This genre is a bit difficult to define. The earliest tracks from the style were more looking to integrate 1/2 tempo dub sample . Another school was held by Chicago DJs that want to sound more hard like on Relief label for example. That's for the roots but Techno and House music have a shared history and compatible sounds, so every so often there's a wave of releases that integrates the two genres. Every time this happens, the trends are a little different, sometimes sounding more strongly techno and sometimes more strongly house, but not fitting perfectly into either category. Sometimes these brief scenes are given names. Tech house is one such "techno-y house" scene from the late '90s and early '00s. However, the term is sometimes applied to other waves of techno/house combinations from as far back as the early '90s and all the way forward to the present day. That's not to say that everyone would agree that all those styles are actually Tech house.
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