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Quantity Field Automatically Relists Multiple Copies in Your Seller Inventory

The Quantity field on the listing page allows you to list multiple copies of the same release at once rather than repeating the process for each item. For sellers with several copies of a release to sell — such as new releases — this optional field has the potential to save hours of inventory management and data entry, making selling at scale on Discogs easier and more efficient.

Where to Find the Quantity Field

You’ll find the Quantity field on the listing page when you click Sell from a release page or the List Item For Sale tool. The number of copies you have for sale will appear in the new Quantity column in your Inventory. Quantity can be adjusted or added to any release in your Inventory; simply edit and add the amount you have for sale, then save.

Screenshot of a release within a seller inventory withe quantity field highlighted in red

Version, Grading, Description, and Price

When listing a release at a quantity of two or more, all copies of the release should be the same version of the release with the same media and sleeve condition or grading. Each copy will be listed with the same description and price.

For example, if you’ve got five Near Mint (NM) copies of the UK pressing of The Killers’ Pressure Machine LP to sell, you’d just enter “5” in the Quantity field to list all five at once. If you have an additional copy, but it’s the European pressing or a limited-edition version, it needs to be listed as a separate item. This attention to detail is what keeps the Discogs Marketplace unique and ensures buyers get exactly what they come for!

Copies Will Automatically Relist When Sold

No matter how many copies you list in the Quantity field of the release, only one copy of the item you’re selling will appear in the Discogs Marketplace at any given time. When that one copy sells, another copy will be added to the Marketplace automatically. This is to ensure buyers aren’t faced with multiple copies of the same item in the same condition, making “Add to Cart” the obvious choice.

Bulk Upload and API Shortcuts

Sellers with large inventories can save time updating item quantity with improved shortcuts.

Bulk Upload
The quantity field is now available in the export and bulk upload tools. If you need to adjust the quantity of multiple items, download the Marketplace Inventory export, look for the new quantity column, fix the number of copies you have available for each release, then use the bulk upload tool to automatically update your inventory.

Discogs API
Discogs has also added quantity support to the API. If you are authenticated as the inventory owner you will get an additional “quantity” key.

Important note for Near Mint users
Quantity will be visible in the Marketplace Inventory export and API. However, due to incompatibility, neither feature is currently available to use with Near Mint as sellers can only use one system to manage inventory. 

Listing at Quantity was a frequently requested feature and part of an ongoing effort to make selling on Discogs easier and more efficient for you. Stay tuned for more exciting features in development.

Editor’s note: Article updated in March 2022 to include new information about quantity field compatibility with Discogs’ export tool, bulk upload feature, and API. Article originally published in November 2021 when the quantity field launched.

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