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posted a comment on Progression (9) - Are You Ready For A Party / Keep My Soul. about 1 month ago
'Are Your Ready For A Party' - the bass at 2:22 blows me away every time and when that rolling break kicks, man alive! Sleazy, rushy hardcore of the highest calibre - 'ave it!
posted a comment on The Centerfield Assignment* - Mi Casa. 3 months ago
Holy shit! I've just come across this 30 years after it was released and it still absolutely rocks. Absolutely love the Dope Long Mixl I don't have time to describe what I'm hearing but man alive it's good.
posted a comment on Corporation Of One - So Where Are You. 4 months ago
Only recently discovered this tune. The Hashish Dub is so good, just makes me want to strut. It's got a such a jackin, sleazy and dubby vibe. Truly immense.
posted a comment on T.99* - Maximizor. 5 months ago
Club Mix 1 - absolute stormer of a tune - total bargain
posted a comment on Sound Corp - Security Overload / Regen-Time. 11 months ago
Regen Time (Mix 1) - proper teeth grinding hardcore. Banging all the way. Love it.
posted a comment on Sorted - Pigbag. about 1 year ago
I know this ep for the original which I've got on an Easygroove studio mix. It's a lovely, downtempo roller; very atmospheric. Something a bit different from the old hardcore scene. Recommended.
posted a comment on Simon "Bassline" Smith - D Day Vol. 2. over 2 years ago
Absolutey slammin tune all the way (It Began in Africa). Proper ruff hardcore that keeps on coming. Massive respect for this tune.
posted a comment on EPS - Follow Your Leader / Yeah Yeah. over 2 years ago
Can't argue with the comment below but just wanted to add that this ep is an absolute corker. Too damn good. Love the cheeky riffs that ebb and flow in 'Follow your Leader' and the drums that keep you workin all the way through. But, the flip for me is ... See full review
posted a comment on Sudden Def - Let It Hit Dem. over 2 years ago
Rough as a badger on crack - in a good way.
posted a comment on House Mice. over 3 years ago
Bought this ep for 'The Drummer' as played by the Buzz at Reincarnation mid 92. A dirty, shuffling moody number with a hypnotic riff that keeps it moving along very nicely. A simple but effective track where all the elements come together really nicely. ... See full review
posted a review of The Holy Ghost Inc.* - Nice One Boy! / The Magnet / Psycho Missus. over 3 years ago
Ridiculous prices for such a good ep!

All three tracks absolute blinders. Nice One Boy is so wonderfully dark; sounds like nothing else I've ever heard. I presume the opening riff is sampled, God knows where from! This then gives way to the most ... See full review
posted a review of The Saucer Crew - Andromeda. over 3 years ago
Incredible ep. Andromeda the highlight for me, a really powerful, tough and moody track that is just made to get completely lost in. Ghost Star is on a old Colin Dale mix I have. Like the rest of the ep such a unique vibe, tough and deep. Bootiful!