Dark Wave, also written as one word, is a term coined in the mid-'80s (probably by [EFA Distribution]( to describe the dark and melancholy side of New Wave and Post-Punk music. It was applied to guitar-oriented bands such as [Cyan Revue](, [Leningrad Sandwich](, [Joy Division](, [Fields of the Nephilim](, [The Mission]( but also synthesizer-based New Wave artists such as [Attrition](, [Psyche](, [In The Nursery]( and [Clan Of Xymox]( In the late 1980s and early 1990s, a second generation of dark wave bands appeared, primarily in Germany, in particular [Deine Lakaien](, [Girls Under Glass]( and [Das Ich]( These were followed by a a group of artists around the [Projekt]( and [Tess Records]( labels in the US who developed a more ethereal sound, including [This Ascension](, [Faith And The Muse](, [black tape for a blue girl]( and [Lycia]( (both labels also released material by Attrition and Clan of Xymox, respectively). Styles that have often been associated with the term include Gothic Rock, Cold Wave, Synth-Wave, Neofolk, Ethereal and Neoclassical (cf. 'Heavenly Voices').
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