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Why You Should Consider Free Shipping

As a buyer, you likely enjoy encountering free shipping while shopping online — but as a seller, it can be difficult to know when and how to provide the perk to your own customers. Offering free shipping encourages people to complete purchases and add more items to their orders, and can help you stay competitive in the Discogs Marketplace.

In a 2023 survey, two-thirds of collectors on Discogs said shipping costs influence what they buy. Marketplace data also shows that sellers who offer free shipping see higher order values and increased average order sizes. Average order sizes are about 2 times higher on domestic orders and 3.5 times higher on international orders with free shipping.

Domestic OrdersInternational Orders
2.1 times higher
on domestic orders with free shipping
3.5 times higher
on international orders with free shipping

In the same survey, nearly 90% of collectors said they would consider buying additional items from a seller to decrease shipping costs. Discogs found that orders with subtotals between $50-$250 USD contain about 50% more items when shipping is free, further indicating buyers’ willingness to purchase more to reach a minimum order value threshold to obtain a free shipping offer.

Consider setting a free shipping threshold on orders in your chosen regions to incentivize buyers to purchase more from your shop. To offer free shipping, update your Shipping Policies.

bar graph illustrating the effect of free shipping on average order size in the discogs marketplace

How to Apply Free Shipping

step one

Go to the Shipping Policy Editor

The Shipping Policy Editor can be accessed from your Seller Settings.

step 2

Select a Shipping Policy

Choose the Shipping Policy for the specific country or region where you would like to offer free shipping.


Edit the shipping method

At the top of the shipping method section, next to “In this region offer,” tick the box next to “free shipping on orders above X.” Enter the minimum amount you have selected to qualify for free shipping.

Be sure to save your changes by clicking the green “Save Changes” button on the top right of the page. You can save your changes at any time while editing.

Update your seller terms

Update your Seller Terms to reflect the changes that you’ve made to your shipping policies. You can manage your seller terms from your Seller Settings.

Don’t Forget to Save Changes


Click “Save Changes” more than you think you need to.

This is a good tip for pros, novices, and everyone in between. Make the “Save Changes” button your best friend. Click it often, after changes both big and small. If you’re not sure if you need to save again, do it anyway. While it won’t necessarily optimize your Shipping Policies, it will safeguard against losing your work.

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    Free shipping encourages Discogs customers to complete purchases and add more items to their orders.

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    Sellers in the U.S. can download shipping labels directly from Discogs when shipping via USPS.