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Relist Your Reverb LP Inventory on Discogs

Reverb recently announced they’ll be shutting down Reverb LP at the end of February to focus on other priorities. Reverb LP has been a great addition to the vinyl collector community, and we were happy to partner with them to provide access to the Discogs database for source images and release metadata to enrich the vinyl community.

The online marketplace game is tough and Reverb LP’s closure is a reminder of that. More competition has been a good thing, and there’s a lot that we’ve learned from them and your feedback. We’re more motivated than ever to keep building on what we started and make Discogs an even better resource for music buyers, sellers, collectors, and fans. We’ve got some big things coming in 2020 and we’re looking forward to sharing more on that with you very soon.

Move Your Reverb LP Listings to Discogs

In the meantime, make sure you don’t miss any important sales: transfer your Reverb LP listings over to Discogs.

Simply go to your listings page on Reverb LP and click the Export button just to the right above your top listing. You’ll receive an email with a CSV file of your inventory ready to download, just click ‘Download Export’.

The data in the CSV download from Reverb LP will be structured a bit differently from how we do it on Discogs, so you’ll need to go in and check and make some edits.

You can bulk upload your listings on Discogs here. CSV requirements will show up on the right when you select one of the Add, Change, Delete options.

Shipping Policies

Make sure your listings are discoverable to buyers in all countries you’re willing to ship to, and they know the costs of their order up front by having your Shipping Policies up to date.

Reverb LP and Discogs Account Integration

If your Reverb LP account is integrated with your Discogs account, this will no longer be supported after February 15, so it’s best to opt out before then to avoid double sales.

Thanks to you, we’ve never lost confidence that Discogs is the best resource for sellers, collectors, and music fans alike, and we’re committed to ensuring it stays that way. Stay tuned for more Discogs updates coming soon.

Seller Updates

Seller Updates