I am not a record dealer, just someone selling off parts of my collection and my brothers... Collecting acid house since 1988 and techno since its conception... Went to the first dance event at "Sterns" in 89 and was there at the last in 1993..."Lost" regular from the beginning...Viva "The Vox! Is it me getting old or are people these days just uncourteous..? Leaving feedback takes 30 seconds, please participate...
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Ian Void - Tactics / Loosefit
posted a review of Ian Void - Tactics / Loosefit. 16 days ago
First heard the track "loosefit" in 2000 on a Luke Slater mix from Fuse1999, also lucky enough to hear him play it a couple of years later at "Lost", Its banging techno at its best, one of my favourite releases of the era.
Ugly Music
posted a comment on Ugly Music. 29 days ago
I used to love going over to Brighton to visit Ugly Records in the early to mid 90s, Tony was great as he worked with Luke Slater in Jellyjam previously and had a vast knowledge of dance music, (he and Kevin would also DJ in the alternative space at... See full review
4D - Hidden
posted a review of 4D - Hidden. 2 months ago
The late great Colin Favor had "Hidden" on his play list for 93, dark, hard industrial techno trance..
Danny Casseau - Spludder EP
posted a review of Danny Casseau - Spludder EP. 2 months ago
Wexel is a trance like techno track, good floor filler and "gurning" material...played by Luke Slater at time of release.🥴
Planetary Assault Systems - In From The Night (Reworks And Edits)
posted a review of Planetary Assault Systems - In From The Night (Reworks And Edits). 2 months ago
Well I guess it was going to happen, even though it took just short of 30 years....testimony the the original mix.
Truss - Clytha
posted a review of Truss - Clytha. 3 months ago
Bought this on its release due to the hypnotic track "Beacon". Slow, methodical, burbling acid that just chugs along. Nobody has written a review, so here I am years later spreading the love...just hope you can afford the silly prices it is going for... See full review
Yan Cook - Mirror Maze
posted a review of Yan Cook - Mirror Maze. 3 months ago
Dirty warehouse beats here, love "Buddy" and "Mirror Maze", takes me back to the 90s...
Phara - A Constant State Of Movement
posted a review of Phara - A Constant State Of Movement. 3 months ago
"Excess Retorics" is a slammin techno track, another great production, check out the back catalogue, you can't go wrong.
Inland - Namsan
posted a review of Inland - Namsan. 3 months ago
Serious techno trax on this Ep, highly recommended, my personal choice is "Hallen"
Jamie Principle
posted a comment on Jamie Principle. about 1 year ago
Thank you for the unbeatable, sublime, beautiful "Your Love"... words cannot describe my emotions when I hear this, music that will last forever...peace 🙂
Robert Hood - The Blueprint EP
posted a comment on Robert Hood - The Blueprint EP. about 1 year ago
This is a superb release from the master of Minimal Techno. 10/10.
Niereich & Krenzlin, Jonas Rech, Elias., Demetrious - Selected
posted a comment on Niereich & Krenzlin, Jonas Rech, Elias., Demetrious - Selected. about 1 year ago
"Remember" and "Angulo" are 2 excellent techno trax, made for a warehouse party, hypnotic sounds with Detroit stabs.
Code 6 - Forgotten Moments
posted a comment on Code 6 - Forgotten Moments. about 1 year ago
Yes, Steve came on around 03:30am maybe 4am, I cant remember, but he closed the night in the main room. I remember the last "disco biscuit" coming on strong and thinking, wow he is playing some good trax...took a while to find out what they were,(... See full review
Various - Conform Re-Touched Series Vol.III
posted a comment on Various - Conform Re-Touched Series Vol.III. over 2 years ago
I am not a big fan of The Advent, but I have invested in this ep, mainly for Oscar Mulero and Steve Bicknells remixes, good stuff.
Various - Life Under Lockdown
posted a comment on Various - Life Under Lockdown. over 2 years ago
WOOOOAH!!! 4 slammin trax from the underground, techno heaven...clap ya hands!
Space Trax - Vol 1
posted a comment on Space Trax - Vol 1. over 2 years ago
"I like it" was played throughout the 90s by LOST frontman Steve Bicknell. That banging bassline makes your teeth tingle on a big system, the whispering voices in the breakdown trip you off to another planet...or was that the pills....
....* - Cycle de Motifs
posted a comment on ....* - Cycle de Motifs. over 2 years ago
Who is this artist? 3 of these trax have a familiar old Axis Records sound to them...
Robert Hood - Nothing Stops Detroit
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Nothing Stops Detroit. over 2 years ago
Nothing stops Detroit...damn right and long may that last! Check these warehouse trax out...
Rotation - Moondust
posted a comment on Rotation - Moondust. over 2 years ago
"Moondust" is an all time techno classic aongside Nico's "Frontiers" 12" and "Plantetary Assault Systems Vol.1" 12". Find them and buy on sight..
Bastian Balders - The Blue God EP
posted a comment on Bastian Balders - The Blue God EP. over 2 years ago
Superb release, lush deep trax for mind and dancefloor. Keep your eyes on this young producers output folks, the future of techno is in safe hands...!
Raze - Break 4 Love
posted a comment on Raze - Break 4 Love. over 2 years ago
This House track sums up the era of its release, I love it. Up there in the must have trax from the late 80s dance scene. I was blown away one evening at the "Zap Club" in Brighton when the music stopped, Vaughan was introduced to the crowd and sang... See full review
Ben Sims / Paul Mac - Nervous Energy
posted a comment on Ben Sims / Paul Mac - Nervous Energy. over 2 years ago
Played "mindtravel" over and over when this was released, "blackout" worth a listen too.
Vapour Space* - Gravitational Arch Of 10
posted a comment on Vapour Space* - Gravitational Arch Of 10. over 2 years ago
First heard this track in 1993 on its release, played by Luke Slater at Sterns,( never seen so many people, including me, pulling a gurner during the intro...), went and bought 2 copies in Jellyjam...27 years later I see its fetching crazy... See full review
The Earthworm - Natural Glow
posted a comment on The Earthworm - Natural Glow. over 2 years ago
LOL!!! thats a great review, but oh so true, still laughing....!
Planetary Assault Systems - Planetary Funk Vol 1
posted a review of Planetary Assault Systems - Planetary Funk Vol 1. over 3 years ago
When released this came in a matching colour sleeve to the outer centre label, purple, I haven't seen many of those, as these trax were like rocking horse shit, (everyone wanted it), including Luke's own shop "JellyJam"(!!) The majority were released... See full review
Static (8) - Enter
posted a review of Static (8) - Enter. over 3 years ago
Certainly was a head wrecker when this was released... I remember Steve Bicknell playing "Iron Orbit" a few times at The Vox 93-94, most were just about ready for it by then..! What a great tune on a big sound system...
Tuttle* - Mas / Malfunction
posted a review of Tuttle* - Mas / Malfunction. over 3 years ago
Malfunction is a slammin techno track to make you move your feet and feed your mind...yesssss!
Gino Soccio - Dancer
posted a comment on Gino Soccio - Dancer. over 3 years ago
A great slice of electronic disco music, "Dancer" was dropped by Jeff Mills many many times in the middle of his techno sets during the 90s.
E-Zee Possee - Everything Begins With An 'E'
posted a comment on E-Zee Possee - Everything Begins With An 'E'. over 3 years ago
Yes that is absolutely right, well said. In fact so important it warranted different mixes thereafter.
The Mackenzie - Chicago Trip
posted a comment on The Mackenzie - Chicago Trip. over 3 years ago
The "dub", mixed with a strawberry in the Zap Club, autumn of 89, was a lethal concoction...I was lost in the speakers for hours...
James Ruskin - Consumer Patterns
posted a comment on James Ruskin - Consumer Patterns. over 3 years ago
Still producing top notch techno for the dancefloor after all these years.
Bastian Balders - Jukka / Metar
posted a comment on Bastian Balders - Jukka / Metar. over 3 years ago
"Jukka" is a nice hypnotic track for the dancefloor, good DJ tool.
Norman Nodge - Embodiment EP
posted a comment on Norman Nodge - Embodiment EP. over 3 years ago
Superb warehouse trax here, 2am dancefloor killer being A2 "Discipline".
Man Machine
posted a comment on Man Machine. over 3 years ago
Saw this crazy duo 2 or 3 times live whilst raving, they had a real buzz to their act, hard and hypnotic beats, trippy lyrics mainly sung by spaced out crazy dancer...everything seemed so new then...
The Authentic 1 - Sub Hurts / Sweet Thoughts
posted a comment on The Authentic 1 - Sub Hurts / Sweet Thoughts. over 3 years ago
During the winter of 89 I met Darren and became instant friends, I remember going round his house and my eyes nearly popped out my head when I saw an original 303 machine in his bedroom studio..!! (I was more interested in the fact that he had a set... See full review
Various - Psycho Thrill Compilation
posted a comment on Various - Psycho Thrill Compilation. over 3 years ago
If you can not afford a copy of this EP and want to own the excellent "Mosainga", look for the "Motor City Dayz Vol 1" 12, as this has the Jeff Mills Trax on it. A must for Jeff Mills fans.
Roberto (23) &  Jamie Anderson feat. Robert Owens - Warehouse EP
posted a comment on Roberto (23) & Jamie Anderson feat. Robert Owens - Warehouse EP. over 4 years ago
I have to say I love this, but I would, I am old skool...superb.
Planetary Assault Systems - Straight Shooting
posted a comment on Planetary Assault Systems - Straight Shooting. over 4 years ago
Damn, I though the latest L.B. Dub Corps double 12" was great, but this takes it even further... top drawer from the legendary Luke Slater.
Ness (8) - Moving Through Illusions
posted a review of Ness (8) - Moving Through Illusions. over 4 years ago
"The Moon in Montreal" is pure warehouse indulgence, builds nicely and then the Detroit riff creeps in...classic Techno.
Echoplex / B.E.F. / Mechaniker - The 9th Argument EP
posted a comment on Echoplex / B.E.F. / Mechaniker - The 9th Argument EP. over 4 years ago
3 gorgeous techno trax here for the dancefloor, listening to B.E.F. can seriously take you to another dimension...
Hideyuki Eto - Equip
posted a comment on Hideyuki Eto - Equip. over 4 years ago
"Equip" is an epic track, superbly crafted with complex layers and changing riffs, genius, this track is 20 years old and has not dated, a must have...
posted a comment on Felix Kubin - Taucher. over 4 years ago
Sleep is a fast and dark piece of minimalism, buy now to avoid disappointment...
Karakter - Roots Of Hi Life
posted a comment on Karakter - Roots Of Hi Life. over 4 years ago
Side A, track 1, start your set with this and watch the reaction...
Oscar Mulero - Electric Shades EP
posted a comment on Oscar Mulero - Electric Shades EP. over 4 years ago
This is possibly my favourite release of 2018, big techno trax for big techno dancefloors, quality sound and production which takes me back 20 years...!
Morenas - Hazme Soñar
posted a comment on Morenas - Hazme Soñar. over 5 years ago
The track "Somnambulism" is absolutely stunning, well worth the effort of hunting down and so typical of the wonderful music we danced to in the summers of 89-90.
The Latin Rage - Está Loca / Sueño Latino
posted a comment on The Latin Rage - Está Loca / Sueño Latino. over 5 years ago
Memories are made of this...Sueno Latino is one of those dreamy sublime summer trax I can dig out at anytime, in any mood and listen to from start to finish.
Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass
posted a comment on Phortune - Can You Feel The Bass. over 5 years ago
If you want these trax but don't like the prices, look for the Jack Trax "Acid House, Various Artists" 12". You may even discover a few more gems on that pressing too....well worth checking and worth the money... I never saw a copy of this "Public"... See full review
Steve Robbins - Odyssey
posted a comment on Steve Robbins - Odyssey. over 5 years ago
Banging trax here from Steve Robbins, big tunes played by the big DJs of the era, essential listening.
Chris Coco
posted a comment on Chris Coco. over 5 years ago
Anyone who was there at the "Zap Club" will look back with a smile, a rush down their spine and I expect a tear of loss, but also of happiness that "Club Coco" gave us. The 89-90 period was totally unique, a rich mixture of sounds expertly chosen and... See full review
Electra - Destiny / Autumn Love
posted a comment on Electra - Destiny / Autumn Love. over 5 years ago
"Autumn Love" is a truly beautiful piece of "Balearic" house music from the late summer of 89. It sums up that era in a nut shell for me as I was a regular in The Zap, Brighton, under the control of DJ Chris Coco...magic...