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posted a comment on Squarepusher - Music Is Rotted One Note. about 1 month ago
People comparing this to Bitches Brew are crazy. The vibe is similar but impossible to compare this (great) work to an monolithic, awe-inspiring experience like bitches brew.
posted a comment on Neil Tolliday* - Music For Deathbeds. about 1 month ago
What an unexpected, beautiful album from Nail. Thoroughly recommended all-time listening.
posted a comment on Primate Recordings. about 1 month ago
Primate being a divider of opinions is very true. They put out some good tunes, as would any label releasing that much stuff. But, the quality control wasn't there. So. Many. Average. Tunes. I know, because I lived through it...

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posted a comment on Shinichi Atobe - Ship-Scope. 3 months ago
Do consider that a lot of the hiss is artistic intent.
posted a comment on Melchior Productions Ltd* - Crown. 3 months ago
I find the fact that someone has classified this as 'Tech House' insulting. I need to get out more.
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posted a comment on Black Merlin - SFORMATOR 2. 5 months ago
Oh. my. fucking. god... I feel like I've just been ripped open.
posted a comment on Moodymann - Sinner. about 1 year ago
Or you can listen on a regular streaming service. Soulseek is for soul-suckers.
posted a comment on Luke Slater - X-Tront Vol 3. about 1 year ago
Dave Angel (UK techno DJ) used to hammer A... yessss.
posted a comment on Pole - R. about 1 year ago
My copy of this is fine. Sounds lovely actually. T
posted a comment on Ricardo Villalobos / Max Loderbauer - Re: ECM. about 1 year ago
Sounds amazing. Very much on the outside though. Would've loved some inside too.
posted a comment on Sunrise Society - Edge Of Chaos / Northern Lights. about 1 year ago
Spira remix... classic Dave Angel-played material right here! Must have 10 words.
posted a comment on Delano & Lekebusch* - Color Clash 2. about 1 year ago
Wow, surprised this is going for so cheap. It's a great EP of deeper late 90s era Swedish techno. I loved this then, and still do now (flips the record).
posted a comment on Various - Intergalactic Beats. over 2 years ago
Carl Craig is an incredible DJ. One of the best. Silly comment.
posted a comment on Regis (17), Sunnie (3) - Remix - Chillin' In The Club - Off The Anomosity Ghetto Fears / Hot R&B Midwest Style - "Sunnie" - From The Album "Sunnie". over 2 years ago
Whoever added this release to regis' page should check some of his other music.... hahah.
posted a review of Ryuichi Sakamoto - Async - Remodels. over 2 years ago
Having listened a few times I'm not as disappointed with this as others on the thread.

The Onetrix point never remix is wonderful, and leads into the electric youth remix really well. Other standouts include Yves Tumor and Cornelius.

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posted a comment on Ricardo Villalobos & Argenis Brito - Amnesia EP. over 3 years ago
Just ordered my copy of this. Better late than never! I can't wait to get side B home to lay under some other tracks!
posted a comment on Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Ambient Black Magic. over 3 years ago
I had to hunt for this one, but what an incredible record. A1 is the journey.
posted a comment on Eduardo De La Calle - Nanoscopic Scales. over 3 years ago
Every tune on here has it's place in your collection.
posted a comment on Ryuichi Sakamoto - Async. over 3 years ago
An absolutely astounding modern classical record... from it's first second until it's end. Rightfully FACTmag's album of the year.

I love the Chopin-inspired piece, Full Moon.
posted a comment on Voyant Inc, Tofu Productions - Lost In Time / The Warmth. over 3 years ago
I'm referring to a lot of Melchior inspired grooves, Romanian stuff, some perlon and this ep. If you stick entirely to the genre things work well but I like to jump around quite a bit. Could also be my DJ skills need a tweak ;)
posted a comment on Dorisburg - Irrbloss. over 3 years ago
A bit heavy on the panpipes for me. No thank you.
posted a comment on Donato Dozzy - Afterhouse Series Volume I. over 3 years ago
Am I the only one that thinks these tracks are a bit... average? Typical loopy techy house. Track one is ok.
posted a comment on Alliv Sobol* - Toz EP. over 3 years ago
Putting the 'zoul' in 'toolz'... very very stripped back stuff here.
posted a comment on Paul Hester - Beautiful World. over 3 years ago
I sold this in the mid 00s for about 50p. Gutted!
posted a comment on G. Flame & Mr. G* - Who Knows !? G. over 3 years ago
My copy of this is so thrashed. Much love given to these tunes over the years. Shame I can't afford another.
posted a comment on The Room Below - Healing Scaphoids EP. over 3 years ago
Solid beatdown-inspired ep from The Room Below. Packed with vibes.
posted a comment on Cab Drivers - Alternative Acts. over 3 years ago
I can't believe that people are still making tech-housey bits like this still. The parts, an pads especially sound straight from 1998-9.

But, I've listened to Alternative Acts all the way through and it is an exquisite jam. I will probably buy it!
posted a comment on Voyant Inc, Tofu Productions - Lost In Time / The Warmth. over 3 years ago
I'm finding it increasingly hard to mix these tunes with other material. The production style and sparse-ness can result in a real drop in energy. The Dan Bell collab especially so.

Play from beginning to end on it's own though, and it's pure bliss.
posted a comment on Various - Superlongevity 6. over 3 years ago
The Superlongevity series is getting to be like Pop Ambient, just too good to be this regularly released. I'm still discovering gems from last year's release and long comes another...
posted a comment on Dave Clarke - Red. 2 (Of 3). over 3 years ago
If you were into techno in 1994 you couldn't escape this tune. And rightly so :)
posted a comment on DJ Hell* - Hell Ärgere Dich Nicht. over 3 years ago
Very self-righteous of you... and you couldn't be more wrong.
posted a comment on Funk D'Void - Lucky Strike. over 3 years ago
The original mix hasn't aged well, but who fuckin cares when it kicks in at 4:11!!!
posted a comment on Funk D'Void - Bad Coffee. over 3 years ago
Jeff Mills used to absolutely rinse the original mix. Yes!
posted a comment on Helena Hauff Meets Andreas Gehm - Helena Hauff Meets Andreas Gehm. over 3 years ago
I've gotta be honest, this sounds like dime-a-dozen Communique releases from the mid-90s.It's some heavy acid trax and will wreck rooms, but lets not pretend like this is unique.
posted a comment on Regis - Gymnastics. over 3 years ago
I'll be honest. I remember this album coming out and being like... fuck techno is getting really boring. Where were the hallucinogenic elements of Cristian Vogel and AFX? This tunes on this album, and that of early Surgeon were a lot more repetitive and ... See full review
posted a comment on Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah (Remixes #2). over 3 years ago
I dunno, speaking as a D+B lover the Francois K mix is properly shit. The break sounds like sped up fatboy slim, and the parts aren't treated with respect. It's far, far behind the rest of the remixes.
posted a comment on Rhythm & Sound - See Mi Yah (Remixes #1). over 3 years ago
I'm still listening to these remixes now, and they are dope! Fuck knows what turned off our 2006 reviewers. The Villalobos remix, my favorite, strips back the elements but leaves the lyrics fully intact. Yes!

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posted a comment on Convextion - 2845. over 3 years ago
I wasn't sure whether to buy this as I have a lot of 'deep/melodic' techno and electro. I'm glad I did though because despite being 100% deep, there is a wonderful uniqueness to the tracks. They all stand on their own as great compositions.
posted a comment on Russell Haswell - As Sure As Night Follows Day (Remixes). over 3 years ago
We can agree to disagree, but before you dig yourself into that opinion play this beast really LOUD~!
posted a comment on Person Of Interest - Call This Number. over 4 years ago

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posted a comment on Mosca (2) - Cedar Wood State. over 4 years ago
As an old boy it's really weird to see younger producers like Mosca, and Paleman embrace electro. I like it, but want people to add their own twist(s) too.
posted a comment on Playin' 4 The City Featuring DJ Mel Hammond* / Cyril K - Paris Calling Part 1. over 4 years ago
IMO house music around the 00s went a little too 'smooth'.

But, if anyone wants an example of this style at it's best, look no further than here. It's a brilliant set of tracks.
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posted a comment on Peverelist - Undulate / Grit. over 4 years ago
This is a really nice record. Undulate is not trying overly hard to be this-or-that. It seems content to lay down a nice synths-and-drums groove that I can whig out to for ages. Grit, sounds like something Surgeon might play over a 4/4 beat... to ... See full review
posted a comment on Silk Road Assassins - Deadcell / 3M Kunai. over 4 years ago
Does anyone else's copy have a bunch of crackle during the intro?
posted a comment on Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool. over 4 years ago
My first copy had the tale-tell signs of pressing problems, with milky smears across A & B, which resulted in reoccurring pops. No distortion though.

The people at WASTE were really cool, and sent new vinyls free of charge. The new vinyls are better, ... See full review
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posted a comment on Department Of Eagles - In Ear Park. over 4 years ago
What a wonderful, brooding album. I wish they would make more music.
posted a comment on Glider-State - Atmosphere. over 4 years ago
I was listening back to this at the weekend. This is a solid 12, and quite experimental. It's definitely aged way better than the other 'jazzy' tunes from the time.