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Serve & Destroy Rec. ‎– sand010
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from the official promo-sheet:

"When TWILA.TOO and my studio-partner NUMINOS came up with this new collaboration earlier this year, I was pretty surprised by what I was hearing. As managing a rather experimental freeform Label I was listening to an incredible catchy and melancholic little pop-pearl that can simply be described as the perfect summer tune. The Original Mix is a blend of sweet and cleverly produced Electronic Pop with a strong french touch and an extremely deep and personal lyric work by twila.too that adds a serious and sad tone to an otherwise very catchy and airy dance tune, which, I don't dare to say, has a rather radio-friendly structure. To compensate for so much mass-appeal (sorry, by the way) we added a bunch of deep remixes by well-known electronic underground protagonists: MATHIAS SCHAFFHÄUSER, THE LETHAL OSCILLATORS, KITBUILDERSand Me (BOB HUMID) have all been inspried by twila.too's work with very different results and artisitic impact.

To round up this release we added a wild Remix of twila.too's "Those Eyes" by one of the most talented indian newcomers from the electronic field, AUDIO PERVERT's Sawtooth Remix is one of those tracks that you will love to play out loud on a large PA ... Enjoy!"

bob humid
label-manager at SERVE & DESTROY REC. in april 2010