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posted a comment on Kryptic Minds. 19 days ago
2 Visionist Lp, an Anthologique Bass, Down, Dub & Break Stepper.
By 2 Visonnist " Scientifist " Produceur post Techno.
posted a comment on Sound Stream - Love Remedy. 2 months ago
Hardwax best ever records Store in reel Techno for the Floor.
posted a comment on Thomas Fehlmann - 1929 - Das Jahr Babylon. 2 months ago
Good ...

And never forget first enemy of Hitler & co

1) communism & syndicalism (Hitler named that fachism ....?!)
2) .....
posted a comment on YYY - 黒803. 3 months ago
La petite bourgeoisie sla joue minimal
monte son label, blah blah ...
Empty clone with power of nothing 40 years after the fact.
Nothing in techno, nothing in house.
posted a comment on Rennie Foster - JUST MASK. 3 months ago
True True ..... summer of love are away
apocalypsse are coming

Iam a veteran djs ......
We need a complete alternative system ... with Bank for artist ruled
by a Knignt of Groove ....
A new F.M.I ruled by a Cosmic Phunk Hippie
posted a comment on Disco-Tex - Vol. 8. 10 months ago
Christopher Cross ‎– Ride Like The Wind Old Ever Green 1980 Pop.
posted a comment on Fred P. - BQE. over 2 years ago
How did I skip this?!

same 4 me .....Deep, Mini & Abstract Jazzy touch.
posted a comment on Tony Humphries - Mangiami (La Compilation). over 3 years ago
One of best House Dj ever n ever, 1990 to 2015............
posted a comment on Ibrahim Maalouf - Red & Black Light. over 3 years ago
Sans aucun intéret, Jazz ? je ne vois pas.. Ou Alors Jazz francais (labelisé par les Média Fr style GGs, ou TF1) trés décu...... IWANT MILES 4 ever............
posted a comment on Ibrahim Maalouf - Kalthoum. over 3 years ago
Jazz ? c pas mon avis... c vraiment pauvre en note, Maalouf sans rapport avec le Jazz.
Méme la pop est plus riche que ces 2 opus de 2015.
Je tombe de ma chaise.
posted a comment on Plug. over 3 years ago
Well Done, Massive....
Bring this, Break that, scratch.............
Welcome to Pantheon.

sure Luke got a Chair in past, Présent and future by participation, pick&rmx, DRIVE by, for Dj Wolrds
Percfect up, rewing revolution.
Roland, Effect, Drive, Djs, ... See full review
posted a comment on Carter Tutti Void - 𝒇 (x). over 3 years ago
Transverse UP & decay............
Great artist Work, not musician, More than that 3 menbers, maybee an XTG Light, but Massive.
Void Push & Hold always in the Right direction when she follow 2 Master of THE ... See full review