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posted a comment on Red Rhodes - Velvet Hammer In A Cowboy Band. about 1 year ago
Very special album here. Magical psychedelic country American rock & roll instrumental vibe. Could listen to this one over and over and over again. Talented players having a good time. The Keep On Truckin' poster on the cover gives a hint Red was a head! ... See full review
posted a comment on Ronald Jenkees. about 1 year ago
Needs Vinyl. It has to be on Wax or it doesn't really count 20 years from now. Even if it loses money it will be left for future generations to find.
posted a comment on Positive Generation* - Rollin' Wit Da PG. over 3 years ago
Don't we all wish this was an instrumental LP. Some of the weakest Raps I've ever heard.
posted a comment on Monophonics - In Your Brain. over 3 years ago
A couple days ago I saw the Monophonics on their 2015 tour at a small venue in Phoenix, AZ. and was completely mind blown by the 2.5 hour show. They are without a doubt my favorite band now. I'm looking forward to purchasing "In Your Brain" as well as ... See full review
posted a comment on Youth Code - Youth Code. over 4 years ago
I would like to hear what Beavis and Butthead have to say about this.
posted a comment on PANTyRAID - The Sauce. over 4 years ago
I need this to be on Vinyl. It needs to be pressed up 2x12 wax.
posted a comment on Freaky Chakra. over 5 years ago
I Agree 100%. Freaky Chakra Was The BEST! Daum Has Gone Underground Unfortunately. Such An Incredibly Talented Wizard of Sound. I Truly Hope He Surfaces With The Most Beautiful Dark Acidic Funk Dance Album Ever.
posted a review of Paul Birken. over 11 years ago
Paul Birken is the man in my book. Anything he creates is of Interest, simply because his music works are REAL. Yes indeed---Real synthesizers---Real Composition---Real Magic---Real Improv---Real Techno---. Paul Birken has a huge track record, and within ... See full review
posted a review of Humanoid - Sessions 84-88. over 11 years ago
Just wanted to add that in my opinion this 2x12 brings to light some of the most important works in modern electronic music. Considering 1984-88 was quite a while ago in the acid techno game, before every hillbilly had access to computer programs full of ... See full review
posted a review of Evolve Now - The Dream EP. over 11 years ago
Very mysterious wax here. Pure heart and soul is so clear to hear on this release from Evolve Now. Real Deal Sounds on this Promo. Marked 1993. These sounds are so ahead of the pack with deepness, it blows my mind. A deep mixture of relentless ... See full review
posted a review of Freaky Chakra - Blacklight Fantasy. over 11 years ago
Alright, So here it is... A landmark underground techno/electro concept 2x12 lp of nearly indescribable alien dreamscape sounds. Rarely in the electronic world are listeners taken this far out. Every track is composed with precise drum and synth ... See full review
posted a review of The Source Experience - Different Journeys. over 11 years ago
YEAH! - This raw drilling piece of 2x12 work is just what I needed to fill my morning with the power to deal with a corrupt society. What the techno world needs is a place on earth where real deal innovators like Robert Leiner call the shots. Can you ... See full review
posted a review of Ebi - Zen. over 12 years ago
This 2x12 from Ebi Zen is a total package! It has a very soothing echoed out psychedelic sound that really warms the heart. It is filled with bubbling resonant 303 synth lines and creative use of the basic TR 606. A very mystical release that is pure ... See full review
posted a review of Dynamix II - The Album. over 12 years ago
Untouchable for 1990 !! A mixture of robot voices , subsonic 808 bass , classic samples , record scratching, and synth lines that are extremely well produced. The pressing is crystal clear, which compliments the analog richness and ear melting stabs !! ... See full review
posted a review of Miles Davis - Get Up With It. over 12 years ago
Rated X Has got to be the most twisted mental acid wah wah funk track of all time. An absolute monster!! Hard Acid Voodoo Funk at it's finest. This entire 2x12 is laced, a complete acid trip from A-Z. It's filled with very moody dark heavy ambient ... See full review