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posted a comment on Mark EG + Chrissi* - Compressed. 4 months ago
This is a f***ing awesome release. McCormack supremacy at its best.
posted a comment on Joey Beltram - Energy Flash. 4 months ago
Beltram is a keen graffiti artist also. It is his vision of doing it on Mars too I guess.
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posted a comment on Primate Recordings. about 1 year ago
Where as I cannot disagree with what you are saying summing things up in a very broad way there is a lot more to this label that by simply criticising it over look it! John Warwick has released here and on Primevil many of techno's biggest hits and most ... See full review
posted a comment on Alexey Volkov - Dust. about 1 year ago
Dust is one of the most explosive and best tracks of the past few years!
posted a comment on Fumiya Tanaka - Floor People Tension EP. about 1 year ago
Many masterpiece cuts on this one only how the master does it elemental and devastatingly minimal. Many champions Jeff Mills as the undisputed name of techno. Check out this one!
posted a comment on Alenia - Systems. about 1 year ago
Sytems is a wicked f****n' track man! Six minutes of slamming top notch minimalism to the max. No to miss!
posted a comment on Jamie Bissmire - Ground Force. about 1 year ago
Track B1 is f****n' sick!! So are the other great tracks on this EP. One of Bissmire's best releases.
posted a comment on Mark EG + Chrissi* - Compressed. about 1 year ago
Absolutely! Great remix from McCormack featured on Pounding Groove's mix CD as one of the slamming high lights.
posted a comment on Adam Beyer & Henrik B - Sound Identification. about 1 year ago
'Kushido' will sort you out middle of a warehouse party and 'Constellation' is a dark slamming superb Sweedish track as well. Strong release with great components.
posted a comment on Mark Williams - Talking Voices. over 2 years ago
Great record! Great track on side A. Shows Mark Williams just how talented he is.
posted a comment on Henrik B - Illgorhythm. over 2 years ago
The whole album rocks. Heil Bacto and Henrik B! B2 track is nothing short of insane! One of my all time favorits regardless of present 2016!
posted a comment on Surgeon - Fixed Action Pattern. over 2 years ago
The dub version really blows my mind. Darkness with an atmosphere what can come only from Surgeon's mind. 'A' track is also good. Hammered by many djs!
posted a comment on R* & B* - Edits. over 2 years ago
James Ruskin and Mark Broom. Track 'Hostage' live edit version. Wicked stuff!
posted a comment on Basic Implant - Rauschen EP. over 2 years ago
It has came to light that the track I was refering to is 'Take Control' and wasn't 'Brett'.
posted a comment on Various - The North Gate Volume 1. over 2 years ago
Oh boy! Meiser destroys it on this one. Machines Are Alive is spot on wicked piece of techno. Not a soul can hide from this!
posted a comment on GraGee - Calm. over 2 years ago
OranDjin is above class electro epic that will steal your soul. Ouchh!
posted a comment on GraGee - Obsessed. over 2 years ago
Man when you enter '2 Face' from the first note till the last note you are in the hands of a master! Super jackin' dark electro epic to the max. Tracks like this does not come along only a handful per century. ;-)
posted a comment on Pounding Grooves - The Dark Bells. over 2 years ago
Man both sides brilliant here. Foogar is an unusual trippy track will fit many sets outside of it's territory as well. Dark Bells is an advanced version of the pioneering Pounding Grooves sound what was highlightened on a Steve Stoll remix track in a ... See full review
posted a comment on Kliprock & Rob Devz* - Crippled. over 2 years ago
Crippled is one of the best tracks I ever heard. Heavy hitting punishing banger with an above class vocal sample. Somewhat reminds me of Dj Shufflemaster.
posted a comment on Mumps - Mechanisms Q-S. over 2 years ago
Brother you ain't seen nothing yet!! Mechanisms Q is the absolute mayhem!!
posted a comment on Chris Liebing - Dandu Groove (Remixes). over 2 years ago
A monumental release. Every single track here rock as hell Chris Liebing Dandu Groove remastered is an utter pleasure. One of the best releases ever as 'Audio' is one of the greatest labels. Grab this!
posted a comment on Marco Carola - Fokus. over 2 years ago
Master class.
posted a comment on Chris Liebing - Analogon E.P. (Remixes 2). over 2 years ago
A great record.
posted a comment on Lars Klein - Tool Box EP. over 2 years ago
Drops Of Bitterness is one of fantastic recordings of all times. Emotional rumbling painfully in your face approach with devastating simplicity. Master class!!
posted a comment on Henrik B - Manwolf (Chris Liebing Remakes). over 2 years ago
A truly superb record. Both remixes kicks ass with an eary atmosphere what could only be pulled off by these guys.
posted a comment on Adam Beyer - Protechtion. over 2 years ago
A great album shows just how great producer Beyer is.
posted a comment on Pounding Grooves. over 2 years ago
You can love it or hate it but you cannot ignore this label. Respect!
posted a comment on SpeedyJ* _ Adam Beyer - Collabs 100. over 2 years ago
A great record.
posted a comment on Function - Ember. over 2 years ago
Man there is nothing like how Function's Descending 'sets in' to a human beings mind and to his/her dancefloor. Killer style top class minimalism to the max. One of my favorite ever tracks. The smile just freezes on my face everytime!
posted a comment on Diego - Fear And Tension. over 2 years ago
One of the best records I ever heard.
posted a comment on Faculty X - Airports & Hospitals EP. over 2 years ago
Perils Of Second Sight is a great tune very impressive. Reminds me of the 'swedish style'.
posted a comment on David Meiser - Zero Decibels. over 2 years ago
Mile stone record by David Meiser. Zero Decibels is a truly fantastic track will mesmerize any dancefloors!
posted a comment on Roberto Capuano - Vertigo. over 2 years ago
Vertigo hits the spot. Superb uplifting synth track to the max. Awesome!
posted a comment on James Ruskin - Slit. over 2 years ago
Above class record! Wisdom of youth carved itself instantly into my all time favorits. This is a true example of just how fantastic producer Sir James Ruskin really is. Can't really analyze this you gotta hear this totally timeless music.
posted a comment on Various - SubBerlin - The Story Of Tresor. over 2 years ago
DVD is a well made insight about the club with some very nice moments and interviews from top jocks connected to Tresor. The sound track CD has manifacture noise in a couple of tracks in the middle and the titles are messed up inside and on the cover ... See full review
posted a comment on Ignacio - Virton. over 2 years ago
UNFORGETTABLE!!! The only reason why it wasn't THE tune of the 20th century cos it slid into the 21st.
posted a comment on Various - Tresor Compilation Vol. 13: It's Not Over. over 2 years ago
Some truly timeless tracks in here. By far the strongest tresor compilation.
posted a comment on Marco Carola - Play It Loud!. over 2 years ago
Man you are a maniac :-)) Otherwise the comment is spot on. Electronic music is made of groove, energy and excitement and when your production lacks these elements you are screwed. Marco is techno legend and we want these elements back!
posted a comment on Rebekah (2) - Cycles EP. over 2 years ago
Rebekah self destruct is one fat load track.
posted a comment on Various - Berghain 05. over 2 years ago
Never mind the cover Van Hoesen's Axis Mundi is a power house epic track what will continue to blow my mind in jaw dropping amazment till I walk this planet and after. Spectecular arrangement fantastic music!!!!
posted a comment on Glenn Wilson - Nightshift. over 2 years ago
Nasty and brilliant. Super heavy Glenn Wilson gladiator sound leaning towards tribal. No further comment.
posted a comment on Maae - The Machine EP. over 2 years ago
The Machine Skober Remix is pretty much one of my favorite tracks in recent times. Very cool track indeed.
posted a comment on Henrik B - Stuntman. over 2 years ago
One of the best releases ever. Underground techno beast tribal and super heavy. Awesome!
posted a comment on Thomas Krome - Lord Of Darkness. over 2 years ago
As hairy as brilliant. These is nothing like Soulcollector when the percussion kicks in combined with killer bass. Other side also brilliant.
posted a comment on Luis Ruiz - Reinheit EP. over 2 years ago
Naga couple became one of my favorite recordings of all times. This is techno from the argentanien master at it's purest and most magnificent form.
posted a comment on Lucy (12) & Ercolino* - Remixes. over 2 years ago
Luke Slater remix is totally awesome. Digital vibe to the max!
posted a comment on Danilo Vigorito - Essence E.P.. over 2 years ago
This is a great record. All 4 tracks rocks here was played by Sven Väth just to mention.
posted a comment on Steve Bicknell - Why? + For Whom? Redefined. over 2 years ago
Surgeon remake smashes through your brain with elemental energy. Totally relentless!
posted a comment on The 65D Mavericks - Estrangement Of The Past. over 2 years ago
One of the finest achievments in techno in this decade if not ever. Captivating, eary fantastic record!