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I have been collecting my music mostly on CD since 1990 and using CDJs since 1997 (Tho my first official purchases of music were compilation cassettes from 1986 onwards which are long gone now). I purchased my first CD in 1990.... nearly two whole years before I got a CD player.

In the late 80's when I first found out about the forthcoming arrival of CD players built specifically for DJ/Beat-mixing use I instantly wanted to become a CD DJ because I was already fascinated by the discs themselves, these first professional twin CD decks were developed by Denon around 89/90, these soon had some stiff competition from the excellent Pioneer CDJ500 released in 1991, when these were released I knew from then on that one day I would own a pair of CDJs myself (my reason for buying the discs from the start), but it wasn't till 1997 that I could actually afford to buy myself a pair (after a considerable drop off from original prices).

I started off with a NUMARK CDN24 & an Intimidation Blue mixer in 1997
Two years later sold the NUMARK CDN24 and replaced with 2x Pioneer CDJ500S
These where knackered within three years of constant use so eventually bought another pair of CDJ500S in 2002. (This was also just before the CDJ800 was announced, i would've waited and bought those instead if i'd known)
Then in 2003 i Replaced the Intimidation Blue mixer with a Pioneer DJM3000 mixer.
The pic below is the current setup i have since 28/10/2015.

Decks = 2x Pioneer CDJ850 [new 28/10/2015]
Mixer = Pioneer DJM750 [new 28/10/2015]
H/P = Pioneer HDJ1500 [new 28/10/2015]
Amplifier = Yamaha R-N602 Network Receiver [07/2018]
Speakers = Bose Acoustimass 5 Series III [1999]
Amplifier = Yamaha AX-592 [1999] on power-amp duty to run my 12" passive custom subwoofer.

I only play 90's Electronic Dance Music. ;)

AND LASTLY, I would just like to point out to you that NOTHING in my collection is for sale unless i list it in the "FOR SALE" section on this site, so please don't contact me and ask if i would sell something to you that is NOT in the "FOR SALE" section!!!!

And i WILL NOT do copy's or mp3's for anybody, so again,
Please DO NOT bother contacting me if that is what you are after.


Thanks for looking...DoNkEy :D
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"Believe in beat is weak tune in my opinion."

U WOT M8????!!!!!
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I have an original copy of the CD bought not very long after release and it has the faster house mix (62:38) where track 3.06 is '2 Bad Mice - Bombscare (UXB Mix)' as well as a different Drum & Bass mix (to what is listed above) that is longer at 58:26 ... See full review