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Liscio (italian for "plain") refers to a ballroom dance music born in Romagna (historical region of Italy) in the early years of 1900. Usually performed by orchestras and bands. Tempos are fast and it's prominent the use of instruments such as Clarinet and Saxophone (sometimes Accordian or Violin) as leaders. As years went on singers started to appear (mostly male from 1930 until 1950 and then both genders). Liscio had a golden period between 1960 and 1970 when more than 400 Liscio small orchestras were touring from city to city. Most prominents Liscio artists/bands are Secondo Casadei and Raul Casadei both leaders of Orchestra Spettacolo Casadei, Orchestra Castellina-Pasi and Orchestra Venturi Depending on the rhythm and cadence the songs can be devided in Mazurka, Polka, Tango and Valzer. Usually this information is written after the title in physical releases and spoken in live before playing so that the dancers could know witch kind of dance to perform.

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