Hi.,,> intro; I'm born begin 70's . Start digging / collecting ( love ) vinyl on my 9 th. year. My collection is 99,9901% 12 inch singles > maxi singles!
It contains the years 1975 ( first promo's ) till 1991 / 1992.
I'm most interrested in disco / soul / funk from the years 1975 -1981 and the begin- time of rap and ( hip ) house. (1986 - 1991) Special nice maxi's are the remixed versions for 8- 10 minutes or a good mix by by William Orbit
Favorite's artist (bands) are : Donna Summer, Madonna, Divine, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Michael Zagger Band, Duran Duran, Kraftwerk, Age of Love, Prodigy, Miker G., S' Express, C.J.Bolland. ( etc, etc.)

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posted a review of Willie Colón - Pedro Navaja / Plastico. over 6 years ago
The tittle is: Plastico. Song by: Willie Colon & Ruben Blades.
posted a review of K C And The Sunshine Band* - Boogie Shoes = Zapatos De Boogie. over 6 years ago
There is also a black vinyl 12" Boogie Shoes. Everything is the same as the red vinyl one but now black vinyl.
posted a comment on Donna Summer - MacArthur Park / I Feel Love. over 7 years ago
Distributed by Astor records Australia.