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Important Discogs Marketplace Update 2022

Discogs connects music fans around the world. However, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine has affected how the Discogs Marketplace can support individual sellers and buyers.

PayPal is the platform that processes all transactions in the Discogs Marketplace. Due to current events, PayPal announced that it has “suspended PayPal services in Russia.”

Payments in Russia

Because PayPal is unable to process payments associated with Russian accounts, sellers and buyers in Russia are no longer able to transact in the Marketplace.

As a result, Discogs has taken two actions to ensure no orders are placed that cannot be completed:

  • Inventory offered by Russian sellers was transitioned to a “pending” state.
  • Orders to Russian sellers in an “unpaid” state on March 28, 2022, will be automatically canceled and marked as such.

What this means for SELLERS in Russia

New and existing items in your inventory can no longer be listed for sale in the Marketplace. You can still view and export items in your inventory through your seller dashboard, but they will not be accessible to buyers. All other Discogs tools and services will be available, including your Collection, Wantlist, and Database contributions.

What this means for BUYERS in Russia

You currently can not purchase items in the Marketplace. All other Discogs tools and services will be available, including your Collection, Wantlist, and Database contributions.

Payments in Ukraine

PayPal Commerce, the platform that supports Discogs’ new payments solution, is currently not available in Ukraine for reasons unrelated to the ongoing conflict.

What this means for SELLERS in Ukraine

You may remain on the legacy payment platform that you have historically used when transacting on Discogs. If you have onboarded to PayPal already, visit your Seller Settings and press “Unlink Account” in the Payment Information section.

How to ensure you remain on the Discogs legacy payment platform:

  1. Visit the Discogs Labs page.
  2. Check the “Legacy PayPal Allowlist” box.
  3. Click the “Save Labs Settings” button.

What this means for BUYERS in Ukraine

You can continue to place orders and make payments in the same way.


The Russia-Ukraine conflict has caused shipping delays and interruptions around the world, especially in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Discogs is unable to offer specific advice for every situation, but there are a few actions that may help:

  • Everyone: Check your local postal service for the most recent shipping updates. Some providers such as the United States Postal Service, Royal Mail, and Japan Post have limited service in certain countries.
  • Sellers: You are always in control of your Discogs store. Update your Shipping Policies to add or remove affected regions such as Russia and Ukraine.
  • Buyers: You can use the “Ships From” and “Currency” filters in the Marketplace to find items for sale in your region.

What Happens Next

Discogs does not currently have an expected timeline on when this situation will change. Discogs will continue to keep you informed as more details regarding payments are made available by PayPal.

This announcement will be updated and you can adjust your notification settings at any time.

Updates: Article originally published March 18. Last updated March 22, 2022.

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Seller Updates