George W. Bush ‎– Celebrities...At Their Worst! Volume Four: DubyaSpeak

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Public Broadcast, Comedy


1 Harm Our Country
2 Moolahs
3 Arm the Terrorist Enemy
4 This Addiction
5 Abu Garef?
6 Laws
7 Exemplorary
8 Shake the Hand
9 Abu Garab?
10 Iraqs
11 Skin Color
12 My Job is to Like Think
13 This Has Been Tough Weeks
14 Insticated
15 The Frankly Mood
16 Baseball Deserves Noteriety
17 Commiserate
18 Not Cimmiserate
19 Musta Couldn't
20 Unalienalienable
21 Condoleezza the Unsticker
22 Peeance, Freeance
23 A Good 'Abrogado'
24 We're Conscience
25 Ramzi al Shibh, or Whatever
26 Conflict Great Harm
27 Restore Chaos
28 The 'IEAE'
29 Nukyular
30 Our Most Neddiest Citizens
31 'Sin Duda...'
32 There is All Kinds of Estimates
33 There Was Wars
34 Incarsinated
35 Columbia's Payroll
36 All Due in Modesty
37 Achieve Those Hurdles
38 The Great 1st Calvary Division
39 Threats Who are Friends
40 Not You!
41 For Every Single Citizen
42 Weapons of Mass Production
43 Embetterment
44 Fool Me Once...
45 The March to War
46 What We Don't Know Yet
47 Children Must Love Democracy
48 Soft Bigotry
49 We Need and Energy Bill
50 They Hate and We Love


DubyaSpeak has been hailed by Newsweek (August 23,2004) as "The president's unfortunate slips of the tongue ruthlessly collected," and by CBC Radio One (October 16, 2004) as "a collection of the most scary and humorous mistakes that George W. Bush has made in the English language."

Mad Deadly Worldwide Communist Gangster Computer God

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$24.00 + $4.50 shipping