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Independent sellers around the world fuel the Discogs Marketplace. Connect with the largest audience of passionate music collectors. Explore selling guides and resources, see the latest updates, learn more about seller tools, and get the support you need to build your business.


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Why sell on Discogs?

Get the most out of your collection by selling directly to music fans. Discogs is a crowdsourced database featuring more than 15 million music releases. It is also a vibrant marketplace where people around the world can buy, sell, and evaluate vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, and more. Discogs is the only place where you can find a community that is this excited about physical music.

Discogs puts sellers first


Listing is free

Starting a Discogs account is free. Signing up as a seller is free. Listing an item is free. You are only charged fees the moment that you sell an item.


Enjoy fair fees

When you sell an item, you are charged a flat fee of 9% with a maximum fee of $150 USD per item. Compare this to more than 10% on both items and shipping with eBay, Amazon, and Etsy.


Access sales data

Discogs is committed to being an open-source site and a resource for sellers, which includes making proprietary Marketplace data public. This data can help you price and manage inventory.

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Discogs is an endless source of musical inspiration.
Jim, Collector and Seller

Essential Resources

For Sellers

  • How to Grade

    Use this quick guide to determine the condition of your physical music and grade it accordingly.

  • How to Price

    Use open-source sales data and grading guidelines to competitively price your items.

  • Shipping Policies

    Shipping Policies allow sellers to manage the shipping guidelines, coverage, and costs for their Discogs store.