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Packing & Shipping

An excited collector just bought something from your Discogs store. Now it’s time to ship it to them. Sellers on Discogs are responsible for packing and shipping their buyers’ orders. How to ship will vary from country to country. The following guidelines cover packing and shipping for the three most common formats sold on Discogs: vinyl records, CDs, and cassettes.

Packing Vinyl Records

step one

Check the sleeves

Replace the clear inner and outer sleeves as needed. Protective plastic sleeves are a great finishing touch that will show your customer how much you appreciate their purchase. If the inner sleeve is original, consider keeping it inside the jacket with other fragile paper inserts.

step 2

Protect the record

Place the disc outside the jacket and place all materials inside a plastic outer sleeve. This will prevent seam splits and help prevent the disc from getting scuffs. If there is more than one disc, you can place both inside the plastic sleeve with one on top and one on the bottom of the album cover.


Stock cardboard mailers

Invest in folding cardboard mailers for packaging records for shipping. Sandwich the record between two cardboard inserts. The goal is to immobilize your record in the center of the package to prevent it from rattling around in the box and possibly getting damaged.

Packing CDs & Cassettes

Step One

Get extra cases

If you sell a lot of CDs or cassettes, it might be worth it to have extra cases on hand and simply replace the damaged container. You can offset the cost by factoring it into your listing price.

Step Two

Stock bubble mailers

Bubble mailers are the most accessible option for shipping both CDs and cassettes. Wrap the items in extra bubble wrap and reinforce with cardboard. Pack only one or two items per mailer.

Step Three

Invest in boxes

Pack the items loosely, but add bubble wrap or other packaging material to keep them from moving around. Small boxes are more reliable but add to overall shipping costs. You can choose your preferred method or let the buyer decide.

Final Steps

Add the shipping label

This will include the commercial receipt and tax declarations if you are shipping internationally.

Write “fragile” on the packaging

Letting the mail service know what is inside the package can help prevent damage during transit and delivery.

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