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Sell More Records On Discogs With Your Shipping Policy

If you’re selling records, CDs, or tapes on Discogs, this simple addition to your account has the potential to increase your revenue. Many sellers on Discogs are missing seller terms and shipping policies from their profiles, which could mean lost sales.

By having your seller terms and shipping policies clearly displayed on your Discogs profile, you instantly become more credible, trustworthy, and user-friendly. Buyers know exactly who they’re dealing with, what they’re getting, and how much they’re paying.

When your shipping policy is implemented, buyers will be able to see the cost of shipping to their location displayed next to the price of the record, CD, or cassette they’re interested in buying in the marketplace.

When the buyer adds one or more item to their cart, the total price including shipping fees is calculated, so there’s no guesswork involved and more motivation to hit that Buy button.

How to set up your Automatic Shipping Policy on Discogs:

You can manage your Seller Terms and Automatic Shipping Policy from the Seller Settings page. Find this by going to your profile settings from the drop-down at the top-right of any page on Discogs, then selecting Seller from the left menu.

Before you can set up your shipping policy per location, you’ll need to define your shipping terms. This is usually a few general sentences about how much you charge and who is responsible for paying for shipping. Keep this part brief as you can add more details in the shipping policies, which become accessible once you hit save on this text box.

Click the ‘Edit Shipping Policies’ button to define shipping policies in more detail. You can use an automated shipping policy, which applies to all orders around the world, or you can get more specific.

US Sellers: See our recommended shipping policies for top international destinations with discounted rates from Discogs.

To set up your shipping policy in more detail, do the following:

  1. On the Shipping Policies page, click ‘Add A Shipping Policy’
  2. Select one or more locations for the policy (If you want the same policy worldwide minus a few specific countries, set these up and also select ‘Entire World’ as a separate policy that will cover all other destinations. When a buyer is in one of your specified locations, we’ll use that rather than the Entire World policy).
  3. Click ‘Add Shipping Method’ and select your preferred method.
  4. Select weight, quantity, or format, depending on how you prefer to set shipping costs.
    Weight: allows you to set prices on the estimated grams of each item.
    Quantity: allows you to set the shipping price based on the number of items in an order.
    Format: allows you to set the shipping price based on the type of media, such as a 12″ record, 7″, CD, cassette or DVD or other type of media.
  5. If you want, you can set a minimum order value or maximum weight in your shipping policy, but this is optional.

The world is a big place, you might not know the costs involved in shipping to a particular country. That’s okay, you can still make your inventory available to buyers from that country without specifying the shipping method. That just means you’ll need to add the shipping charge and send the invoice to the buyer manually. However, as mentioned above, knowing the shipping costs up front benefits the buyer and often increases the likelihood of a sale, so we recommend adding this wherever you’re able to.

If you’d rather not ship to a particular country, you can block a country from your Entire World Shipping Policy. To do this, click on Entire World policy and find country in the left menu within the continent subgrouping. All countries will be ticked by default in the Entire World policy. To deselect a country, just click on that tick. Click the green ‘Save Changes’ button to save your Shipping Policy.

Buyers in countries you don’t accept orders from won’t be able to add items from your inventory to their cart. This is determined by the country they’ve selected in their buyer settings.

Setting up your shipping terms and policies is quick, easy, and could help you sell more records.

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Seller Updates