Laïkó (λαϊκό τραγούδι, "song of the people", "folk song"; αστική λαϊκή μουσική, "urban folk music") is a Greek music style composed in Greek language in accordance with the tradition of the Greek people. It has taken many forms over the years. As was the case with éntekhno, laïkó emerged after the popularization of rebetiko; but the musical style and lyrical themes of classic laïkó songs were far more orientalized and can be compared with Turkey's fantezi songs. The influence of oriental music on laïkó can be most strongly seen in 1960s indoyíftika (ινδογύφτικα, "indian gypsy (songs)"; ινδοπρεπή, "indian-like"), which can be described as filmi with Greek lyrics.
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