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added Les Dupont - Renaissance to their wantlist. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Obconic - Phlox. 4 months ago
no i don't agree. i think its pretty sick yo
posted a review of Derek Carr - Voyager. about 1 year ago
yup, reeealllly cool record. All tracks have something special, sounds really good
posted a review of Various - Guardians Of A Kids Society . about 1 year ago
Beautiful record. All tracks are unique and I really like 'm all
posted a review of KiNK - Tracks From The Vault Vol. 2. about 1 year ago
Some amazing tracks on this record. trippy and weird stuff but bangin nonetheless.
posted a comment on Escape Artist (2) - Signs Of Life . about 1 year ago
What a record ! In love with all tracks :)
posted a comment on Lee Burton - Horizontal Falls EP. about 1 year ago
really like this record. pretty simple but effective grooviness :)
posted a comment on Vadim Svoboda - George Send. about 1 year ago
nice review I totally agree with you. top record :)
posted a comment on Cédric Dekowski, Felix Reifenberg - L'Albüm. over 2 years ago
my god so good. listening to this makes me feel great :)
posted a comment on Various - Revolt! 002. over 2 years ago
vadim svoboda track is a m a z i ng
posted a comment on Gemini - The Music Hall. over 2 years ago
how do they get the tracks then? ripped from vinyl? from kincy himself? and why does it say 'under license from spencer kincy and cyclo' ?
posted a review of O.H. Krill - The Landing E.P.. over 2 years ago
Well this is a pretty nice record. Weirdy groovy beats. Ratings are not right
posted a comment on Morgan Geist - Nebula Jersey Volume One. over 2 years ago
holy fuck what a record. Every track is a reason to get this. Pretty expensive but worth it
posted a review of Dave Hamilton - Detroit City Grooves Featuring "Soul Suite". over 3 years ago
this cd is golden. all tracks are sublime funk grooves
posted a comment on Digital Boogie - Starfield Stimulation EP. over 3 years ago
deep groove on chardoney n i c e ! !
posted a review of N'gaho Ta'quia - In The Pocket. over 3 years ago
amazing record. crazy funk infused beats with beautiful keys and weird and wobbly sounds. artwork is dope af too
posted a comment on Fabrice Lig - Genesis Of A Deep Sound. over 3 years ago
japanese soul is really nice. lots of different styles on the album.
posted a comment on Venus Attack Project - Venus Attack Project. over 3 years ago
this record is one deep trip. the triphop track objektiv venus is dope as hell too
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Pap Inc - Manimal Ep. over 3 years ago
yeah pretty good tracks but the pressing is fucked up one side, how is that possible
posted a comment on Sensory Elements - Vol 1. over 3 years ago
timeless piece of beautiful deephouse music!
posted a comment on Various - Skullduggery. over 3 years ago
really nice collection of diverse, housey breakbeat music. tip!
posted a comment on Satori - Satori Remix. over 3 years ago
the 'unreleased mix' track is really good. grooving bassline and nice solo's in it
posted a comment on BRS - Time To Shuff EP. over 3 years ago
4 beautifully crafted housetracks. Right amount of jazz elements combined with spacey synths and fat housebeats . Outer space is my favorite. Recommended!
posted a comment on Various - Detroit Beatdown Vol.2 The Final EP. over 3 years ago
'You Know How I Feel' is the one, funky rolling house groover. other tracks are nice too
posted a comment on Idjut Boys & Laj - Foolin'. over 3 years ago
Yes this is the one. The bassline sounds amazing
posted a comment on MBG - Throught The Black Hole. over 4 years ago
take me! is the one. damn big house track
posted a comment on Leo Young. over 4 years ago
pretty underrated producer, got some really nice and weird house/disco records of him were i didn't pay more than 2 euros for
posted a comment on Various - Please Come Correct EP. over 4 years ago
that jumping back slash track is amazing, contains some pretty weird tropical disco vibes
posted a comment on Mickey* - Eye Witness. over 4 years ago
all tracks are sublime
posted a comment on The Fresh-Up Players - Race Relations / Spaghetti Sauce. over 4 years ago
this record is so nice i love it
posted a comment on Circula - Blunt / Salt. over 4 years ago
are you kidding me the track Nothing Like is amazing
posted a review of Sluts'n'Strings & 909 - Carrera. over 4 years ago
this album is amazing, it has everything a well rounded album should have, from loungy beats/breaks to funk, house and techno. Dear Trevor is my favorite. grab this for the stupidly cheap price
posted a review of Yennah - Dyadic Shift. over 4 years ago
found this at a second hand store for 0.50 cents. the audiomontage bonus beats is realllllly good. super deep with crazy percussion stuff
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago