, Cross The Waters
DVD4-6 Sweet Heart
DVD4-7 Faces Places
DVD4-8 Miss Your Body
DVD4-9 Anytime Smokin' Cigarette
DVD4-10 TK Pf Solo
DVD4-11 Creamy Day
DVD4-12 I'm Bad
DVD4-13 Face
DVD4-14 Wanna Be A Dreammaker
DVD4-15 Sa Yo Na Ra
DVD4-16 Perfume Of Love
DVD4-17 Sweet Pain
DVD4-18 Illusion
DVD4-19 Feel Like Dance
D05: Globe Special Live -Genesis Of Next-
DVD5-1 Opening Movie
DVD5-2 Don't Look Back
DVD5-3 とにかく無性に...
DVD5-4 Try This Shoot
DVD5-5 Stop! In The Name Of Love
DVD5-6 What's The Justice?
DVD5-7 Outernet
DVD5-8 Garden
DVD5-9 Angel's Song
DVD5-10 Genesis Of Next
DVD5-11 Love Again (Global Trance Ver.)
DVD5-12 Face (Global Trance Ver.)
DVD5-13 Freedom (Global Trance Ver.)
DVD5-14 Departures
DVD5-15 Lights Brought The Future
DVD5-16 Many Classic Moments (Original Mix) Promotion Video
DVD5-17 Many Classic Moments Remix (TK Remix) (Special Version For DVD)
D06: Globe Tour 2002 -Catagory Trance & All Genre-
DVD6-1 Opening
DVD6-2 Many Classic Moments
DVD6-3 Don't Look Back
DVD6-4 Love Again
DVD6-5 Departures
DVD6-6 On The Way To You
DVD6-7 Knockin'on The Door Of My Heart
DVD6-8 The Main Lord
DVD6-9 Over The Rainbow
DVD6-10 Wanna Be A Dreammaker
DVD6-11 Tranceformation
DVD6-12 Dreams From Above
DVD6-13 Feel Like Dance
DVD6-14 Is This Love
D07: 8 Years -Clips Collection-
DVD7-1 Feel Like Dance
DVD7-2 Is This Love
DVD7-3 Can't Stop Fallin' In Love
DVD7-4 Faces Places
DVD7-5 Anytime Smokin' Cigarette
DVD7-6 Love Again
DVD7-7 Wanna Be A Dreammaker
DVD7-8 Sweet Heart
DVD7-9 Perfume Of Love
DVD7-10 Still Growin' Up
DVD7-11 Genesis Of Next
DVD7-12 Many Classic Moments
DVD7-13 Over The Rainbow
D08: Special DVD #1
DVD8-1 TK Globeの裏側 ~4大ドームを駆け抜けたモンスター・ユニットの素顔~ (1997年)
DVD8-2 Globeの航跡 -Cruise The Globe- (1999年)
D09: Special DVD #2
DVD9-1 Globe 2000 (2000年)
DVD9-2 Globe Decade -TVCM Collection-



- 29 Singles, 8 Albums (9 Discs), 9 DVDs
- 100 pages pamphlet

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