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Bassline is a sub-genre of UK Garage that originated in Yorkshire and the Midlands in the early 2000s. Stylistically, it comprises a four-to-the-floor rhythm, normally at around 135–142 beats per minute, a strong emphasis on bass, and a pop music aesthetic similar to 2-step garage. Bassline has close links to the earlier form Speed Garage (which has its own Discogs tag), and early, housier bassline releases were termed 'bassline house' (which does not have its own tag), or organ house. Bassline is also referred to as Niche (after the club, see below), or 4x4 (although this is a broader garage term).

In the scene's early days, the most prominent bassline club was the Niche nightclub in Sheffield, which became a centre of controversy due to a police raid which resulted in the club's closure in 2005. The club reopened in 2009, only to be closed down a year later, and then reopened a third time in 2017. Like grime, which was developing concurrently in London, bassline was associated by the media with violence, anti-social behaviour and criminal activity during its rise to popularity, which contributed to a general lack of willingness among venue owners and the police to accommodate bassline events. Many bassline artists moved into a broader scene in the 2010s, sometimes referred to as house & bass, or bass house. This does not have its own tag here yet, and bassline might be an appropriate tag to add to such releases to help define them in the meantime. It should not, however, in general, be confused with the broader umbrella term 'bass music'. [Adapted from the Bassline Wikipedia page]

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