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How to Price Items

Discogs is committed to being a free and accessible resource for music fans, which includes making some of our sales data public so collectors and sellers can better understand the value of their vinyl records, CDs, cassettes, and other physical formats. After determining the condition of the item you wish to list for sale on Discogs, you must decide how much you want for it. We suggest analyzing Discogs’ sales data, noting the suggested price when you list the item for sale, and then pricing it competitively in the Marketplace.

Determine the condition

The value of the items lies not just in the release information, but also in the condition. Discogs uses the Goldmine Grading Guide. Grading is split up into different components depending on the item. For example, vinyl records would have two categories: media and sleeve. When in doubt, choose one grade lower than what you are considering and add clarifying comments.

Check the sales history

We provide the most recent sales history for all items that have been sold in the Marketplace. The lowest, median, and highest value of each item is automatically calculated based on the 30 most recent sales on Discogs. By selecting the “Last Sold” date (or “Sales History” in the app), you can view the complete sales history, including the average vinyl price, the condition of each item sold, and a chart to track trends over time.

Double-check the Marketplace

Under the Marketplace section on the release page, you will see whether there are any items currently for sale in the Marketplace. Select the blue button to see active listings and compare your prices. Use the Marketplace filters on the left to narrow down results by format, condition, currency, and more.

Review the suggested price

When you list something for sale, Discogs will suggest a price based on the item’s version, condition, and recent sales history. You can compare this price against our median calculations as well as the current Marketplace listings from other independent sellers.

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