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A subgenre of trance that developed in the mid-1990s that is heavily influenced by techno. It is characterized by the emphasis of synthesizers, rhythms, percussions and basslines rather than melodies. Tech Trance is sounds like the name also suggests how it would sound like; Typically nowadays has a Trance song structure following with Techno sounds. The purest form of Tech Trance has a Techno song structure and trancy sounds. This type of Techno used to be called Trance back in the early 00's and and in the 90s, but as time had also passed by, Tech Trance took a complete 180 and instead went into a full blown scene. It wasn't experimental no more. It was a sensation, Energy, Trance energy. Very notable artists of the genre would defintly be Sander van Doorn aka Sam Sharp, Mark Sherry, Marco V, and Marcel Woods. In the late 00's Tech Trance started to evolve into Electro Trance by the very Marcel Woods himself. Sander van Doorn was very keen to the emerging Electro trend aswell and also went along with him. In the very late 00's Tech Trance has gone underground again, even if there was any sign of it, it still wasn't truly Tech Trance no more. In the early 2010's Tech Trance or may I even say Electro Trance took another course. It started to sound very bland, overcompressed and kind of cheap. Trance fans noticed the change and quickly were calling the genre Trouse (Trance and House. Well, the internet was wrong once again since the emrging sound had nothing to do with Trance nor House. We could say that what came, was just like another wave of rave. It actually sounded very much alike to the old skool Rave aswell, however the genre got a name - Big Room House. Nowadays it's EDM, because this seems to be the most politically correct gentrification, right? Well, thats the breif history of Tech Trance.

How it really sounds like? Take the advise from me and never trust Armin van Buuren's words about Trance nor Armada's. Armin ruined Trance once, Armada once again. No, Tech Trance does not sound like a melacholic squarewave symphony what Armada seems to pull onto people, but rather fast-paced, percussive, systematic and complex from sound design. What separates Techno from Tech Trance is that Tech Trance creates a sensation, while Techno doesn't. What separates Trance from Tech Trance is the atmosphere and thus it's not classified as a subgenre of Techno, but rather Trance.

How does Techno sound like? Cold, systematic, futuristic, percussive, hypnotic.

How does Trance sound like? Hypnotic, spiritual, somewhat melodic, somewhat could be euphoric, sensational.

Combining two doesn't take a genius to understand how the result would sound like.

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