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How to Sell Vinyl Records Online

The Discogs Marketplace connects independent sellers like you with music lovers around the world. Learn how to sell vinyl records online in three easy steps.

Sign up and start selling

Step 1

Set up your shop

Filling out the requirements in your Seller Settings is the first step on your journey to becoming a Discogs seller. Your settings include the address that items ship from, preferred payment methods, and tax information, but there are a few that stand out:



You need a verified PayPal account to ensure a smooth checkout process.

Connect to PayPal


Shipping Policies

Establish Shipping Policies to immediately calculate buyers’ shipping costs around the world.

Learn more


Seller Terms

Provide clear information regarding your terms for shipping, returns, and tax collection.

Understand Seller terms

Step 2

List your items

Start by identifying the exact release you want to sell, the condition the item is in, and how much you want to sell it for.


Find the release

Find exactly which version of a release you have by using the comprehensive Discogs Database.

How to spot release details


Determine condition

Discogs uses universally-accepted guidelines for representing the condition of physical music.

How to grade items


Evaluate the price

Use Discogs historical sales data to ensure that sellers and buyers understand the value of their music.

How to price items

Complete your listing

Complete your listing

Final step

Once you identify, grade, and price your items, the easiest way to add them to your inventory is through your Discogs Dashboard. Use the List Item for Sale tool to quickly search and list multiple items.

Step 3

Sell, ship, and get paid

Once you have active items in your inventory, music fans around the world will be able to see your listings in the Marketplace.


Manage orders

Use the order page in your Discogs Dashboard to communicate with buyers and track status updates.

How to manage your first order


Pack & ship

Prep the item for shipping, drop it off at your local postal service, and mark the status on the order page.

Tips for packing and shipping


Process payments

Discogs sales fees and taxes are automatically collected so all the money you receive is yours to keep.

See your orders

Learn the basics

Essential resources

  • How to Grade

    Use this quick guide to determine the condition of your physical music and grade it accordingly.

  • How to Price

    Use open-source sales data and grading guidelines to competitively price your items.

  • Shipping Policies

    Shipping Policies allow sellers to manage the shipping guidelines, coverage, and costs for their Discogs store.