Various ‎– Lights Out! "Murder Castle"

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Radiola ‎– MR-1027, Radiola ‎– No. 27
Horror Series – # 4
Vinyl, LP, Compilation


LIGHTS OUT...EVERYBODY! Lights Out brings you stories of the supernatural and the supernormal. Dramatizing the fantasies and the mysteries of the unknown. We tell you this frankly, so that if you wish to avoid the excitement and tension of these imaginative plays...we urge you calmly, but sincerely, to turn off your radio...NOW!
The COMPLETE show, exactly as heard on CBS on August 3, 1943. Introduced by ARCH OBOLER, FRANK MARTIN announcing. Sponsored by Ironized Yeast and Energene Shoe White. A young woman (MERCEDES McCAMBRIDGE) visits kindly old Mr. Stewart in his large mansion for a strange reason. Mr. Stewart's "business" is murder, and plenty of it. Take a tour of this, "Murder Castle" and learn the grisly methods used to do away with 30 young women. The story behind the madwoman muttering, "revenge...revenge...revenge" over and over and over again. I personally have never heard a more grisly sound than the gurgle as a woman is pushed face down into wet cement, or the choking gasps torn from a throat as a vacuum pump empties a room of air. The desire to loosen your collar while listening is irresistible.

"The Fascination of the Eerie...weird blood chilling tales told by old Nancy, the Witch of Salem, and Satan, her wise black cat. They are waiting...waiting for" Old Nancy, cackling away on her 117th birthday (117th show of the series), stirs a 1939 brew with dietetic Eye of Newt and low calorie Wing of Bat. Draw up to the fire and gaze into the embers. The place: a mining camp in California. The time: 1852. The story: "Four Fingers & A Thumb". A stud poker game ends with justice from beyond the grave. Listen carefully to the wise words of Chang Loo, Chinese philosopher, gambler, and a man who knows how to repay a friend.

EXTRA: A little nugget to end with. BORIS KARLOFF in, "The Baby Sitter", exactly as heard Sept. 12, 1948. A brief drama in which Boris, known for his portrayal of the most famous monster of all, plays the part of a man. A bad man, but a man nonetheless. Boris says: "It's a pleasure to be human again, if only for a little while".

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