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Updating the Discogs Marketplace for the 2020s

Update: We hear your feedback and want to assure you that we’re taking it on board. We’ve put together our responses to some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns around the announcement. Check out the FAQs here. We also removed PayPal requirement date. Since the publication of this announcement, we’ve created resources to help you fill out your Shipping Policies.

With over 54 million music releases for sale in the Discogs Marketplace, it’s become the place to find pretty much any record you could ever want. To many sellers, it’s a much-needed additional revenue stream or even a primary source of income (in the epic battle of record stores vs. 2020, we’re siding with record stores).

Many music sellers and buyers rely on us — not only for the love of music but also their livelihood — so we’re stepping up our commitment to our marketplace to ensure a more secure and intuitive way to buy and sell music online. By updating the marketplace, we want to make it easy and accessible for everyone to get the music they love and to maximize music discoverability.

Two points that frequently come up in conversation with buyers and sellers on Discogs is transparency around shipping costs and the checkout process (and subsequent invoices). Since the start of 2020, we’ve made a lot of improvements to our Shipping Policy editor to make adding shipping more efficient and effective for sellers, as well as more intuitively displayed to buyers. Today we want to give you a bit more context around what we’re building, why, and what’s coming next.

Here’s what updating the Marketplace means for you in real terms.

If you buy anything online, you’re used to knowing exactly how much you’re expected to pay for your full order — including shipping — before checking out. Soon, you’ll get the same experience on Discogs. You’ll see full shipping costs below the sale price on every item in the marketplace.

For sellers: This means Shipping Policies will be required for every item listed in the marketplace by November 1, 2020. Learn more about Shipping Policies here.

Pay at checkout with more security.

Breeze through the checkout process, pay immediately, and get that new find added to your Discogs Collection faster! You won’t have to wait to receive an invoice after you check out.

For sellers: No more invoices from you to the buyer, or from us to you. Receive payment from buyers straight away with fees and taxes automatically deducted. We’re consolidating our payment methods and launching a deeper integration with PayPal. You’ll be invited to make the switch soon.  Keep an eye on your inbox for news as it comes out.

Get on board with the next phase of the Discogs Marketplace.

This direction comes as a result of countless conversations with buyers and sellers on how they want to shop and sell on Discogs. We’re passionate about ensuring Discogs remains the best place for music fans to buy and sell music online. Thank you for making Discogs what it is today; we’re grateful for your support in continuing to build the premier spot for music fans online.

Seller Updates

Seller Updates