Hello music lovers! Here is an "addicted" collector, all did begin 1974 with self recorded tapes of CAN (Tago Mago) and Amon Düül II (Yeti), later John Peel (r.i.p.) was my "hero". Always interested in new music, only collecting things I really like. Ratings are always subjective, depending on taste, so please don't have negative feelings as an artist/label, if I rate 3 stars or less. Everybody please listen with his own ears. Thank you for understanding! Happy listening and collecting, LOVE & PEACE!

Today (23.06.2021) I begin a new life, want to escape from the computer, no more daily like 30 mails from bandcamp, mailorders, bands, checking different blogs and homepages aso. Enough is (nearly) enough, now I want to enjoy only. Most of the vinyl, which I bought up to 2015, is not here in my collection, with ratings I did begin also at that point. CDs are like ready. If you like this kind of music, you can browse my collection and find out more. Take care and enjoy life, I will try better after 38 years of excessive collecting. I intend to sell records later, but please send no questions to me now, also no questions about ripping something please. 1000 thanks and best wishes!

"A child is born and could enfold its creative potential as homo sapiens, but usually that does not happen, because then something comes in between called education, to make it "normal"." - freely based on Vera Birkenbihl (r.i.p.)
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posted a comment on Trip Hill. 14 days ago
New album "Ain't Trip Ceremony" on vinyl on Bad Afro and as the label says (100% correct), this does earn the vinyl. Today you can listen the whole album on bc, another psych gem!
posted a comment on Lyrical Poetry. 16 days ago
For me still the best German HipHop ever... (only Marsimoto and some Deichkind comes close) ;) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4f_fT-7z-o&list=RDx4f_fT-7z-o&index=1
posted a comment on Chrome (8) - Scaropy. 2 months ago
Back on top + record of the year, nothing more to say... Hmmmm, listen at bc or u-tube... ;)
posted a comment on Taras Bulba (3) - Sometimes The Night. 4 months ago
Again a different style, this is the most changing band I know (actually mostly made by great Fred Laird, former Earthing Society hero). Always great and very individual and far away from any mainstream ever... listen to all, if you don't know yet!... See full review
posted a comment on Gitkin. 6 months ago
By far mostly intrumentals, should be interesting for fans of Khrangbuin and Altin Gün, highly underrated compared to those... You can listen fully at bandcamp... ;)
posted a comment on A/lpaca - Make It Better. 7 months ago
Different than the other releases on this great label, fans of Osees, King Gizzard, Soft Moon or even Bauhaus aso might listen at bc. Did already listen 3 times since yesterday, dig it! :)
posted a comment on Lars Eidinger* - I'll Break Ya Legg (1998-2016). 7 months ago
Did only know and love him as an actor/performer, did just discover this Downtempo record "by error" here. Not one of my main music styles I like, but could be interesting for others. Did just recall a funny video with Yung Hurn as Love Hotel Band... See full review
posted a comment on Northern Star. 7 months ago
Gifts in March! 15 years Northern Star Records, omg, time is running... Know Scott online from the beginning (from MySpace, that was still at the peak at that time, a really great and delicious thing before they changed nearly everything some years... See full review
posted a comment on Mäuse. 7 months ago
A bit like Der Plan from Austria, dadaism to say something about the direction. I like much of their stuff, look and listen... (bc)
posted a comment on Osees* - Metamorphosed. 7 months ago
There are only 110 black and here are already 80? I don't think that there were pressed more from this label, they seem to be always correct. Also the offered items will not be black very often, you can only open the seal to differ the pressings, I... See full review
posted a comment on Cowboy Flying Saucer. 7 months ago
They made a really great new CD, one of the best "covid-times" releases for me, look to bc!
posted a comment on Larry Wish - Comb Hair. 8 months ago
A musician travelling in his own bizarre/trippy but reflective "bedroom recordings" universe, this was just reissued on cassette, look at bc. Can be a kind of perfect soundtrack for covid-times for some people... ;)
posted a comment on A.J. Kaufmann - Stoned Gypsy Wanderer. 8 months ago
Nice to read, that this shall come pretty soon on vinyl on Ramble Records, you can read about this album at http://aural-innovations.com/blog/2014/12/a-j-kaufmann-stoned-gypsy-wanderer-review-and-interview/ and listen here. Good luck and more of that... See full review
posted a comment on Timothy J. Fairplay* - The Promise Of Midi. 8 months ago
His best and most psychedelic work I think, would like to see this (perhaps as part of a best of) on vinyl some day...
posted a comment on Holy Monitor. 8 months ago
No "difficult 3rd album" here, for me their best until now, worth checking out for Psych and perhaps also Prog fans and listen to the other bands on that label, might be some surprises, if you did not yet. So you can perhaps safe shipping costs from... See full review
posted a comment on Diagonal (9) - Diagonal. 8 months ago
Big steps forward more far away from a kind of BJM mode made this a really outstanding record, I recommend to listen to this, before the vinyl will be gone... :)
posted a comment on King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - L​.​W.. 8 months ago
Great album for me, on the other hand a bit annoyed about their marketing jokes, letting the fans wait for the informations when and where the vinyl will be available... silly "star behavior" imho... and some people will not sleep! lol - nothing for... See full review
posted a comment on David Chesworth - Industry & Leisure. 9 months ago
Reissued today as LP with much bonus on B.F.E Records, so jump to bc if you are interested to listen.
posted a comment on I Know I'm An Alien - Wi-Fi Breath. 9 months ago
Old and new Residents fans can check this, might be something for you! ;)
posted a comment on Baby Woodrose - Mindblowing Seeds And Disconnected Flowers. 9 months ago
Long awaited reisssue March 19th on red vinyl (the usual Bad Afro scheme after black)!
posted a comment on FireFriend - Fantasma. 9 months ago
A mail from the band just now: "DEAD ICONS and FANTASMA both have the same songs. While the sound of DEAD ICONS was engineered to be heard on vinyl, FANTASMA was designed for digital players. So each album has its own title, artwork, sequence of songs... See full review
posted a comment on The Black Angels. 9 months ago
If you want the special Levitation Sessions Vinyl, then you can use the link on the bc-site now. After nearly 4 hours still all 3 variants available, as declared on website limited to 1000 each. There also also 2 other variants for Indie shops,... See full review
posted a comment on The Uplifting Bell Ends - Super Giant & World Music Oddities. 10 months ago
If you did miss, now they made another this time orange version, available in France and Australia. Limited to 150, though...
posted a comment on Degurutieni. 10 months ago
LP out today on Voodoo Rhythm, fans of The Dead Brothers or perhaps Gallon Drunk should check it out , I like it.
posted a comment on Tal Ross* A.K.A. Detrimental Vasoline - Giant Shirley. 11 months ago
I'm not so much into funk, but this is a record I can listen again and again, you can buy the limited to 250 colored vinyl now at hhv until 12.17.2020 with 30% discount, snap it! Sadly I cannot, because it is limited to 2 for a household and I did... See full review
posted a comment on Karaba - Schwester Mondreal. 12 months ago
Did just change my mind about this "modern KrautJazzRock" record after several listenings, had to buy now... ;) Among them two Embryo-related musicians (and as guest Marja Burchard on one track), all perform with virtuosity, bravo! They also just... See full review
posted a comment on Special Deliverance. 12 months ago
Now out to listen completely on bandcamp the new album "Dream Trip Machine" on Nasoni, true psychedelic, I like it! Perhaps listen to the first vinyl too, still available...
posted a comment on Zeahorse. about 1 year ago
Really good musicians play catchy Indie Rock, so rare during the last decade, a new album on new label in the making, good luck!
posted a comment on Motorpsycho - The All Is One. about 1 year ago
They made many great and good records, to be honest, I did not buy after 2006 (but could have, much qualitiy the whole time...), but this is really outstanding, big recommendations, even if perhaps a bit proggy for some people.... ;)
posted a comment on July (3) - The Wight Album. about 1 year ago
I like tracks A1+3, B4, C1-6, D3, so 10 out of 23 tracks, makes me think, that I would like a single lp better... like always, listen yourself, you can do at utube.
posted a comment on A.J. Kaufmann. about 1 year ago
He has made so many good records, I also like his last two "Concrete" and "Niedobitki", both from 2020 (on the Aumega site at bc), really great and strange underground, also with nice vocals.... who will make the 5 LP-Best-Of-Box? I would help to sort... See full review
posted a comment on Roger Roger Ensemble* - Afro, Spooky - Rhythm, Percussion. about 1 year ago
500 want it already, where is the reissue? Such a great record....
posted a comment on Lammping - Bad Boys Of Comedy. about 1 year ago
One of the surprises this year, did know nothing about before, but imho this is a real grower. Pretty smooth and a really nice listening experience. Has a DLC for those who care about.
posted a comment on Taras Bulba (3). about 1 year ago
The 2nd (or 3rd) longplayer "Soul Weaver" could be my record of the year, what do you think? ;)
posted a comment on Black Helium - The Wholly Other. about 1 year ago
The first was strong, for me this is even better... ;)
posted a comment on Mark McDowell - Breakthrough. about 1 year ago
Love the one before, two outstanding tracks and five other great songs, this one has also 2 highlights (tr. 4+5), but the rest is not really my cup of tea. But who cares, you should listen if you like (psych-) folk and then you can think, it is the... See full review
posted a comment on Молчат Дома = Molchat Doma* - С Крыш Наших Домов = S Krysh Nashikh Domov. about 1 year ago
Thank you, did just notice the change, overlooked it before... ;)
posted a comment on Thee Oh Sees. about 1 year ago
My big love did begin with "Drop", also like Damaged Bug (what a great name!). The brand new one is more like an Oh Sees' record, check it out! It's a cover album, great song selection, also recommended for fans of Michael Yonkers. From today fully at bc.
posted a comment on Lamp Of The Universe. about 1 year ago
New LP "Dead Shrine" just released, after two listenings I think this is by far my favorite since "Cosmic Union", because this is more variable in different ways, check it out at bc.
posted a comment on Sand Snowman. about 1 year ago
Perhaps 10 years ago I was not really ready for this, was to folky for me then, but now I did listen to the complete output and there are only good songs, mostly great and for me more than 40 outstanding tracks... Check it out if you are into psych... See full review
posted a comment on Simones. about 1 year ago
3rd LP reissued just now, the first records are still availabe. Acid recommended for friends of Bevis. R.I.P. Al, <3 & peace.
posted a comment on BulBul - Kodak Dream. about 1 year ago
FYI only, there is no CD included, only a DLC
posted a comment on Elder (2) - Omens. about 1 year ago
Sounds pretty much like less proggy Anekdoten with hints of At The Drive-In (those comparisons, you also don't like them...? ;) ), sorry that the shades of God Machine (like on Reflections) are gone.... roundabout a good genre connecting record, for... See full review
posted a comment on Blabbermouth (3) - Hörspiel. about 1 year ago
Thanks to DjAstro for his nice review, that made me discover this now! (Btw., he has one of the sites which I check on a regular basis, I recommend that, if you are mainly interested in Space Rock aso!) Did already read something about this record... See full review
posted a comment on FireFriend - Safari. about 1 year ago
4 of the tracks (one of those remixed) are now on "Aurora" (now digital only compilation at bandcamp/chosen Tracks 2006 - 2008), I would really like a vinyl ep oder lp, if the other tracks are also good... ;)
posted a comment on Молчат Дома = Molchat Doma* - Этажи = Etazhi. about 1 year ago
Mail-Order Exclusive Edition of 250 copies in an exclusive wrap around sleeve, wax sealed, hand-numbered
posted a comment on Молчат Дома = Molchat Doma* - С Крыш Наших Домов = S Krysh Nashikh Domov. about 1 year ago
Mail-Order Exclusive Edition of 250 copies in an exclusive wrap around sleeve, wax sealed, hand-numbered
posted a comment on Moura (2) - Moura. about 1 year ago
This is a longplayer limited to 105 according to the number on my record, much to discover, the whole album is on bandcamp, really high recommendation, very individual style!
posted a comment on Skyjelly / Solilians - In The Running 1. about 1 year ago
Limitied edition 25 according to the label`s bandcamp site, only 5 available as 03.23.2020! ;)
posted a comment on Trees Speak - Trees Speak. about 1 year ago
Did just discover, that they made a new one, the clear version of this one was limited to 250 according to the label, where I bought it 2017. Not sure, what the black version means, perhaps it was a testpressing? Not available at the label, nor in the... See full review