Yoko Shimomura ‎– Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack Volume 2

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Square Enix Music ‎– SQEX-20049~50
Box Set, Album
All Media, Album
21 Mar 2018
Electronic, Rock, Classical, Stage & Screen


Disc 1
BR1-01 Shield of the King - Theme of EPISODE GLADIOLUS 2:16
BR1-02 Steeling My Resolve 3:51
BR1-03 Taelpar Crag 4:11
BR1-04 The Spirits Converge 3:35
BR1-05 The Trials of the Shield 3:29
BR1-06 Battle on the Big Bridge (EPISODE GLADIOLUS Version) 5:53
BR1-07 Of Muscle and Mettle 2:28
BR1-08 Scar on My Pride 0:46
BR1-09 A Frozen Soul 4:42
BR1-10 Prompto's Solitude 3:09
BR1-11 Beckoned by Darkness 1:14
BR1-12 Orbital Instability - Extended Mix 6:24
BR1-13 Trigger 5:33
BR1-14 Coffee and Contemplation 3:05
BR1-15 Where None Dare Tread 1:56
BR1-16 Helix of Insanity 1:43
BR1-17 Lost in the Snow 3:42
BR1-18 The Fire Within 4:57
BR1-19 Identity 1:13
BR1-20 Moving Forward 2:05
BR1-21 Sound of My Heart 4:22
BR1-22 Face the Music 4:04
BR1-23 In a Trance 4:09
BR1-24 Crazy Motorsleigh 3:09
BR1-25 Orbital Instability 4:52
BR1-26 Aberrant Experiment 5:29
BR1-27 Sins of the Father 4:55
BR1-28 My Life to Live 1:04
BR1-29 Home Sweet Home - Theme of EPISODE PROMPTO 3:15
Multiplayer Expansion COMRADES
BR1-30 Descent into Darkness 4:42
BR1-31 Choosing Hope - City of Light 6:11
BR1-32 Hunters' Haven 3:17
BR1-33 Hunting for a Thrill 3:45
BR1-34 On the Defensive 4:31
BR1-35 Urgent Mission 3:38
BR1-36 The Clock Is Ticking 4:12
BR1-37 A Daunting Challenge 4:26
BR1-38 COMRADES Fanfare 0:31
BR1-39 Cheers! 2:49
BR1-40 Let There Be Light 1:50
BR1-41 Lodes of Fun 1:38
BR1-42 Rise and Shine 3:52
BR1-43 A Clash of Swords 6:00
BR1-44 The Wrath of Swords 7:06
BR1-45 Choosing Hope 6:18
BR1-46 NOCTIS - Those Who Follow 1:02
BR1-47 EPISODE IGNIS - The Main Theme 2:35
BR1-48 Stress in Solitude 3:53
BR1-49 Spelldaggers 3:26
BR1-50 Altissia Under Siege 3:52
BR1-51 Rest Up, Ignis 2:06
BR1-52 The Bladed Tactician 3:46
BR1-53 Clash on the Waves 3:40
BR1-54 A United Front 2:56
BR1-55 To Each Their Calling 3:34
BR1-56 A Tear-Stained Sword 4:09
BR1-57 Theme of RAVUS 2:16
BR1-58 Forbidden Flames 1:13
BR1-59 The Blazing Tactician 3:33
BR1-60 Badge of Honor 1:27
BR1-61 A Lightless Journey 5:18
BR1-62 ARDYN III 3:02
BR1-63 As Friend and Brother 0:59
BR1-64 Become the Fire 5:14
BR1-65 Captive in Cobalt 1:32
BR1-66 Ashes to Ashes 4:26
BR1-67 Wicked Laughter 1:36
BR1-68 My Humblest Desire 2:20
BR1-69 Apocalypsis Magnatus 5:02
BR1-70 Over the Waves - At Anchor 4:09
BR1-71 Bismarck, God of the Sea 4:16
BR1-72 Dirt Track Trials 4:12
BR1-73 Return of the King 1:52
BR1-74 A Warm Welcome 1:24
BR1-75 Insomnia Ablaze 5:08
BR1-76 Veiled in Black (Insomnia Arrangement) 3:00
BR1-77 Omega 6:49
BR1-78 Omega - Limit Break 2:14
BR1-79 Cerberus 5:28
BR1-80 Advent of the Apocalypse 4:07
BR1-81 Es it foron! - A Prayer 4:44
BR1-82 Encelevenemus - Kingly Compassion 8:26
BR1-83 The Founder King's Hope 0:34
BR1-84 Moonlit Melodies 3:59
Disc 2
BR2-01 What's the Plan? 3:07
BR2-02 Raid on Gralea 3:20
BR2-03 Daemons - Heart of Evil 4:21
BR2-04 Daemons - Eternal Darkness 4:21
BR2-05 FINAL FANTASY XV - World of Wonder 2:58
BR2-06 Braver 1:55
BR2-07 Easy Rider 4:01
BR2-08 Gone 3:22
BR2-09 EZ Dub & Bass 3:18
BR2-10 Gliding Along 3:15
BR2-11 Arroyo Bello 3:55
BR2-12 Afrosword 3:14
BR2-13 Party Around the World 3:10
BR2-14 Ravus's Last Moments 2:04
BR2-15 War of the Astrals 2:04
BR2-16 Shiva's Wish 0:45
BR2-17 True Love 3:24
BR2-18 I Promise 2:00
BR2-19 Moogle Chocobo Carnival! 4:49
BR2-20 Carnival of Lights 2:52
BR2-21 Fireworks Finale 1:32
BR2-22 Vision of the Dawn 0:29
BR2-23 Your Friendly Neighborhood Assassin 4:36
BR2-24 Assassin's Festival 3:40
BR2-25 Time Well Spent 3:53
BR2-26 The Hunt 4:58
BR2-27 Man on a Mission 3:16
BR2-28 Everything Is Permitted 3:56
BR2-29 Festival de Chocobo 4:31
BR2-30 The Murky Depths 2:51
BR2-31 Trident 5:13
BR2-32 A Convergence of Winds 0:59
BR2-33 Welcome Home 3:08
BR2-34 Eosian Glory 0:47
BR2-35 Reel Rumble - MONSTER OF THE DEEP 3:06
BR2-36 Reel Rumble - WHOPPER OF THE DEEP 3:48
BR2-37 Go for the Gold! 3:50
BR2-38 In Search of Adventure 0:43
BR2-39 Reel Rumble - DAEMON OF THE DEEP 5:11
BR2-40 Into the Abyss 2:04
BR2-41 Trident - The Ancient Scourge 4:19
BR2-42 A Narrow Escape 0:34
BR2-43 Welcome Home - Journey's End 3:22
BR2-44 Dreaming of the Dawn -Somnus- 4:36
BR2-45 Waltzing amid Moonbeams -Valse di Fantastica- 3:45
BR2-46 Of Bygone Days -Sorrow Without Solace- 4:29
BR2-47 Illusions of the Moon -Stand Your Ground- 3:48
BR2-48 Serenade Fantastique for Piano -NOCTIS- 5:09
BR2-49 Rulings and Revelations -OMNIS LACRIMA- 4:24
BR2-50 In Celestial Circles -Starlit Waltz- 3:55
BR2-51 Midnight Waves on the Water -Disquiet- 4:20
BR2-52 Drunk on Darkness -Veiled in Black- 3:55
BR2-53 Blest Be the Moonlight -LUNA- 3:47
BR2-54 Snowfall in My Heart -Melancholia- 6:13
BR2-55 Shadows Foretold -APOCALYPSIS NOCTIS- 2:25
BR2-56 Moonlit Melodies 4:37

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  • Barcode: 4988601466127

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