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Shipping Policies

Sellers on Discogs are responsible for packaging and shipping their buyers’ orders. Shipping Policies — which are a requirement for every seller — allow you to manage the shipping guidelines, coverage, and costs for your Discogs store.

The Discogs Marketplace connects buyers and sellers in more than 100 countries. However, you dictate where you want to do business. You can focus on shipping domestically or tailor your Shipping Policies to target international markets that are searching for items in your inventory.

Save time

By creating your Shipping Policies ahead of time, you avoid the manual work of adding, weighing, and adjusting the shipping for every single order.

Avoid guesswork

You can establish one simple shipping method that covers everything in your store, giving you and your buyers a baseline.

Maximize value

Since you took the time to calculate shipping costs upfront, you’ll be able to ensure that each buyer’s payment completely covers the cost of shipping.

Your Store, Your Terms

Shipping Policies can be as detailed as you want. Besides having one complete method that covers all order possibilities, you can set up additional methods for a single format or for orders over a certain value. For example, you might want to offer a fast but expensive option and a cheap but slower option for shipping. You can set these up as separate methods within your Shipping Policies. Seller Terms also allow you to communicate expectations to buyers upfront. Fill out your Seller Terms to include information about shipping information, return policies, and tax collection.

Factor packaging into your rates

Cover your operating costs by including the price of your packaging materials in your shipping rates. You can add a percentage or fixed markup or account for the additional weight for packaging.

Research shipping options

National postal services are the go-to for many sellers, but understanding e-commerce shipping options in your region could save you money. If you’re in the U.S., try Discogs Shipping for discounts on United States Postal Service commercial prices.

Incentivize high-value orders

Click the “Free Shipping” checkbox and enter a minimum order value. A banner will let buyers know how much they need to spend to qualify. You might win a loyal customer before they even receive their order.

How to Set Up Shipping Policies

step one

Start with your Seller Settings

Fill in the address that items will ship from, connect to PayPal, choose your local currency, and apply basic Seller Terms through your Seller Settings. You can always update your Seller Terms with more detailed information later.

step 2

Go to your Shipping Policy Editor

Look for the button labeled “Edit Shipping Policies” in your Seller Settings or click here.


Choose your destination

The Shipping Policy Editor will be preset into three categories: Country, Continent, and Entire World. Start with your country and set up domestic shipping.

Add a Shipping Method

Select the shipping service and give your method a Service Name. Choose from Economy, Standard, or Express, then label your method whatever you like within the free text field.

Double-check the order subtotal

For a Shipping Method to be considered complete, ensure that the order subtotal is at least 0.00. Adjust business days to deliver as necessary.

Enter your shipping weight ranges and costs

The “and up” price for the final line is essential for the method to be considered complete. You can use the “per each additional’ option instead of a “flat rate” to charge an incremental amount per additional weight range or quantity of items added to an order.

Save your changes

The “Save Changes” button is at the top-right – no matter how far down your scroll down or up, it will stay there. After you save, you’ll get a confirmation message. You can save any time during the setup process.

Check the policy status

When a shipping policy is enabled, you will notice a green toggle at the top-right indicating that the policy is complete.

Don’t Forget to Save Changes


Click “Save Changes” more than you think you need to.

This is a good tip for pros, novices, and everyone in between. Make the “Save Changes” button your best friend. Click it often, after changes both big and small. If you’re not sure if you need to save again, do it anyway. While it won’t necessarily optimize your Shipping Policies, it will safeguard against losing your work.


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