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Shipping Policies Now Apply to Merged Orders and Accepted Offers

Shipping Policies are now applied to all orders, including those auto-generated through actions like merging orders and accepting offers.

If you’ve already got your shipping policies locked in and airtight, you may have noticed that some orders pose exceptions. Up until now, orders generated through a merge and offers accepted required shipping to be added manually. Our most recent improvement to shipping policies puts an end to that. Shipping policies now apply to 100% of orders so you no longer have to do the manual work of adding shipping prices to finalize the order.

This creates a more seamless experience for your buyer, who will know exactly what to expect in shipping costs and can pay as soon as they create their order.

If you’ve already got your Shipping Policies set up, there’s nothing else you need to do. You might want to take an opportunity to review and make sure they’re up to date. In case you missed it, as of this week you can also add Free Shipping to your Shipping Policies.

You’ll still have the freedom to edit the amount you charge for shipping on offers accepted, like if part of the deal you struck included discounted or free shipping.

Yet to Set Up Discogs Shipping Policies?

If you haven’t yet set up your shipping policies, or the thought of starting from scratch has got you overwhelmed, we’ve filled in some blanks to help you get started.

The country you’re shipping from (according to ‘Items Ship From’ information in your seller settings) will be pre-filled, along with your continent in a separate policy, and the rest of the world. From here you can add your preferred shipping methods and prices. You can get more detailed with your shipping policies, add and remove countries and continents as you wish, but we hope this provides a better starting point.

We’re working on some templates to give you a better idea of what Shipping Policy best practices look like. So far we’ve got guides for the UK and US. We’ll be sharing more for countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

More Discogs Shipping Policy Improvements to Come

This is one of the first of a number of improvements we’ll be making to Shipping Policies over the coming months to make them more effective and efficient for sellers, and to display them more prominently to attract more buyers to your listings. These improvements are based on feedback and conversations with sellers and buyers, user experience testing, workarounds we’ve seen in Shipping Policies, and general e-commerce research. Stay tuned for more developments like this one coming soon.

Seller Updates

Seller Updates