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The Cure - Seventeen Seconds
posted a review of The Cure - Seventeen Seconds. 10 months ago
Perhaps my favorite The Cure album of them all, and they have such many good records, so that is quite a statement for me. The atmosphere is very Cure like, and all the songs here are equally strong, no weak moment available on this one.

Production... See full review
Don Cherry - Brown Rice
posted a review of Don Cherry - Brown Rice. over 4 years ago
The sound of this EMI pressing is unreal. One of the most dynamic and beautifully arranged sessions I have ever heard. Also musically this is my favourite Cherry pick. Recording, mastering, pressing and music, all perfect.

Pressing *****
Music *****
Eric Dolphy - Out There
posted a review of Eric Dolphy - Out There. over 5 years ago
This remaster and pressing sounds amazing, like most of the Analogue Production releases. Music is very adventurous opening for Jazz on a new decade. Dolphy plays variety of instruments like usual, but Carter playing cello is simply a game changer... See full review
Ini Kamoze - Ini Kamoze
posted a review of Ini Kamoze - Ini Kamoze. over 5 years ago
I have never been a huge reggae fan, but this one is something special. Maybe it´s the dancehall vibes. I can recommend this to all the music lovers out there, who hasn`t found their reggae yet. The sound is nothing short of amazing on this UK Island... See full review