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posted a comment on Levon Vincent - NS-10 T. Rex Edition . 15 days ago
Are you familiar with Levon's work? His stuff is always stripped back, and always destroys the dance floor. I'd love to hear the collaboration track out.
posted a comment on Steve Bicknell / The Evader - A Day In The Life. 16 days ago
Listening to the premiere, this is some heavy shit, wow!
posted a comment on Masters At Work - Mattel. about 1 month ago
It's different to the older Kenlou stuff, yeah but I like it.
posted a comment on Vladislav Delay - Demo(n) Tracks. 2 months ago
I'd totally get the vinyl because the CD isn't even on streaming services!
posted a comment on Villalobos* - Alcachofa. 3 months ago
I'd been out of techno and clubbing for a bit. Things were too heated by the end of the millennium, and there was definitely a malaise afterwards that I felt in the releases. So, I went to other places for kicks. I remember hearing early micro house... See full review
posted a comment on Smallpeople - Black Ice. 4 months ago
Black ice is still a wonderful roller, after all these years. Timeless imo.
posted a comment on Mr. Mitch (2) - Lazy. 4 months ago
This is fucking brilliant. Love Lazy, the whole album is tight AF.
posted a comment on Los Hermanos - Another Day. 5 months ago
Ugh! This is sick!!!

Proper vibes for all times. I can't wait to play this out.
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Mirror Man. 5 months ago
I didn't listen to Robert Hood's stuff for a few years, as I was quite committed to his Minimal Nation period. This album is a stonker though. Controlled, and perfected, if not minimal.

Multiple tracks on here would be lethal on the dance floor (if... See full review
posted a comment on Felix Lenferink - Forlane II EP. 5 months ago
this one's for the all the weirdos in the house.
posted a comment on Richard Bartz - Style Wars E.P. 5 months ago
What are you talking about? There was plenty more techno than that... purpose maker, downwards, DJ gigalos? Rhythm & sound were only just getting started by 1996 too. Perhaps a hazy memory from all the raves ;-)
posted a comment on Cristian Vogel - Rebirth Of Wonky. 6 months ago
I’m halfway through the second tune and already wish this could be pressed on vinyl. Solid new material from mr Vogel. Love it!!!
posted a comment on Pan-Pot Feat. Hugh Betcha - Charly. 6 months ago
I was listening to this again recently. It sounds quite dated now, but it is an effective banger. The 'head-voice' is remarkably on-point. I'm glad those days are behind me.
posted a comment on Distorted Waves Of Ohm - Zyrcon EP. 6 months ago
My copy has the JTS etching, but not the red stamp. I bought it from Vibe Records in Bournemouth in 1994. Classic days.
posted a comment on DJ Python - Mas Amable. 6 months ago
Really nice release, very calming and melodic. I love the pads the producer uses.

But, there's nothing groundbreaking here. It's a collage of samples and chords-over-perc. Nice, but a bit too IDM from the mid-90s for someone who lived through the mid-90s. See full review
posted a comment on ~scape. 6 months ago
There are few labels that have influenced me more. Thank you Stefan and Barbara.
posted a comment on Pev* & Asusu - Surge / Remnants. 6 months ago
In a world where tunes come out and double in price immediately, don't understand how cheap Livity's back catalog is
posted a comment on Taylor & Zamani* - Planet Of Drums 06. 9 months ago
90s Atomic Jam, Birmingham, England - The classic warm up track for large venues.
posted a comment on JK Flesh - Exit Stance EP. 9 months ago
An absolute monster of a release, solid downwards vibes here and atmospheric to boot.
posted a comment on Parris (2) - Polychrome Swim. 10 months ago
Clips sound tasty, yum yum yum (must be 10 words)
posted a comment on Distorted Waves Of Ohm - Zyrcon EP. 11 months ago
That's not true. I have an original copy, with the etchings described above that does not have the red stamp. I bought it back in the day from Vibe in Bournemouth, a small shop just down the road from where this label was based.
posted a comment on Voam. 11 months ago
5 releases in and Voam is a buy-on-sight label for me.

Very, very well selected cuts showing how sophisticated 'faceless techno bollocks' has become. More please!
posted a comment on Squarepusher - Music Is Rotted One Note. about 1 year ago
People comparing this to Bitches Brew are crazy. The vibe is similar but impossible to compare this (great) work to an monolithic, awe-inspiring experience like bitches brew.
posted a comment on Neil Tolliday* - Music For Deathbeds. about 1 year ago
What an unexpected, beautiful album from Nail. Thoroughly recommended all-time listening.
posted a comment on Primate Recordings. about 1 year ago
Primate being a divider of opinions is very true. They put out some good tunes, as would any label releasing that much stuff. But, the quality control wasn't there. So. Many. Average. Tunes. I know, because I lived through it...

if you want to get... See full review
posted a comment on Shinichi Atobe - Ship-Scope. about 1 year ago
Do consider that a lot of the hiss is artistic intent.
posted a comment on Melchior Productions Ltd* - Crown. about 1 year ago
I find the fact that someone has classified this as 'Tech House' insulting. I need to get out more.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Black Merlin - SFORMATOR 2. about 1 year ago
Oh. my. fucking. god... I feel like I've just been ripped open.
posted a comment on Moodymann - Sinner. over 2 years ago
Or you can listen on a regular streaming service. Soulseek is for soul-suckers.
posted a comment on Luke Slater - X-Tront Vol 3. over 3 years ago
Dave Angel (UK techno DJ) used to hammer A... yessss.
posted a comment on Pole - R. over 3 years ago
My copy of this is fine. Sounds lovely actually. T
posted a comment on Ricardo Villalobos / Max Loderbauer - Re: ECM. over 3 years ago
Sounds amazing. Very much on the outside though. Would've loved some inside too.
posted a comment on Sunrise Society - Edge Of Chaos / Northern Lights. over 3 years ago
Spira remix... classic Dave Angel-played material right here! Must have 10 words.
posted a comment on Delano & Lekebusch* - Color Clash 2. over 3 years ago
Wow, surprised this is going for so cheap. It's a great EP of deeper late 90s era Swedish techno. I loved this then, and still do now (flips the record).
posted a comment on Various - Intergalactic Beats. over 3 years ago
Carl Craig is an incredible DJ. One of the best. Silly comment.
posted a comment on Regis (17), Sunnie (3) - Remix - Chillin' In The Club - Off The Anomosity Ghetto Fears / Hot R&B Midwest Style - "Sunnie" - From The Album "Sunnie". over 3 years ago
Whoever added this release to regis' page should check some of his other music.... hahah.
posted a review of Ryuichi Sakamoto - Async - Remodels. over 3 years ago
Having listened a few times I'm not as disappointed with this as others on the thread.

The Onetrix point never remix is wonderful, and leads into the electric youth remix really well. Other standouts include Yves Tumor and Cornelius.

I'm not... See full review
posted a comment on Ricardo Villalobos & Argenis Brito - Amnesia EP. over 4 years ago
Just ordered my copy of this. Better late than never! I can't wait to get side B home to lay under some other tracks!
posted a comment on Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement - Ambient Black Magic. over 4 years ago
I had to hunt for this one, but what an incredible record. A1 is the journey.
posted a comment on Eduardo De La Calle - Nanoscopic Scales. over 4 years ago
Every tune on here has it's place in your collection.
posted a comment on Ryuichi Sakamoto - Async. over 4 years ago
An absolutely astounding modern classical record... from it's first second until it's end. Rightfully FACTmag's album of the year.

I love the Chopin-inspired piece, Full Moon.
posted a comment on Voyant Inc, Tofu Productions - Lost In Time / The Warmth. over 4 years ago
I'm referring to a lot of Melchior inspired grooves, Romanian stuff, some perlon and this ep. If you stick entirely to the genre things work well but I like to jump around quite a bit. Could also be my DJ skills need a tweak ;)
posted a comment on Dorisburg - Irrbloss. over 4 years ago
A bit heavy on the panpipes for me. No thank you.
posted a comment on Donato Dozzy - Afterhouse Series Volume I. over 4 years ago
Am I the only one that thinks these tracks are a bit... average? Typical loopy techy house. Track one is ok.
posted a comment on Alliv Sobol* - Toz EP. over 4 years ago
Putting the 'zoul' in 'toolz'... very very stripped back stuff here.
posted a comment on Paul Hester - Beautiful World. over 4 years ago
I sold this in the mid 00s for about 50p. Gutted!
posted a comment on G. Flame & Mr. G* - Who Knows !? G. over 4 years ago
My copy of this is so thrashed. Much love given to these tunes over the years. Shame I can't afford another.
posted a comment on The Room Below - Healing Scaphoids EP. over 4 years ago
Solid beatdown-inspired ep from The Room Below. Packed with vibes.
posted a comment on Cab Drivers - Alternative Acts. over 4 years ago
I can't believe that people are still making tech-housey bits like this still. The parts, an pads especially sound straight from 1998-9.

But, I've listened to Alternative Acts all the way through and it is an exquisite jam. I will probably buy it!