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Go-go was another word for nightclub, but as a music genre it applies to any funk, R&B, or hip-hop song that features the distinctive go-go rhythm pattern popularized by Washington, DC-based artists like Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers. This pattern uses syncopated mix of kick, snare, and relatively tonal elements like cowbell and congas. It has a loose, loping feel that alternates between high and low pitches.

Go-go hits include "Da Butt" by E.U. and "Hey, Fellas" by Trouble Funk.

This tag is not appropriate for music associated with go-go dancing, burlesque, dancers in cages, mid-1960s imagery of women in mini-skirts and knee-high boots, "twist"/"ye-ye"/"a-go-go" records, and so on.

On Discogs, there is the "Gogo" tag under Funk/Soul/R&B, and "Go-Go" under Hip-Hop. These are referring to the same thing and ideally would both be named "Go-Go". The one under Hip-Hop existed first and is just for go-go in more of a rap context.

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