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Bounce is a sub-genre of rap that started in the projects of New Orleans, Louisiana. During its first years it did not have an official name, however sometime between (or after) DJ Jimi’s record and Everlasting Hitman’s “Bounce Baby, Bounce!”, everybody started calling the genre ‘bounce’.

DJ Jimi, MC T Tucker & DJ Irv are considered ‘founding fathers’ of bounce, although it started with artists rapping over a DJ looping breaks from The Showboys’ “Drag Rap” record (which is colloquially referred to as “Triggerman”). While typically comprised from samples of “Triggerman”, The Soul Searchers’ “Ashley’s Roach Clip”, and/or Derek B’s “Rock The Beat (Bonus Beats)” (or Cameron Paul’s “Brown Beat”, which is the same as Derek B’s “Rock The Beat (Bonus Beats)” but with various James Brown samples added to it), Bounce is more of a transparent expression of cultural aspects of New Orleans: Secondlines, party music, hood representation, call and response, comedy, witty lyrics, roast sessions, dances, chants, etc. - a good, ‘hood’ (and sometimes raunchy) cultural celebration. The first known bounce recording that was distributed to the public was DJ Irv’s “Live At Ghosttown” tape which featured a 15-minute version of “Where Dey AT?” by MC T Tucker. NB: releases in an electronic 'bounce' style (the form of hard house) go under the 'donk' tag.

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